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Piece Cleaning Hacks

Stoners are clean too.

On YouTube, you can find tons of videos on cleaning your glass pieces with a simple search but some things are harder to find than others and some things just aren’t out there. So today I am here to share six little cleaning techniques I have discovered and learned from other stoners.

#1. Plastic Wrap

For months I have been dying to get my hands on those neat bong caps that cover the top and down steam opening for cleaning my glass pieces. However, as time went on I still have yet to get my hands on some, but luckily while I was cleaning my one bong I opened my cupboard and found the solution I have been looking for, plastic wrap! When pressed on tightly, the plastic wrap holds in the cleaner and stays on when you shake up your piece. So whether you are in a pinch or too cheap to spend $13 on caps like me, this is the perfect solution for you.

#2. Baby Wipes

If you don’t have kids, then you probably don’t have any baby wipes lying around but if you want a cheaper bulk option, to 420 wipes or even makeup wipes, baby wipes are the way to go. For just $8.00 you can get 400 wipes all packaged up for travel. Baby wipes work great for cleaning rez off your bowls, ashtrays, tables, skin, pieces, etc. I always have baby wipes in my weed stash just in case I need to clean something in a pinch.

#3. Toothbrush

Don’t worry, you don’t need to brush your teeth with it after but buying an extra toothbrush or two next time you go to the store may just save your grinder. Grinders are something not many people think to clean (expect for the beautiful kief compartment), but every once in a while your grinder will start to get junked up with weed and you will need to thoroughly brush the grinder over a tray to get the gears going again. If dry brushing doesn’t do the trick, try dipping your toothbrush in some rubbing alcohol, after collecting all the kief that is

#4. Dab Tools and Lighters

This may sound gross, but sometimes your bowl can get very junked up with rez, so a quick fix to get the blobs out of the way from the inside of the steam of your bowl is to light the glass with your lighter (careful, don’t burn yourself). This is to heat up the rez, making it easier to scrape away with your dab tool. You can also use this method to collect the rez for smoking if you would like but that is up to you.

#5. Silicone Sex Toy Cleaner

Yup, you read that right. If you have any silicone pieces laying around, a great and safe method for cleaning them would be to use a silicone sex toy cleaner with a toothbrush to scrub the surface clean. It does take a little longer than cleaning your glass pieces but it is well worth the time, smoking from a clean piece is always enjoyable.

#6. Bottlebrush

If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me explain a little. You know when you are walking through the dollar store and you get to all the baby stuff or even the kitchen stuff, you see this (sometimes double ended) brush that looks like a mini toilet brush? Well, next time you see one, buy one because even though they are cheap, they work great at cleaning the hard to reach places in your pieces.

I hope you enjoyed your read and please be sure to follow @thehypepipe on Instagram and Twitter for some amazing cannabis posts! And feel free to follow my personal account @escape2thewilds as well! Stay stoned my friends!

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Piece Cleaning Hacks
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