Mile High Nancy

Comedy and Weed in the Mile High City

Mile High Nancy Ep. 4: Edibles and Uniballs

I wrote my first short story at seven years old. It was a murder mystery solved by a female detective. I think it was Scooby Doo-ish and I added illustrations at the end which were just a bit more sophisticated than stick figures. 

Fast forward to my early 40s when I started doing stand up comedy and created a web series called Mile High Nancy, focusing on a cannabis chef and single mother by choice.  She is also trying to succeed in comedy but supports herself as the host of the show Stirring the Pot with Mile High Nancy on cable access television.  Her best friend, Karen, helps her think up delectable recipes and her assistant, Kitchen Bitch, infuses his flamboyant sense of humor.

I want the show to be entertaining but also take a closer look at older moms who enjoy using cannabis.  Women over 40 take a backseat in many popular shows and even in real life, become almost invisible.  We're here, but without the fanfare millennials get.   

I have found using cannabis in moderation helps me be a better parent. I'm less stressed.  I laugh at my daughter's jokes more.  Everything is funnier with a dose of marijuana.  

One of the greatest joys of having the series is hearing from other mothers around the country about how they can relate to the characters in the show.

A woman from Illinois wrote to me:

"I so enjoyed and identified with your stories of motherhood and being a cannabis user and all the guilt and hilarity that goes along with raising kids and comparing yourself to other parents.....your web series and other artistic endeavors are inspirational to me as someone who is artistic by nature and always looking for an outlet for it...I appreciate you and your work and look forward to seeing what you do next."

Here is another message I received from a woman with pain issues:

"I've recently been trying to trade my pain meds for MMJ and canna butter, but it's been a challenge. Still trying! I'm also the mom of 3 and a wife! Thanks for bringing honesty to the whole situation."

The guilt that can come from society's morals and how you are supposed to behave as a mom can be overwhelming.  When you have pain issues that are relieved by marijuana, you shouldn't feel guilty.  It's time to rejoice that there is a treatment option that actually works without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Another woman told me she likes how raunchy the show is from a female perspective. It's no holds barred when it comes to topics the women delve into - from the fart talk to erectile dysfunction.

During a Q&A about the show, recently at the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, someone asked about the creative process.  The truth is a Sativa dominant strain stimulates the imagination.  Sparks of ideas explode into full blown scenes and dialogue. I often consult with friends on the fine details such as specific jokes.  

I call filmmaking the hardship to which I'm addicted. I've worked with shitty camera people, had actors bail on me at the last minute, busted my ass to find locations like bars and offices that would allow me to shoot there, and pulled out my hair while editing. I've raised my blood pressure while trying to direct and act at the same time. I've made no money making comedy videos and the only way they'll go viral is if my computer gets hacked. 

However, I can't seem to stop no matter how painful it gets. Combining comedy with true insights in parenting and moms who use marijuana is worth all the suffering.