States that Passed Marijuana Reform in 2016

Lindsie Polhemus
in Culture

Marijuana legislation was a hot issue in 2016. Ten states passed marijuana reform throughout the year. Those state include Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, North...

Frequently Asked Marijuana Questions

Johnny Hash
in Science

Potent media sends me all the inbound emails to Potent asking for cannabis guidance. I fashion myself more of a cannabis connoisseur then a marijuana advice column, but I am happy to answer the consta...

From 'Reefer Madness' to Marijuana Legalization

Eddie Wong
in Culture

Imagine—if you can—a social gathering of young millennials enjoying a pseudo intellectual debate while passing around the vape. Consider the affluent suburbs, where pre-rolled joints from Willie's Res...

Understanding Stashology

Hydro Wilson
in Entertainment

John and Ken had a big problem. What had been a load of almost 7,000 sizable peyote buttons (averaging 6.5 grams a piece) when they’d scored it out in Arizona, was 100 pounds of slime by the time they...

Marijuana Ads of the Future from the Past

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

The way things are going, buying marijuana will soon be as easy as buying alcohol or cigarettes. It will be interesting to see how marijuana will be advertised once it is federally legalized. There ar...

Why You Should Use All Natural Products to Smoke Weed

David McCleary
in Culture

Using all natural products to indulge in your herb will make your experience all the better. Most stoners will tell you they like their smoking experience easy, sometimes quick and uncomplicated. Well...

'Marijuana Potency' and 'The Great Book of Hashish'

Sigmund Fried
in Buyer's Guide

Everyone fashions themselves a weed aficionado these days. I'm like "Dude, enough. We can all go to Leafly." But I personally like to keep it old school and collect my cannabis culture books. This has...

Ladies of Stoner Rock on Spotify

Adam Quinn
in Entertainment

Stoners invented heavy metal music, influenced by centuries of occult chanting witches spells and a counter culture movement that began in the early 1970s. Numerous albums covers and song lyrics hinte...

Health and Beauty Cannabis Products

David McCleary
in Buyer's Guide

The commercialization of cannabis is upon us. It comes hand in hand with legalization. For centuries medical communities have known of the healing aspects of marijuana, but the institutional health an...

New Age, Activist Nuns Are Growing Cannabis

Henry Kronk
in Culture

They really want the media to move on about the whole nun thing. Their mission is more important: reshaping the tarnished reputation of a plant that provides numerous health benefits. “The Cannabis pl...

Best Jazz Songs To Smoke Weed To

Potent Staff
in Buyer's Guide

The perception of time, altered by marijuana, and the acute sensitivity to sound caused by THC, is part of the connection between jazz and weed. Cannabis helps some musicians to improvise by increasin...