What Is the Origin of 4/20?

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

4/20 – The major cannabis holiday. We all know about the day, the number, and the time – but how exactly did it come to be? Today we’ll be peering back into history to discover the real origin behind ...

Marijuana and Breastfeeding

Banji Ganchrow
in Science

So you want to have a baby. The doctor tells you all of the things you cannot do when you are pregnant. Kind of makes you wonder why you wanted to get pregnant in the first place. I can't drink? I can...

The Four-Twenty Games... Yep, They're Real

Anne St. Marie
in Culture

If you picture what a ‘420 Games’ would look like, let’s get real ---- you’re not picturing pillars of athletic prowess. No, dedicated pot users are far more often stereotyped as out-of-shape basement...

Crash Course in Cannabis Education

Wendy Weedler
in Science

Guess what? Marijuana is a very useful plant – and not just for smoking! Over the plant’s long history with human civilization, it has had a wide variety of functions; from industrial to medical appli...

Can You Smoke Lettuce?

David McCleary
in Buyer's Guide

Not everyone who probably would benefit from cannabis products is prepared to to do something illegal. Others have neither the time for meditation nor an appetite for abstinence. The logical solution,...

Chill Parents? Study Shows the Middle-Aged More Likely to Light Up Than Teens

Anne St. Marie
in Culture

When you think of ‘weed’ plus ‘parents’, some standard scenarios generally come to mind. Your mom showing pictures of your brain on drugs, your dad admonishing you to stay in school and avoid any use ...

My First Time With Edibles

Samantha Bentley
in Culture

I am not a huge weed smoker. No wait, scrap that. I don’t smoke weed. I have before, of course, and I like it, don’t get me wrong! Actually I am right now so maybe I should just eliminate most of what...

States that Passed Marijuana Reform in 2016

Lindsie Polhemus
in Culture

Marijuana legislation was a hot issue in 2016. Ten states passed marijuana reform throughout the year. Those state include Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, North...

Frequently Asked Marijuana Questions

Johnny Hash
in Science

Potent media sends me all the inbound emails to Potent asking for cannabis guidance. I fashion myself more of a cannabis connoisseur then a marijuana advice column, but I am happy to answer the consta...

From 'Reefer Madness' to Marijuana Legalization

Eddie Wong
in Culture

Imagine—if you can—a social gathering of young millennials enjoying a pseudo intellectual debate while passing around the vape. Consider the affluent suburbs, where pre-rolled joints from Willie's Res...

Understanding Stashology

Hydro Wilson
in Entertainment

John and Ken had a big problem. What had been a load of almost 7,000 sizable peyote buttons (averaging 6.5 grams a piece) when they’d scored it out in Arizona, was 100 pounds of slime by the time they...