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Most Beautiful Marijuana Strains

After admiring the most beautiful strains of marijuana, revel in the high they offer.

With the politicization of marijuana use and the stoner comedies that permeate the media, it becomes easy to forget that cannabis is a plant. As with almost any plant, certain strains are bred to look beautiful. They come in a variety of color combinations, textures, and forms. Some are frosted and crystalline while others are not. Each unique strain comes with its own name that indicates something about its appearance and quality, as often a beautiful appearance will hint at an underlying pleasant effects. These beautiful marijuana strains will not only make you feel well, but also captivate you visually with their shapes, textures, and colors. 

Panama-Sedena Red

Photo via Imgur

Originating from Panama as the name suggests, this classic, beautiful, pure sativa provides an intense head-high and smooth psychedelic experience. Due to the lengthy flowering period on this bud, Panama Red has fallen out of popularity thanks to its lower yields. Therefore, this strain now provides a sentimental feel for anyone who might have smoked it back in the 1960s. The vibrant green, mellow red, and pale pink colors make the leaves look like plush little strawberries.

As for the effects, Panama-Sedena fills the user with a concentrated energized happiness, making it ideal for social situations. It’s like biting into a sweet and subtly-energizing strawberry with each hit. This hallucinogenic fruity plant will carry people away on a talkative, nostalgic trip. 

  • Type: Sativa
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Uplifted
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Black Russian

Photo via BreedBay

The lovely deep purple and stringy, plush Black Russian is an indica-dominant strain created by mixing Black Domina with White Russian. The plant’s buds are compact but well-branched. Typically light green with red hairs, this bud is often covered in trademark deep purple and fuzzy lilac-colored hairs as well. The smell carries a blend of tropical mango and lemon in its condensed buds, unleashing summery aromas tinged with a heady sweetness. The berry smell is very distinct.

With that heavy aroma comes a potent high. It is known for infusing the user with deep relaxation and symptom relief, along with a pleasant and sleepy release. This beautiful purple strain is a perfect sedative before bed to melt away stress after a long day. Each sweet inhale will flood the body with a relaxing sensation. This lovely purple strain will give you pleasant purple dreams. 

  • Type: Indica
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric 
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Purple Urkle

Photo via Reddit

A blend of skunk, berry, and grape flavors can be found in Purple Urkle, a relaxing, full-body-high potent indica strain. The long and plentiful orange hairs, dense deep purple leaves, and slight floral aroma of the buds provide the user with a pretty little plant and some serious couch-lock. This strain is known for its highly contrasted colors—a vibrant pair of orange and purple that gives the plant its unique look.

This sweet berry plant gives a very heavy and effective high—a lovely gold and purplish dose for the insomniac. Complete several heavy inhales and you will find yourself yawning, ready to drift down into a deep and pleasant nap. This makes the strain perfect for treating symptoms, such as mental distress and arthritic aches or pains. The purple wave will wash over the user, creating a beautiful sensation from an equally-beautiful plant. 

  • Type: Indica
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Northern Lights

Photo via BudGenius

The famous resinous Northern Lights strain is a resilient, pure indica bud that flowers quickly. The genetics descended from Afghani and Thai strains, and have also given rise to such popular strains as Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. The crystal-covered leaves emit a pungent sweet and spicy mix to provide the user with a pacifying body-high. The golden pistils and variations of soft greens blend together to look like a woven starry and color-strewn sky. The strong citrusy and pine flavor make this strain unique.

Inhalation of this beautiful plant results in relaxation that spreads through the muscles until the body is filled with a dreamy, ecstatic buzz. Pains disappear and stress is diffused as you breathe in the earthy flavor. Northern Lights gives a beautiful release from pain for chronic sufferers.   

  • Type: Indica
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Headache

Acapulco Gold

Photo via 420 Magazine

The popular sativa strain Acapulco Gold originates from Mexico, granting a luxurious high with its golden hairs and gold, green, and brown glimmers of resin. An inhale of this deep and woody taste will fill the user with contentment, high spirits, and inspiration. It zaps you with a creative and productive buzz—the perfect cerebral high expected from a potent sativa. The plant itself appears as if it were sprinkled with golden dust. When the buds are broken up, they release a faint smell of burnt toffee and butterscotch, evoking candy as well as riches.

This strain has a popular past—a legendary find for longtime smokers who remember the 1980s. Acapulco Gold even received a name-drop in the classic Cheech and Chong stoner film, Up in Smoke, which is a sign of popularity and respect for the aesthetic strain.  

  • Type: Sativa
  • Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric 
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry Eyes

Purple Berry Kush

Photo via 420 Magazine

The magnificent indica Purple Berry strain is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Blueberry Kush, resulting in a beautiful, tall row of bright green leaves blending with dense and vivid purple-blue streaks. The sweet earthen and nutty smell you’ll first note is followed with a strong blueberry taste. Sticking to its true purple nature, hints of both blueberry and grape can be found, which become reminiscent of sweet summer snacks and candy.

The deep purple hue of the flowers make the condensed buds resemble grapes or small blueberries. The strain resembles a festive and fruity little tree capable of melting away anxiety with a puff. The overall aesthetic of this plant in combination with its strong flavors makes it quite unique. This visually appealing strain will keep you relaxed while also alert, making for a body-high coupled with a slight head-high. 

  • Type: Indica
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Hungry
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dizzy

Platinum Bubba Kush

Image via NW Green Thumb

This “platinum” level indica strain provides a powerful body relaxation and happy ride with its dense, purple nugs. From the glittering trichomes comes a pungent and sweet flavor. This flavor often gives a sense of euphoria that spreads throughout the entire body. The frosted plant is covered with bright green and red hairs, creating a beautiful mix of colors and densities for various sparkling forms. The attractive appearance denotes its “platinum” quality.

This crystalline plant is intense; it kicks you with a relaxing and powerful but alert intoxication. The effects are immediate, making the medicinal use of this strain of marijuana ideal for those seeking a quick, soothing and intense knock-down. Taken right before bed, Platinum Bubba Kush shoos away anxious thoughts and lulls the whole body. 

  • Type: Indica
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry Eyes

Fruity Pebbles

Photo via Pot Guide

You may be hungry, but that’s not a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal in front of you. This is the dazzling Fruity Pebbles strain, resplendent with tropical berry flavors and colors. A bite from this bowl will fill you with profound contentment and a thrilling chill that will get you through the end of a stressful day. Although this strain idea originated in the early 2000s (making it newer than a lot of the aforementioned strains) and has no clear lineage, it has already become a popular request as a method of relaxation.

This crystal-covered indica-blend is sticky as you would expect. The plant is largely light green and covered with red and orange trichomes. These aesthetic little buds pack a heavy punch and boast a slight couch-lock. However, the mind still remains active, with the effects of this strain resembling an overall sugar-high sort of spaciness. 

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry Eyes

Blueberry Cheesecake

Mmm, it’s hard to resist blueberry cheesecake—both the food and the bud. The Blueberry Cheesecake strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid plant that actually smells of blueberry cheesecake. Visually speaking, the strain sports lime green and vivid violet flowers speckled with orange hairs and a crystal coating. Bred from Cheese and Blueberry strains, this bud makes you feel relaxed but functional—a good-quality daytime high.

The cheesy, resinous leaves provide a sweet flavor and ease aches and pains. With remarkably high THC levels in the bud, it leaves you coasting into a chill and functional day while the taste of blueberry lingers on your tongue well after you’ve exhaled. Please note that you’ll be hungry as well. You might even want to couple this with an actual blueberry cheesecake—if the idea hasn’t occurred to you already. 

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry Eyes

Rainbow Kush

Photo via Open Grow

This gorgeous Rainbow indica/sativa hybrid will thrill you with its euphoric effects and wide variety of colors. The strain is just as potent and beautiful as you would imagine from a plant called “Rainbow.” The plant quickly produces compact flowers and not many side-branches, yielding a tall and shooting shape. The buds contain hues of purple and blue, bright reds and oranges, and little yellow hairs. Each inhale tastes of sweet, tropical pineapple.

This strain will leave you happy, focused, and buzzing with a delightfully deep body-high—a wonderful combination in a beautifully-colored plant. This is the perfect choice for anyone seeking euphoric giggles and a light, free, and breezy feeling. It gives a whole new meaning to “Taste the Rainbow.”

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Giggly
  • Cons: Dry mouth, Dry Eyes

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is your ultimate guide to the most beautiful strains of marijuana this planet has to offer. Brilliant imagery and eye-popping photography make this guide to marijuana as informative as it is aesthetically beautiful. A simple guide for recreational and medicinal users, Green is gold.

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