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Marijuana’s Effects If You’re Not Careful

Why You Should Wait Until Marijuana Is Legal

Smoking marijuana can come at a big cost that most people don’t realize. I know this from an experience of my own. This past year, I was a sophomore in college, now a junior, I lost practically everything. At the beginning of the semester, I started my first internship that offered a scholarship and I started a new work-study job under the same supervisor for my internship. I had it good until the middle of the second semester. Marijuana usually made me feel really anxious to begin with. I do have an anxiety disorder and it’s really suggested by doctors to be cautious with marijuana because sometimes it makes your anxiety worse. 

At this time, I was living with three other girls. I felt like all they wanted was money to get some weed. They didn’t really care about me. I say this because once I decided to move out and went through with it they started to treat me differently. We got tempted really quick. Fights were often. The first night I moved out they attacked me in a group chat. They didn’t want anything to do with me then. They made my life a living hell, then I got really depressed and almost killed myself. 

At this time, I decided to reconnect with an old friend of mine. Told her everything because I desperately needed someone to talk to. After a week of reconnecting with her, my advisor was doing some investigating on my other friends and about the drama we had going on. That friend I reconnected with ended up telling him everything. The weed, us doing it on school trips, and a lot of other things. Our advisor was so disappointed with us. He was angry. He was always a cool guy. Never really got angry with anyone, but he was livid at us. 

He called all four of us to a meeting. He made each of us speak. Two of the three girls ganged up on me and said “It was my fault on why our friendship ended.” I’m sure they convinced him to believe them. They are very manipulative. I should know cause they did that with the girl that didn’t speak and to me. I always couldn’t stand the other two. I knew they were trouble. I didn’t realize how much trouble they were until I lived with them. They always convinced us to spend our money. Saying that it wasn’t fair that they bought it all the time. It’s really annoying because I come from a low financial family. I couldn’t afford it but always had to give my last little bit of money that I had for two weeks. They went as far as making me get it out of my savings account for a car. They pushed me until I was tired of it. I was depressed for so long. I wanted to die for so long. I moved because of that. 

As I was saying about my advisor, since he was angry at us, he suspended us from the intern program and took our scholarship away. I lost my job and my key for the intern building. He made us go through drug rehab with the school. I was the only girl that did it. One dropped out and the other two just didn’t do it and got an “F” for the semester. I couldn’t risk that. I really needed an “A” if I wanted to get my GPA higher. After I recovered for two months, I was forced to get a drug test to prove it. I now have to get them every so often. Although, I do now have everything back. Scholarship and my internship, it took me months before I got it back. An agonizing two months. My job I just recently got back on the last week of school. The girl that ratted on me and the others took it once she was offered it. I’ve never felt so played by her. 

It’s all okay now. It took forever for it to be okay. My depression and anxiety are now mostly gone. I got the “A” I needed. My advisor seems to be gaining his trust with me back. Now I don’t have to worry about being financially broke all the time because of weed. I can only imagine the consequences that I would have gotten if my boss would have decided to go to the college board about it. I would have been kicked out of college, or worse, taken to jail. This experience taught me not to trust old friends, don’t let weed be the thing that causes a rip in your friendships, don’t let it be the thing that costs you your job, scholarship, and whatever else you can lose with weed. Wait until it’s legal. It’s the safest route to go. You shouldn’t risk everything for it.

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Marijuana’s Effects If You’re Not Careful
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