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Most Potent Chocolate Edibles

There are some incredibly potent chocolate edibles on the market, which offer terrific tastes and incredible high.

Weed and food have always gone hand in hand, but potent chocolate edibles tend to be the most common variety of potent edible people consume. Many a college party kick into high gear once the pot brownies come out of the oven, steaming hot and ready for consumption. Potent edibles have always been a cornerstone of marijuana, but so often the problem becomes finding a product that gives you a sufficient high while also coming in a delicious, tasty package. Some incredibly potent edibles-–cannabis and chocolate-–are available for public consumption, and, for a small fee, they can be yours. Potent chocolate edibles are out there for purchase, and a few of them are deliciously strong, and strongly delicious.

Dreamcatcher 360 by Day Dreamers

Day Dreamers is a chocolate lover's dream come true-–and a weed lover's dream, too. Six pieces of chocolate come in each package. Each one contains about 60 mg of THC, which, as anyone who passed fifth grade math can tell you, comes out to about 360 mg in total. Of course, you don't have to eat it all at once, and that's the beauty of it. Sure, you CAN down it all in one fell swoop; but if you're looking for a quick fix, simply pop one in, and you're good to go. Since each piece contains the same amount of weed, each serving should deliver a consistent high.

The cannabis taste isn't super strong, is slightly bitter. If you really want that delicious, smooth chocolate taste, then you will be good to go here. If you want a reliable, easy high? Well, this package delivers that, too.

Punch Bar 225 by Punch Edibles

Punch Bars is similar to Day Dreamers in that it is also a chunk of chocolate, only this time you have a brick that can be broken into nine smaller chunks (good for splitting with friends if you've overestimated how high you feel like getting tonight). The overall package is about 225 mg, so (math again!) each cube will deliver 25 mg.

Unlike Day Dreamers, the cannabis is strong with this one. You're gonna taste it. You're gonna feel it. Yes, the milky chocolate and peanut butter taste is strong (peanut allergy people, take warning!), but none of that overshadows the intense flavor of pot in the chocolate. Dosing is fairly consistent throughout, so you don't have to worry about getting super high with one chunk and not high enough with the other.

Hashman Infused Dark Chocolate

This is a classy little product right here. The chocolate comes in a wheel that's sliced up into little wedges. Each wedge comes with about 20 mg of THC, which is ideal if you're looking for a rather low dosage of cannabis to jump start your night life. Their Cherry Bomb wheel contains 420 mg of THC in total. 

The pot strength isn't strong here, and the bitter taste of dark chocolate is a little overpowering at times. The Cherry Bomb in particular comes with cherry flavored pop rocks to further enhance the flavor. It is a sweet that demands to be consumed in a slow, deliberate manner. Dark chocolate is undeniably the richest flavor of chocolate–the most decadent. It almost gives the edible a classy appearance.

Annie Nelson's Infused Chocolates by Willie's Reserve

From Willie's Reserve comes this personal favorite. Their infused chocolate (gluten-free and vegan, for those that care) comes in little, dividable bars. Each box comes with a bunch of these, which breaks up into smaller rectangles. Each rectangle comes with about 5 mg of THC. Two cubes come in through to 10 mg of THC.

It may appear you will get less weed in these snacks, but keep in mind that each box comes with a LOT of pieces. You can pop in one piece. Two pieces. Heck, make it twenty. That adds up to a lot of weed you're ingesting, while providing the ability to measure out your preferred high to the tee.

Black Bar by Korova Unrivaled Potency

Whereas the prior edibles are just sweets you could break up–have a little now, have a little later–but if you've come to this point, you're hard core. You want something a little stronger. The next two items are your ticket to unchartered highs.

This one is strong. One thousand mg of THC. I must admit, however, that what this brownie brings in weed content, it stumbles a little bit in other places. It is a little crumbly. The weed isn't perfectly balanced throughout the whole treat. But this treat makes up for all that in regards to sheer cannabis content. This thing will get you high very, very fast. Take four Punch Bars. You get the combined power of ONE of these with far fewer calories.

But now I'll do you one better... 

Venice Cookie Company's 4.20 Brownie

This here is the big gun.

The Venice Cookie Company brings us this little brownie. Normal size. Packs 1,000 mg of THC! This brownie demands your attention. No breaking off pieces for later. No splitting it with friends. You are gonna eat this crap, and you are gonna get high from it.

Now, important to note that, like all edibles, flavor is an important element of consumption. You'd expect with so much Mary Jane shoved in that you are going to be overwhelmed by cannabis flavor. And yes, it's an intense flavor. It is strong–maybe too strong for some people. However, it is off-set by the brownie taste. It tastes incredibly sweet. Even if it didn't make you high, this brownie would still be a tasty treat. Unlike the last treat, the brownie is perfect. Smooth, sweet, not too crumbly. Perfection.

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Most Potent Chocolate Edibles
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