Man in the Mountain

Wendy Weedler
in Fiction

The Rasta kissed his wife and children good-bye and started walking up the mountain path. After several hours, he came to a cavern and slid down the rope hanging over the side. About 30 feet down was ...

Top Stoner Movies

Johnny Hash
in Buyer's Guide

Have you ever sat down with friends, your significant other, or just by yourself, to pick something to watch on TV? More to the point, have you ever sat there and spent the whole time you meant to be ...

Evolution of Cannabis Culture

Jacob Frommer
in Culture

Cannabis is the most publicized vegetable in history. From Madison Avenue ad agencies to the swift and deft legalization movement, marijuana is on everyone’s mind in one way or another. It also grows ...

How To Decarboxylate for Edibles

Mary Jean Dunsdon
in Science

In order to create any of the Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean recipes, one crucial step is necessary: Decarboxylation. Now, say that five times fast! Decarboxylation is absolutely crucial in enjoying th...

Growing Sweet Sensimilla Bud

Sigmund Fried
in Science

Up in the misty canyons of the Sierra Nevada, the word is sinsemilla. The pot that’s hand-tended and carefully watched through the growing season is the finest domestic smoke you can find, if you can ...

Marijuana Margarita Recipe

Mary Jean Dunsdon
in Entertainment

Tequila and Cannabis: quite possibly the greatest marriage of ingredients since the discovery of peanut butter and bananas. Blended fluidly within the guise of a cocktail, the Medical Marijuana Margar...

Weed Instagram Accounts to Follow

Danielle Banner
in Beauty

If it's not posted on Instagram, did it really happen? In other words, if one weed Instagram account didn't post his epic hammerhead shark blunt, did it ever exist? Cannabis culture has exploded over ...

Creating the Cannaburger

Mary Jean Dunsdon
in Entertainment

Oh Cannaburger my Cannaburger—wherefore art thou Cannaburger? You’re a Cannaburger because you’re a cannabis burger, of course! The Cannaburger can ignite any BBQ into a spectacular show of green fire...

Marijuana Banking Business

Ami Roach
in Culture

Banks just say no, while the rest of us say yes. The federal government oversees the banking industry, and the Feds don’t smoke weed (in public, at least). It is apparently safer to let state legal bu...

Mary Zilba and Fiona Forbes Interview

Natasha Sydor
in Entertainment

They're beautiful. They're smart. And they're committed to keeping you highly entertained. Mary Zilba and Fiona Forbes are a new breed of cannabis creatives, and their company, LadyPants Productions, ...

Health Tips for Weed Smokers

Hydro Wilson
in Science

Smoke weed, take vitamins, and repeat. Do you ever feel run down and not know why? Do you find that you are more susceptible to colds? Do your gums get irritated? Maybe it's because you smoke too much...