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Most Expensive Marijuana Accessories

Think that your pipe is one of the most expensive marijuana accessories you can buy? Think again.

Fairly recently, one of Budweiser's top advisors called marijuana "the new craft beer," and if we were honest, we have to agree. 

With cannabis legalization spreading like wildfire throughout the States, more and more ultra-luxury companies are creating expensive marijuana accessories that are made to redefine what it means to smoke in style. 

You may have heard about rappers smoking out of pretty expensive rigs. Chances are that these accessories, though, would make a typical baller look like a pauper in the cannabis consumption scene. 

Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong by Scott Deppe

Currently, the top of the most expensive bongs in the world, the Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong by glass artists Scott Deppe, is not for sale. It's a one-of-a-kind glass bong that features gold-encrusted glass art, which last sold for over $100,000. 

That being said, almost any glass smoking piece by Scott Deppe will make the rank as one of the most expensive marijuana accessories ever made. Other creations by Deppe have been bought by A-list celebrities and the like. 

This bong costs more than some houses do. Imagine being handed this thing and being told to take a hit from it. Would you do it, or would you be too scared about dropping it to actually inhale? 

Now, since we are trying to stick to things you actually can buy, we're going to try to find accessories that are actually on the market. Sound good? Okay, awesome

The Digital Vape by Volcano Vaporizers

Electronic Volcano Digital Vape LED Display Easy Solid Valve Set | eBay
Find best value and selection for your Electronic Volcano Digital Vape LED Display Easy Solid Valve Set search on eBay. World's leading marketplace.

This sci-fi-looking unit is currently one of the most expensive marijuana accessories money can buy, and as you can probably tell, it's a digital desk vaporizer. However, it's not just any desk vaporizer. It currently holds the title as the priciest of its kind, at around $450. 

This particular vaporizer reduces the amount of carcinogens users get from smoke inhalation, comes with nine different settings, and is specifically designed to give you pure, unadulterated cannabis flavor. Yum!

24K Gold King Sized Pre-Rolled Cones by Shine

Shine is known for making some of the most expensive marijuana accessories meant for a one-time use. How do they do it? Well, their rolling papers and pre-rolled cones are all made of pure, 24-Karat, edible gold. 

Yes, real gold. 

Reviews say that these luxury smoking accessories actually taste good and are remarkably easy to roll. Their cones are also considered some of the best pre-rolled cones on the market, in terms of flavor. This definitely gives another meaning to the phrase "expensive taste!"

Oh, and if you're not a gold person, don't worry. They also have an equally-decadent white gold option that will match with whatever silver you happen to be wearing. 

The 24K Gold-Plated Elite Grinder by Phoenician

The Phoenician Elite Grinder is one of the only expensive marijuana accessories to make news headlines due to its price. Clocking in at around $1,500 per grinder, this currently holds the title as the most expensive weed grinder in the world. 

This four-piece grinder is known for being able to grind your herb, collect kief, store your weed in a special compartment, and also store your batch of rolling papers. Admittedly, it's probably one of the best weed grinders out there. 

It's also known for being made with real gold. If you're not bougie enough to buy this, don't worry. Not everyone is as rich as Miley Cyrus or Steve Jobs. They have silver and copper versions available, too. 

Classic Apothecarry Case by Apothecarry Brands

Now that you have your gold weed grinder, your gold rolling papers, and a Volacano Vaporizer, you're going to need to have an equally luxurious item to actually carry your own "apothecary" of cannabis in there. 

This is why this luxury cannabis humidor was made, and why it comes with all the accessories you could possibly need (minus a pipe). This cannador comes with one of the finest dab trays out there, along with jars for storage and a dab stick, too. 

That being said, this item will definitely set you back some money. At around $250, it's a bit more affordable than other items on this list—even though it's one of the most expensive marijuana accessories of its kind. 

Firefly 2 Portable by Firefly

Firefly is one of those companies that quickly rose to the top of the luxury cannabis market. This portable vaporizer is specially designed to offer a clean smoke, a rapidly heated interior, and to have up to five different settings to optimize your smoke experience. 

As of right now, it's one of the most expensive weed accessories on the market, in terms of portable vaporizers. It's small, lightweight, and charges in only 40 minutes. Like other luxury cannabis products, it works with both concentrate and herbal goodies. 

PenSimple Grinder by PenSimple

Looking for a luxury grinder that's discreet, capable of helping you load up cones effortlessly, and also store your goods? One of the most expensive marijuana accessories in the grinder pen world is the PenSimple—and it's also one of the best weed gadgets you can buy right now. 

Surprisingly, this is actually one of the most affordable on our list. At around $70 per pen, this is a luxury most can afford. 

The Magical Butter Machine by Magical Butter

Love edibles? Well, you're going to adore this. Among the most expensive marijuana accessories we've covered, the Magical Butter Machine is the only one that's specifically dedicated to helping cannabis cooks make cannabutter effortlessly. 

If you've been struggling to make decent-tasting edibles on your own, this machine will be worth every penny. However, at around $150, it definitely takes the cake as one of the priciest cannabis cooking utensils out there. 

Line 2 White Solid Gold w/ Diamonds Limited Edition Lighter by ST Dupont

ST Dupont has rightfully earned its place as one of the most luxurious lighter manufacturers in the world. The ST Dupont Line 2 currently tops the list as one of the most expensive marijuana accessories, and as one of the most expensive tobacco lighters in existence. 

Made of solid white gold and emblazoned with diamonds, the ST Dupont Line Two is a limited edition lighter that probably costs more than your car. Currently, it's being sold for around $65,000. Needless to say, this is one lighter you don't want to lose. 

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