How to Sprout Weed Seeds

Ed Green
in Science

Weed seeds and babies are more similar than you may think. In order to grow into productive, functioning, strong adult forms, they both need care, attention, water, food, and shelter. They must both b...

Indie Filmmaker Adam Volerich

Natasha Sydor
in Entertainment

Adam Volerich is a NYC indie filmmaker with a slight British accent. When he's not creating films, he searches for Sasquatch and collects Blu-ray DVDs. And when he's not doing that—well—he's in the ed...

Top TV Shows to Watch Stoned

Swordelia Corningstone
in Buyer's Guide

So you’ve lined up a relaxing evening: nothing to do but kick back, light one up and let your body melt into the suede recliner. Sounds pretty ideal, but your night can take a turn for the anxious whe...

Moroccan Hash Culture

Johnny Hash
in Culture

In Morocco it's possible to see the Atlantic and the Mediterranean at the same time, even if you haven't sampled the local hash. There are marijuana and hashish smokers in every segment of society. Am...

Hippie Lifestyle Illusion

Ami Roach
in Culture

You are a hippie. Think about it—what are hippies? People with beards and long hair who enjoy doing drugs, listening to music, and rejecting conventional values. Everyone’s experienced that before, ha...

Buying and Selling Ganja

Aunt Mary
in Fiction

The man was dressed from head to toe in Christian Dior and jewelry. Like Joe Namath, he used Brut hair spray, skin conditioner, cologne, deodorant, and powder. He knocked on the door and was asked to ...

Ram Dass Interview

Potent Staff
in Culture

Michael Hollingshead, a researcher and writer, spent much of his career studying hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs. He would later go on to work with psychedelic therapists, Ram Dass (formerly Rich...

Best Situations to Vape

Potent Staff
in Humor

Vaping has become the most versatile way to get baked. Cumbersome, smelly pipes and lighters have taken a backseat to the easy portability and electronically charged convenience of the vaporizer. What...

Pot Jello Shots Recipe

Mary Jean Dunsdon
in Entertainment

When you neither want to smoke, vape, nor eat your pot, why not shoot it down in a jello shot? Jello shooters, or jello shots, are the number one pre-game drink for any party. Take a shot for extra co...

Is the War on Drugs Racist?

Izzy Erlich
in Culture

Legalization of marijuana first found itself as a part of the battle against racism. It should be no surprise that many of America's archaic drug laws have a common root in racism. Today's new generat...

Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly Recipe

Mary Jean Dunsdon
in Entertainment

Peanut butter and jelly may be one of the easiest––and most satisfying––sandwiches to make. Famously found in everyone’s lunch box at least once in life, the PB&J sandwich is a sacred unity which bind...