Albizzia: The Legal Happiness Herb

David McCleary
in Science

With depression as one of the leading ailments in Western Society, any herb that has properties to relieve it are of great interest. Albizzia julibrissin or Silk Tree is one such plant. The legal happ...

How to Travel With Weed

Aunt Mary
in Culture

Traveling with weed is actually easier today then it was in the late 20th century. Technology has certainly played a part, but attitudes at security checks have eased as regards to weed. The combinati...

Cannabis Questions and Answers

Johnny Hash
in Science

Once again I find myself answering emails that come to the Potent staff about all things cannabis. I am always fascinated by the questions. With all the possible answers one can look up on line, I thi...

Marijuana High Life

Amber Ryan
in Culture

Hello, my name is Amber & I am a stoner. Marijuana motivates me. It keeps me on my toes. My daily routine includes drinking about a half a pot of coffee & smoking several tokes of marijuana while I th...

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics

Warren Bobrow
in Buyer's Guide

My name is Warren Bobrow. I have a successful career as a brand ambassador for a boutique rum brand, so why would I go and write a book about Cannabis? Quite possibly because no one has written a book...

How to Bogart a Joint

Randy Cobern
in Culture

Since I was a kid, smoking pot behind the gym in high school, I can always remember being the guy that had to be reminded to pass the joint. It wasn't that I was selfish, I was just stoned. I would so...

Write for Potent Today

Potent Staff
in Culture

Potent has now joined the Vocal platform, letting people from all over the world contribute to the cannabis culture community.

Pocket-Sized Travel-Friendly Vapes

Parag Patel
in Buyer's Guide

If you are fed up with the harsh effects of smoking out of pipes and papers or you would like to be more discreet about your smoking habits, but you do not want to be tied to a wall outlet, a pocket-s...

The Weed Ate My Homework

Barbaro Paesano
in Culture

Let’s talk about stereotypes for a second. When you think of the stereotypical stoner, what comes to mind? Dreadlocked men and Rasta flags? Deadbeat hippies listening to The Grateful Dead in an old Vo...

How to Introduce Cannabis to Your Gen X Parents

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

People do care about smoking good pot. And the people who can afford it will fork over as much as it costs. These days many of the 16 - 20 year old kids, first time users are learning from parents of ...

Inca Ink From Mama Coca by Antonil

Aunt Mary
in Culture

A first-rate book can also be a letdown when seeds of greatness sprout in the opening leaves only to wither before harvest. Mama Coca is the best on the subject since W. Golden Mortimer's turn-of-the-...