Orgasm Harder with Cannabis-Infused Oils

Milcah Halili
in Buyer's Guide

As a soon-to-be-retired adult performer, I owe a lot of my pleasurable life to my professional sexual adventures. It's safe to say I've had more than my fair share of wild days and nights and the priv...

A Look at Weed: Want or Need?

Michael Thielmann
in Culture

In talking about the controversies around cannabis, I am going to put myself out there and be as vulnerable, honest, and direct as possible. As a teenager, I began experimenting with pot at the age of...

How To Make a Cannaburger

Ed Green
in Science

Hamburgers are a long-time favorite, especially in the United States. Burgers have been an American staple for decades, being featured everywhere from fast food restaurants to five-star bistros. Despi...

What to Do If You Smoked Laced Weed

Riley Reese
in Science

In my years as a pothead (and casual drug user), there have been only a handful of moments where I have smoked laced weed without knowing it was laced. The majority of drug dealers won't add anything ...

Maria and Mary

cameron mcdonald
in Fiction

I opened my eyes that morning to two of the most beautiful things, Maria and Mary. Maria was still sleeping. Mary, on the other hand, had been up all night waiting for me. She was always there for me,...

How To Make Cannabis Tacos

Aunt Mary
in Science

Tacos: the Mexican staple taking the world by storm. Predating the European invasion of the country, tacos have been in Mexico for hundreds and hundreds of years. Today, there are different versions o...

Best New Cannabis Startups to Watch in 2017

Chelsea Pullano
in Buyer's Guide

The legalization of cannabis has sparked a brand new, booming industry. Startups in "legal states" are now becoming increasingly common, and among them are some seriously impressive innovators. The fo...

Why Is Weed So Popular In America?

David Lasher
in Culture

There are many reasons why weed is so popular in America. To start, weed is used for medical reasons. It treats insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more. In addition, weed is a big proble...

The War on Drugs: A Failed Policy

Frank Bursese
in Culture

For as long as humans have walked the Earth, people have taken drugs for everything from religious ceremonies to medical purposes, and sometimes simply for their intoxicating effects. Despite their lo...

Ms. MaryJane and Me

Rikki La Rouge
in Culture

I have smoked marijuana and gotten high from it but at this stage I have to ask who hasn't? My reasons for trying it were all of the usual and obvious motives to those that would be seen as being not ...

The Weed that Changed the World

Johnny Vedmore
in Culture

With only 50 years of history, growing stabilised indoor cannabis strains is a fairly new innovation. But that half a century of hydroponic horticulture is brimming with a rich heritage of stories and...