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Ms. MaryJane and Me

My encounters with the beautiful herb.

I have smoked marijuana and gotten high from it but at this stage I have to ask who hasn't? My reasons for trying it were all of the usual and obvious motives to those that would be seen as being not so obvious. Beginning with the obvious reasons such as wanting to get high for the first time, wanting to fit in, simply wanting to try it to see if it would in fact somehow change you, expand your consciousness, and take you on a head trip thereby changing your whole perspective on life as we know it to be. Contrary to the stigma that marijuana has had placed upon it, marijuana really is a harmless herb that is the main subject of 100% of stoner comic duo Cheech and Chong's material. Hemp, which is another name that marijuana is known as, is used to make clothing and I have worn clothes made from hemp. If I do say so myself, the fabric it makes is very soft and it has an excellent quality. People are going to always find a way to use marijuana so it should just be legalized across the board. I am not making a groundbreaking revelation on the subject, it's just a matter of time before it is legalized. I have always been one who supports the legalization of the substance. In a previous article about an unrelated subject, I said that the hippies are right about everything including marijuana and other mind altering drugs. I consider myself to have hippie tendencies and be a hippie in the true sense of the idea. During the course of my existence on this planet I have eaten Kush Kakes which are delicious chocolate brownies that are made from hemp, and I have also smoked bongs before.

Aside from the subject at hand, many of the bongs I have seen and used impress me because many of them are imaginative pieces of glass art. When the tools that make bongs tools for smoking weed are removed the bongs become nice pieces of glass art sculptures. I am not a regular user of marijuana but I have tried it and I did like it each time that I tried it. There is going to come a time when marijuana is going to stop being the gateway thing that people go to when they want to be rebellious. I have eaten marijuana leaves the way that they were first grown and they were delicious and crispy. In the movement to legalize marijuana, there has been beneficial progress made in the legalization movement. The progress made allows doctors and physician the right to prescribe prescriptions to patients for medicinal purposes. Those who are terminally ill and are suffering from depression and anxiety and those with cancer have been given permission to get a prescription from their primary physician and this step forward is a step in the right direction. Getting high has become a subculture of it's own. Everyone wants to feel good and relax and they also want to alleviate stress and pain which is why it's allowed to be prescribed to those who are battling incurable illnesses. Being that marijuana is a plant, like vegetables and fruits and all that grows from the soil, it can be made into all types of edible dishes much like the way regular fruits and vegetables and other plants that are made into food. One of my favorite restaurants sells hemp seeds to use on everything that you happen to be eating. People use hemp seeds on whatever they happen to be eating.

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Ms. MaryJane and Me
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