People-Watching at a Dispensary

Weed grows along all walks of life.

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed watching people around me. Whether it's at the local Wal-Mart, the park, or even at school. For some reason, I have been entertained by seeing other people live their lives. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me sad, and other times all I can do is think, "What the hell is this guy doing?" 

However, I think the most influential people-watching session I have ever experienced occurred  at a recreational marijuana dispensary in Tacoma, Washington. I was only 20 at the time, and due to 21 being the "legal age," I had no choice but to stand outside while my friends went inside to buy party supplies. It was fairly late so the sky had gotten dark and I was in an unfamiliar territory and I was kinda sketched out, but they don't have dispensaries in Idaho, so we had to take the risk. 

While waiting outside, I saw so many different walks of life go in and out of the store. The first to follow my friends inside were a group of tall lanky males wearing polos. Where I'm from, most of the "stoners" sag their pants, wear graphic tees, and fit a particular stereotype. But being that I, too, am a stoner, I have always had a hunch that a lot more people smoked weed than I had expected. It would appear that I was correct.

Next, an elderly man walked out of the dispensary. First off, I was never expecting this man to be inside, but according to my friends, he was the most eccentric and knowledgeable customer in the store with them. After this man left, two separate cars pulled up and parallel parked in front of me. The first was younger couple that resembled a common "skater" motif with long "Bieber-ish" hair and skinny jeans. The girl stayed in the car while the guy got out and went inside. Either she was the same age as me, or they already knew what they wanted. 

The second car was a pair of construction workers still in the safety vests. It's almost as if they got off the job and drove straight to the local weed man. Chances are, they probably did. I remember thinking how cool it would be to get off work and go buy some edibles. It'd be like getting a snack at a gas station real quick.

While pondering how awesome that would be, I heard words enter my left ear, "Wanna buy a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt?" 

"No." I said politely. Then he interjected "I'll give it to you for a nug. Doesn't even have to be that big." 

"Look bro, I'm kind of in your position," I said, "I have no money, and I have no weed. That's why I'm on the outside of the dispensary with you." So he joined me and we look like a regular Jay & Silent Bob. 

He was trying to sell/trade his t-shirt to everyone who walked by us, and he almost got someone to buy, but then something super unexpected happened. The three of us heard yelling from a block away. There was a figure down the street coming our direction, freaking out, but I couldn't understand what it was saying. As it got closer, we realized it was an African American girl's voice and something had her pissed off. 

It was like she was hyping herself up for a fight. Some of the bits and pieces from her sentences were: "This mother f***** must be crazy," "Oh no he didn't," "No one treats my homegirl like that," and then she flung the door open and walked inside. The three of us looked at each other and laughed. 

A few minutes later she came back outside, slammed the door, and speed walked towards the direction she came from. Then another person came out following, yelling, "Yeah, kick my ass!" and she had rebuttal, but was once again it was distorted from distance. I just wish I know what the whole ordeal was about, but I got back to minding my own business.

My friends came out with edible lemonades in their hands and a whole bag of goodies. I followed behind with haste, not even saying goodbye to the t-shirt guy. I had seen enough and I had to tell these guys about everything I just saw. So we continued to our destination so we could chill and smoke a bowl...just like everyone else I saw that night. Ignoring health benefits, this alone should be a reason for marijuana to be legalized. So many people in this world love to get high on some high-grade THC. 

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People-Watching at a Dispensary
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