Benefits of a Vertical Grow System

Ami Roach
in Science

The concept of the vertical grow has been intriguing the minds and efforts of cannabis cultivators for several years. While it is easy to understand the relatively simple difference between a traditio...

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Johnny Hash
in Culture

Even before the ancient Greek Pedanius Dioscorides penned his famous precursor to modern pharmacopoeias, "De Materia Medica,” herbalists and traditional apothecaries have been concentrating the healin...

History of Sherlock Holmes' Pipe

Randy Cobern
in Culture

Neither kith nor kin will turn down a bowl when you flash a classy, well curved glass "Sherlock" pipe coupled with some fine medical greenery. Most of America is controlled by money and pharmaceutical...

How to Tell if Your Weed is Laced (Before You Smoke it)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Buyer's Guide

There are many risks that come with indulging in marijuana if it's illegal in your neighborhood. The risk of being arrested is a given, as is the risk of potentially losing your job over it. However l...

Classic Sci-Fi TV Series for Sci-High Bingeing

Frank White
in Buyer's Guide

Philo Fransworth didn’t know it at the time, but the years he spent avoiding electric shock have been very, very good to science fiction. Farnsworth--who came up with the rough idea of broadcast telev...

Cannabis as Medicine

Daniel Hirst
in Science

I have had depression since I was young and had a vicious bout of chronic tension headaches that lasted about four years in my 20s. Depression is a disease and is tied up with one’s biochemistry, but ...

Interview with Cannabis Cultivator and Chemist Edward Rupert

Rachel David
in Science

Despite having worked in the marijuana industry decades before it was fashionable (or partially domestically legal), you would be hard pressed to find an individual more antithetical to the old-school...

Best Greco-Roman Action Films to Watch Stoned

Frank White
in Buyer's Guide

There are several movies, stoned or otherwise, that everyone just loves to watch--and Greco-Roman films, while maybe not the first choice for your action film viewing pleasure, remain some of the cool...

Green Crack by Green Haven

Stefin Bradbury
in Buyer's Guide

I haven’t a clue if the story is true, the one about Snoop Dogg renaming Cush. I wasn’t there the day he allegedly proclaimed it Green Crack; and I did not have an opportunity to ask the man the day h...

Author Believes Marijuana Legalization Should Proceed Carefully

Rich Monetti
in Culture

Marijuana legalization can engender an image of the drug’s laid back disciples who will tend their little plots around daily smokes circles, while lamenting the loss of the counterculture. Then waitin...

Best Stoner Reggae Songs

Ray Shikinami
in Culture

When it comes to stoners, one stereotype is that they love reggae. Perhaps that's just because there is nothing better to listen to while high than a good reggae song. The rhythm is enough to pull you...