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Magic Mushrooms

Healing Teachers

In recent years I have been exposed to many concepts and struggled with self identity all while trying to start my life as a young adult. It has been a whirlwind of events and no doubt will I meet similar challenges in the future as well, but in the midst of it all I did learn and I did grow.

With the help of a love I feel I have always known, I came to know myself and be myself. But even then did I feel I was disconnected in some way... I felt trapped and wrapped up in all that societal nonsense. I felt caged in my own existence and I yearned to understand myself on a deeper level. I knew who I was, or at least who I was trying to be, but I had somehow lost contact with that which is my soul. It ate me alive.

Very quickly I fell back in to old programmed habits from my childhood and forward. I became angry and distant in ways I didn't even notice. I started to feel like parts of my past were missing, and that the future was doomed to have a me in it that was not the me I wanted to be.

Fortunately, I was partnered with an intelligent soul who taught me the benefits of natural healing practices used by many different past/present cultures. Most of which included but were not limited to ingesting/and or smoking some kind of plant, extract or fungi. For example, the Natives had many cultures surrounding the Central American region that used fungi to contact the spirit realm, relearn knowledge hidden deep within them, and even to heal and treat illnesses. 

What we were most interested in was the Psilocybe Cubensis, or more commonly, Magic Mushroom.

This unique species of mushroom creates a divine effect when used responsibly and grown properly (please note, if you wish to grow your own you need to do extensive research and make sure you know what you are doing, as it can go very wrong).

As a lover of studying on my own accord I took the initiative to learn as much as I could handle about the subject, but nothing could have prepared me for my personal experience. 

While researching I learned that everyone's experience is truly different. I learned about dosage (which is usually based upon weight/experience. A 150 pound person could take between 1-3 grams and have a variety of different experiences with different dosage levels). Most people heal from trauma, stress, addiction, depression, anxiety, and mental programming. But, as I said, every person has a different trip and the trip is different every time.

People also report experiencing a strong sense of a past life, or lives. In mine and my partner's case, we shared experiences of feeling like things went wrong in other lives and perhaps that is why we are back again. We delved deeper and found the roots to anger we long did not understand. For me, my childhood was very controlled, and so much was going on all the time I just assumed the "missing time" I had discovered in my memory bank was from daydreaming or long weeks where I went back and forth from family member to family member. As I started to come down from the peak of my trip I felt something picking at the front of my mind, begging to come out. I started to connect things I could not consciously connect before and started finding out more and more about my past. For example, I feel as though something was taken from me. Be it life or innocence I do not know yet, but this magical fungus has helped me start my journey of understanding and knowing. 

As victims of depression as well, my partner and I both experienced uplifting effects that have lasted far beyond taking the shrooms. Being able to understand our emotions and let things out, to really feel, is a big thing for a lot of people. This day in age we have been switched off in a sense and this species helps switch us back on. We became more empathetic to one another and others around us, feeling connected to the world and beings as we did when we were children.

When ingested with chocolate the mixture creates an inhibitor to certain enzymes, helping balance out what you need. One chocolate with 1.2 grams of mushrooms would be ideal for someone who has never done them before. A perfect balance of healing and happiness!

Mushrooms can be used in a number of ways, including being added to chocolate to eat! The most common way of tripping is ingesting them through eating the actual mushroom. Micro-dosing is different then using them every once in a while as a spiritual teacher of sorts. It involves taking very limited doses to enhance a number of things for a variety of reasons. Many different cultures use them, and many people who practice different cultures also use them according to traditional ways. For example, a witch/or solitary practitioner would brew a tea/or teas including one or more of the different species of Psilocybe Cubensis. Most often they would use species native to their land or seek out specific species they knew of from being on travel. After infusing the mushrooms with the tea water they would drink it throughout the day, different amounts depending on experience. It is not to seek a 'high' but to seek knowledge and learn.

When the Natives used the mushrooms they usually did it ceremonially, trying to contact the spirit realms/ancestors. While also used to learn spiritual/life lessons in their culture and to ascend in consciousness, the natives had tremendous respect for all things natural, including their psychedelics!

In closing, I am encouraging natural healing: all types! Whatever works for you, really, so do you! <3

To nab more fun and helpful info for your journey in life, send a gift to let me know you enjoyed! :)

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Magic Mushrooms
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