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Pocket-Sized Travel-Friendly Vapes

A cannabis-lover's guide to the best pocket-sized travel-friendly vapes on the market.

If you are fed up with the harsh effects of smoking out of pipes and papers or you would like to be more discreet about your smoking habits, but you do not want to be tied to a wall outlet, a pocket-sized, travel-friendly vape is the magical tool you have been missing in your life.

Once you begin searching for the right product, though, you will find that the market for these convenient vaporizers is huge. Online vaporizer stores like Vapornation and Your Vaporizers host over 50 different brands, each with a fair amount of options. Therefore, it would save time to ask yourself some questions before even scanning the market:

  • Do you want to burn dry flowers, oil, or concentrate? Or would you rather leave your options open?
  • How long do you want to wait for the vaporizer to heat up?
  • What kind of battery life is important to you?
  • Would you rather a stylish vape or one that looks more professional?
  • What is your price range?

Skim through this list of pocket-sized travel-friendly vapes before diving into the market to see what might suit your needs.

Vaporite Sapphire Vaporizer by VaporNation

This easy-to-use pen comes in a variety of four colors, is equipped with a rechargeable battery and charger, takes five seconds to heat up, and is only meant for e-juice or runny oils. There are ways now to turn loose-leaf cannabis into e-liquid if this pen interests you. Its transparent compartment makes it easy to recognize when it needs to be refilled. It is important to keep in mind that this pen has a one-button activation method. This might be detrimental to your supply of e-juice if you are carrying it around in a way that the button could accidentally be pressed. However, the pen does come with a cap for the mouthpiece, so at least there will be no leakage there. The battery will last for about a day if charged fully.

Light Vape Pen Kit by Dr. Dabber

Light as in miniature, the Dr. Dabber Light is fairly smaller than the rest of the Dr. Dabber collection. It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, vaporizes concentrates only, and heats it up in five seconds. This pen comes with a locking mechanism that requires the user to press the power button five times rapidly to unlock the battery before use. This may appear to be a pain in the rear, but might save you some of your cannabis in the long run. It does require some upkeep; you may need to replace the atomizer about every one to two months depending on usage, but for the price it is a quality pen.

Classic Mini or Platinum Vape by Cloud V

These wax pens come with a lifetime warranty, which is a helpful amenity for such a small device that might need some upkeep. They both have a funnel-shaped atomizer that Cloud V calls a tornado atomizer. The Cloud V Platinum comes with a longer lasting battery, it has a small window where the user can see the vapors being produced, and it has more color options. Other than these aspects, the Classic shares the Platinum quality functions for a lower price. The Platinum has even been said to come apart fairly easily, but it does come with a carrying case. Either one is a high-quality product, but the Classic's price is right.

Flora Vaporizer by Micro Vaped

Dry Herb Vaporizers
<h1><strong>Dry Herb Vaporizers</strong></h1> <p>Dry herb vaporizers are great to filter out all the nasty carcinogens you'll find in many different vaporizers. If you're looking for a quality herbal vaporizer, you need to invest in a name brand vaporizer. all the exclusive dry herb vaporizer kits online for sale at the lowest prices on the net. Stop inhaling carcinogens and invest in your health, experience greater potency and pure taste. It is important to find a high quality dry herb vape pen that will provide you with the ultimate level of quality vaporization, potency and tasteful flavorful vaping to choose from when looking for an advanced dry herb vaporizer pen for sale. There are many options you have when considering the choice to save your health, your life and your wallet with a great performing dry herb vaporizer.</p>

Although this vaporizer is slightly larger than most pens, it is still portable and it is meant for dry herb only. Micro Vaped Flora has a deep glass chamber compared to many other options, holding about a half a gram. The Vaped Flora comes with a one-year warranty, a 30 second heat-up time, a wall charger for its battery (which holds a decent charge), and a five-click locking mechanism on the battery. For the price, this is a quality dry herb pen.

Launch Box Vaporizer by Magic Flight

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a wooden, stylish, miniature dry-herb vaporizer. If you don't mind a mindful life lesson engrained on the back of your vaporizer, then this vape is a great choice for a minimal price. It comes with a lifetime warranty, a five second warm-up time, rechargeable and custom double-A batteries, and a glass mouth piece. The vape is made portable by inserting the glass mouthpiece and battery only when it is ready to use. These pieces should be stored properly so that the glass does not break and the battery is not being wasted.

Gravity Vape by KandyPens

With a temperature-controlled battery and two different atomizers for your liking, the KandyPens Gravity vape is an advanced piece of technology. One of the chambers is a coil-less ceramic atomizer that burns slower than the quartz-crystal chamber with dual rods. It only burns wax, but it comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery, it has a five second heat-up time, its chambers are deep, and the coils around the quartz are made of titanium. An advanced and sleek travel-sized pocket-friendly vape, KandyPens Gravity should top your list for a wax pen in this price range.

FOB Vape by Vape-Smart

The FOB is one of the most discreet and portable vaporizers on the market. It comes attached to a keychain and appears to be a fancy car fob. If anything, people might think you purchased an expensive new car. The power button, for instance, is the open trunk button. It has a five-click locking system, six different temperature settings, a thirty-second heat-up time, and a one-year warranty. Another unique quality to this highly portable vape is that it can be used while it is charging. It has a deep chamber for about a half a gram. It is easy to use and produces a good amount of vapor clouds, but it does not get too hot.

PAX 2 Vape by PAX

The PAX 2 is about as small as the palm of your hand. It is quite an elegant dry-herb vaporizer with an aluminum outer shell. It comes with an extra mouthpiece because of the unusual flat mouthpiece it has naturally. It comes with a 10-year warranty, 60 second heat-up time, a magnetic oven lid, a long-lasting battery, four temperature settings, and a stainless-steel chamber for herbs. For proper airflow, the screen may need to be cleaned every few sessions of use. PAX 2 will put itself in standby when not in use for more than twenty seconds, which saves your cannabis. After about three minutes, it will turn itself off completely to save the battery.

Titanium Grasshopper Vape

Of all the pocket-sized travel-friendly vapes on the market, there is only one pen-sized vaporizer that can properly vaporize dry herbs. It looks exactly like a pen, so it is extremely portable and discreet. It is one of the only vaporizers that sports a convection heating system, with six temperature options that can be reached with the easy-to-use dial on the pen. A downside to this pen is how hot the vape gets, but it is tolerable. Its small size has a somewhat short battery life, but you can use it while it charges, which is a rare and helpful quality to have.

Crafty Vape by Storz & Bickel

Still portable, Crafty vaporizer is about half as small as its cousin, Mighty vaporizer. The main difference is Crafty battery lasts about half as long. It is made of a sturdy lightweight plastic and has a stylish, but industrial look to it. The Crafty turns itself off after about a minute of inactivity, but there are quirks to it that allow you to reset that minute. Along with a partner app to control its temperature, the Crafty vape has a bit of a mind of its own. It works with the user and even vibrates when it is ready. It supports dry herbs and wax, it comes with a two-year warranty, can be heated in sixty seconds, and has a low draw resistance.

Firefly 2 Vape by Firefly

Smaller and lighter than the original, the Firefly 2 holds a small amount of herb or wax. It supports both dry herbs or concentrates with its six temperature settings. It is another of the few vaporizers with a convection-style heating oven. It comes with a two-year warranty, a five-second heat up time, extra rechargeable batteries and a charging unit, and touch sensor activation technology. It is easy to clean, but will need frequent quick cleanings. There is an app for iOS and Android devices that allows the user to customize their vaping experience. For the price, I would only consider buying the Firefly 2 if I wanted a portable vape that could vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates.

As a final note while searching for your pocket-sized travel-friendly vape, check to see what the company is offering to send along with the vape. Their kit should include some type of warranty. Some offer grinders, cleaning tools, and backup pieces. Happy hunting.

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