Trippy Art of Calligraphy

Ami Roach
in Culture

I get out my pot and my papers, a pot of ink, and the paper is the kind you write on rather than roll in. Next, I choose a pen, and prepare to get high. This is hardly the sort of paraphernalia usuall...

Medical Marijuana for Dogs

Chelsea Pullano
in Science

As more and more states legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use, America is experiencing an unprecedented marijuana business boom. The number of Americans in support of the legalizati...

Black Hash from Pakistan

Jeremy Frommer
in Culture

Pakistan has its share of geopolitical issues. Foreigners are here either on business or passing through, to India or Afghanistan. Not really a vacation spot. It is a controversial country, mostly ari...

Trippy Movies to Watch on Netflix

Parag Patel
in Entertainment

There isn’t a strict definition of what really makes a trippy movie. I guess it is a rather subjective category, one that every film fan must create for himself. However, there are some common denomin...

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Wendy Weedler
in Culture

Ever since the growth in medical marijuana legalization across many American states, more and more people have been left wondering how to get a medical marijuana card. The use of marijuana for medical...

How to Make a Homemade Bong

Hydro Wilson
in Science

So you want to learn how to make a homemade bong? Homemade bongs are growing in popularity because they are cheap, and if you are clever and creative, you can make aesthetically pleasing bongs as well...

Best Hemp Clothing Brands

Johnny Hash
in Buyer's Guide

For all of those who have never considered wearing a piece of clothing made out of hemp, it's time you look at some brands worldwide that are making an impact in the fashion industry. After doing so, ...

Halide Light Grow Bulbs

Ed Green
in Science

The main secret for growing outstanding marijuana indoors is a lot of light. With the 1,000 watt metal halide lamp and halide light grow bulb, it is hard to fail. Even average seeds, average soil, and...

What Are Cannabinoids?

Sigmund Fried
in Science

The textbook definition of a cannabinoid is (noun) “any of a group of closely related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis.” These “active constituents” are roughl...

Essential Stoner ABC's

Stoner Girl Diary
in Culture

The stoner vernacular is full of odd phrases and confusing terminology that can somewhat boggle the mind. Everyday words can take on entirely new meanings and sometimes stoner lingo can even change de...

Dab Nail Essentials

Hydro Wilson
in Buyer's Guide

When most people think of the act of smoking weed, they visualize someone lighting up a nicely rolled joint. They'll picture the scene from Dazed and Confused, where Mila Jovovich rolls the perfect do...