How to Become a Budtender

Hydro Wilson
in Culture

Never underestimate what it takes to become a budtender because it's not as easy as smoking a joint. When it comes to budtenders, cannabis isn't recreational, it's healing. After interpreting the foll...

Best Weed Snapchats to Follow

Danielle Banner
in Entertainment

Have you ever wondered, what are the best weed snapchats I should be following? If you have, it would make a great deal of sense given the increasingly interconnected world we live in and the fact tha...

Everything You Need to Know About Hotboxing

Johnny Hash
in Culture

Everything you need to know about hotboxing is right here. Hotboxing is a time-honored tradition among tokers, and it is an experience worth trying out at least once (as long as you are well-prepared)...

Cannabis Infused Beauty Products

David McCleary
in Buyer's Guide

Cannabis is a beauty ingredient that is full of hydrating omegas and antioxidants. Cannabis-infused beauty products will provide you with healthy and glowing skin. Cannabis infused beauty products are...

Understanding Cannabinoids

Ed Green
in Science

Understanding cannabinoids as a layman seems to be only slightly less confusing than understanding them as a scientist. That’s not entirely true, but we are talking about a system within the human body with who-knows-how-many receptors and we’ve identified exactly two in the last twenty years. Which is great, because new science is fun, and the concept of understanding cannabinoids is definitely new science.

Does Smoking Weed Improve Your Workout?

Wendy Weedler
in Science

I've received this question many times: people wanting to know if they can smoke weed to improve their workout. This is a very particular topic where people are either misinformed or simply don't know the answer. The fact is, medical marijuana, when used appropriately and correctly prescribed, can improve your work out. There is a link between exercise and cannabis. Cannabis has been the main topic of a discussion in trying to determine if it should be used as part of a sport training program. O...

What is Yage?

Frank White
in Culture

An Amazonian Indian paddles a heavy canoe downriver, deep in the hold of South America. The Tunchis, spirits of the dead, call out to him in the medium of bird whistles from the jungle banks. Chullach...

50 of Terence Mckenna's Mind Bending Quotes

Dean Abbass
in Science

What do you think of when you hear the name Terence McKenna? Well, here's a quick list of some of Terence McKenna's most mindbogglingly profound quotes to help you get a mental image of his processes,...

'Easy Rider' Review

Mike Mavenful
in Entertainment

The first five minutes of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider is so perfect that at the end of it you feel like you had watched a whole movie. By the time the music kicks in, "The Pusher" from Steppenwolf, you...

Interview with 'Ganjaman' Creator Jim Stewart

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

Ganjaman is a superhero of an atypical strain, but a superhero nonetheless; this part-cannabis plant, part-human dynamo has been fighting "for the rights of tokers" since UK based creator Jim Stewart ...

Who Was Allen Ginsberg?

Wendy Weedler
in Buyer's Guide

As a poet, Allen Ginsberg was able to relate his feelings on being homosexual and a marijuana smoker in his poetry, achieving the status of an almost mystic figure. He had an intense spiritual life an...