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Packing Bowls for Beginners

Blast Off with These Bowl Tips

Nothing wrong with rolling a couple of joints here and there, but they just get burned so quickly. What if you just wanted to try something different, perhaps a bowl? With so many different forms of smoking, joints just sometimes don't provide us that ganja justice we stoners deserve.

So here it is, the perfect how-to for packing bowls:

Step 1 - Weed

Pretty self-explanatory, just rip some out from your greenhouse garden or ask a friend that knows a friend who knows a cousin down the street. Just get the green stuff and we will be okay. 

Step 2 - Bong

Now take some time to think about your bong. Don't just settle for the first one you see. Different sizes and shapes can really have an effect on the high you will receive later. Not too big, not too small; enough space so that you can clear each bong with ease. Extra cool points if you find a bong with stickers or bedazzles on it to give it that, "hey I'm super 420, dude."  

Step 3 - Spark

Can't expect to get lit without a flame, now can you? Any lighter or matches will do, heck if you have to "borrow" the BBQ lighter for a little — do it. If you would prefer not to have butane in your bowl from your lighter, I would recommend grabbing a Hemp Wick. No this wasn't product placement, but it's just for those who were thinking of alternatives.  

Step 4 - Environment

Find a spot that provides you peace and security. Typically, your room, a couch, basement, or even out in the backyard. Just get comfy. It's super important that you're happy where you are situated, as it has a big effect on how high you will be able to get.  

So we got everything we needed, lets get to some bowl business.

  1. Grab that weed we were taking about in the beginning and lay out on a clean surface. Depending on how big you would like your session, one or two nuggets of weed will be beneficial.
  2. Break up the weed. Preferably with a grinder, but they can get expensive; luckily we have hands. So get crushing until it gets a rough sand-like texture. A small tip, from personal experience, grab two nuggets and crush them together like you are trying to create a fire. Due to the force of friction, you will get the right density of weed and still get to keep all the THC crystals.
  3. Pack your weed inside the bowl of the bong. Make sure you pack evenly around the rim of the bowl to ensure a good burn every time. Make sure that whatever you have packed in there is tight and not moving. This will prevent spillage or weed flying out of the bowl.
  4. Light it up! I mean yeah, just point the lighter towards the good stuff and inhale. 

If it didn't pull through or clear the first time around, that's okay. It could have to do with a lot of things like the strain of the weed. Some are stickier, while others are moist. It could also have to do with the (wind) environment around you. Don’t forget to take your time and to breathe in before your bong. Pulling too fast can be really harsh and chances are that you didn’t allow the weed to be burned enough for the THC to activate. Practice makes perfect. With a couple more attempts, you'll start to really get a hang for packing bowls.

Always make sure you are safe and may the bowl be with you!

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Packing Bowls for Beginners
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