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Marijuana Laws Around the World

Comprehensive details of the worst marijuana laws around the world.

Every day you will hear about a new country or state for good or worst marijuana laws around the world. Legality of marijuana for recreational and general use may vary from state to state. In most countries, the possession of marijuana is illegal, and you may sentence for the utilization of this weed. In some US states, the medical use of cannabis is allowed, but in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, UAE, Nigeria, Japan, Indonesia and various other countries have strict laws regarding the use of marijuana. You may have no problem with the worst marijuana laws around the world because it is allowed in your country.

Nevertheless, you should learn about the worst marijuana laws in different countries. It is important to be very careful in some countries because you can’t take even one joint of marijuana with you. If you want to go to a particular country and indulge in the good stuff, make sure to check the laws of this country; otherwise, you will face their horrific laws. There are some countries where you should avoid marijuana and don't even think about putting it in your luggage or purse while exploring the country. If caught, you could be considered as a drug trafficker.


If you are traveling to Malaysia, you should strictly avoid marijuana because you may land in jail for almost five years under Section 6. You have to pay approximately $6,500 (20,000 ringgit) as an excellent. If you have more than 50 grams marijuana, your minimum punishment will be five years and ten strikes of lashing under Section 39a. One of the worst marijuana laws around the world is in Malaysia because planting one seed of cannabis will lead you to life imprisonment and six lashings (Section 6b).

In 2009, the Suparman Shahrul Izani was punished to death for the possession of almost 622 grams of marijuana. His age was 19 years at the time of detention and spent his six years in prison and fought this case.


In Japan, this drug is considered as an evil and people caught with marijuana will not get any sympathy. Don’t dare to take even a single joint to Japan because you may get imprisoned for almost five years with hard labor. If you are caught for the first time, they can be merciful and give you nearly six months imprisonment sentence. The foreigners are immediately deported to their country with a permanent ban. They will not be able to enter in Japan again.

A few years ago, marijuana was found in the possession of a sumo wrestler and rugby player. It was the last day for the career of both players in Japan.


Dubai is on the top for their worst marijuana laws around the world. If you are caught with cannabis in Dubai, you will surely get four years imprisonment. If they find traces of marijuana in your urine or blood, this is also considered as possession of cannabis, and you will get a harsh punishment. Dubai has some of the strongest laws regarding drugs, and if you don't believe me, it is been said that once a tourist was detained for the possession of three poppy seeds. These seeds were only left over from the bread roll served at the Heathrow Airport. They even ban the use of codeine painkiller.

In 2008, the Keith Brown (development officer) was traveling through on the way to England. As he walked through the main airport in Dubai, he was immediately stopped. The customs officials found only 0.003g marijuana in his possession. This amount is too small to see with the naked eyes and weighs less than one sugar grain. Mr. Keith Brown was immediately detained in September and held in prison with three other men. 


It is another country with some of the worst marijuana laws around the world. You should avoid the possession of marijuana on the land of Indonesia. A single joint of marijuana in your pocket can land you imprisoned for almost four years. If you import (even accidentally) any marijuana, you can be imprisoned for approximately four to 15 years.

In 2015, Nicholas Langan (an Australian man) had delivered his deepest apology to the Judge of Bali court to allow him to go Australia. He was punished for partially smoking one joint at the commencement of Bali Holiday. He was sentenced to more than 12-years of imprisonment.


You can’t get flexibility for marijuana in the Philippines because of their worst marijuana laws around the world. If you they catch you for the first time smoking one cannabis joint for the first time, they will send you to rehab for almost six months. If they find you again with a joint, you will directly land in jail for approximately 6 to 12 years. Growing marijuana is a nightmare in the Philippines because you may face anything from while life imprisonment to death penalty. Their worst drugs act can make your life worse than a hell.

Once a girl was caught with only two joints and she was detained for almost 15 years.


Are you ready to visit Thailand? It is dangerous to smoke marijuana in Thailand because of their worst marijuana laws. You may be sentenced to death under their narcotics law. The drug users are sent to compulsory rehab.

In 2011, a young backpacker was arrested by the police of Thailand for smoking cannabis on the street in the middle of the Khao San, Bangkok Road. Though other tourists try to protest against this act, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in Thailand. It is considered a criminal offense and police heavily watch all activities to stop the utilization of this drug.


It is difficult to write about any marijuana case because the Chinese government is very sensitive to display these records to the public. As per the reports of Amnesty International, almost 500 people are detained in the connection to their drug offenses. China has one of the worst marijuana laws around the world. If you are caught with cannabis, you may get death penalties.

In August 2016, five individuals were held for drug smuggling in China. They were flying from Kolkata to Southwest China. They were arrested in two cases at the Chinese airport. The officials found almost 24 kg hashish in their possession. The hashish was concealed in the ordinary snack packets and laptop bags of these individuals. It is assumed that they will get a death sentence for this crime. The amount they had is a really large quantity and if the Chinese show some flexibility, they may get 15 years imprisonment.  

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, they have three levels of the worst marijuana laws around the world. If you are caught for the first time, you will be detained for six months. If they find you a second time with marijuana, you will be sentenced to jail for almost seven years. They may not leave you in the third strike because you will get a death penalty.

In February 2016, one Saudi national and two Yemenis were executed because they were accused of hashish smuggling into the Saudi Kingdom. Their citizen was detained for smuggling amphetamines. Hashish or hash is manufactured from marijuana trichomes. It is illegal to use or smuggle marijuana in Saudi Arabia. The guilty persons may be beheaded by the sword. 


Forget about marijuana in Singapore because they have the worst marijuana laws around the world. You have to pay $13,000 (8.25 Lakhs) as a penalty or spend your ten valuable years in jail. If you are caught with marijuana in Singapore, they will not kill you, but break your bank and make you poor. The trafficking, possession, import, export, manufacturing and consumption of any amount of marijuana are illegal in Singapore. They will treat it as drug trafficking and treat you as a smuggler.

The marijuana consumption is a burning issue all around the world, and each country has its own rules and regulations. If you want to travel to a new country, you should learn about its laws about cannabis. Make sure to avoid using or even taking about marijuana in the above mentioned countries. Even a single joint will cost you harsh punishment. If you habitually indulge marijuana, make sure to stop its use almost 15 days before you travel. Even smoking in your home country could prove dangerous in others.

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Marijuana Laws Around the World
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