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Luxury Cannabis Accessories For the High-End Cannaseur

These luxury cannabis accessories will have you smoking in style...

Cannabis culture has an amazing way of finding new ways to upgrade your smoking experience, show off your cannaseur status, and just flaunt your personal style. Whether it's a nice grinder or a brand new smoke set, inventive potheads always can find ways to make smoking even better. 

It's that commercial savvy that has made cannabis a billion dollar industry within years of its legalization - and that means that there's a lot of wealthy, discerning connoisseurs enjoying the perks of America's favorite herb. 

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to an amazing high, so why not buy one of these luxurious cannabis accessories next time you want to be good to yourself? 

The Land Yacht Bong

Say what you will, but bongs definitely can be luxury items if you know what to look for in design. The beautifully clear Land Yacht Bong looks more like a work of art than it does a smoking tool thanks to its sleek lines and large, smoke-ready chambers. 

For people who love a good looking bong, this is a product that can deliver a clean, heady smoke while looking stylish doing it.

The Piece Pipe (Chrome)

This shockingly small pipe looks stylish, and is discreet enough to pass for a standard keychain. It also comes apart fairly easy, which in turn makes it a cinch to clean. 

Don't be fooled by its small stature, though; this pipe packs a powerful punch with four different smoking modes and a small stash case. Adding to the luxury of this petite treat is the fact that you can get it engraved for a small fee. 

Custom piping never looked so good - or discreet. 

The Phoenician Elite Grinder With Papers Holder

The Phoenician Elite looks like it belongs in a rap video - and realistically, it probably has at least one or two rappers who can claim ownership of one. This massive four-chamber grinder comes with a built in papers holder, rolling space, and multiple screens for maximum grinding ability.

Oh, and it's also plated in real 24 Karat gold. Glitzy enough for ya?  


PenSimple Premium Herb Grinder And Dispenser: Grind. Store. Dispense.
Revolutionary herb grinder and dispenser that grinds and dispenses herbs unlike any other herb grinder with dispenser. Push a button to dispense ground herbs and make sure they make it exactly where you want them. The original pen grinder, PenSimple is the ultimate herb grinder with dispenser available today. Buy Now!

If you've ever tried to pack a dish by hand, you already know how tedious it can be. All that herb ends up falling all over the place, and it just gets to be more of a chore than it should be. 

The PenSimple makes smoking up easy by grinding your herbs for you, dispensing them via a specialized pushbutton mechanism, and also being ready to store more for when you refill. 

Amazingly, this small luxury tool is small enough to fit into your jeans pocket, making it incredibly discreet but useful. 

Levo Oil Infusion

Edibles can be a mess to make, particularly if you're trying to make your own cannaoil for the first time. Levo is a company that takes all the guesswork and chorework out of it by making oil infusions as easy as the press of a button. 

It's worth noting that this works with more than just cannabis oil infusions, too. So, you can make rosemary olive oil, lavender massage oil, or even chocolate coconut oil if you so choose. It's versatile enough to justify buying it - even if your roommates hate edibles. 

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

These rolling papers allow you to enjoy the sight of watching gold go up in smoke - literally. Yes, these are real leaves of 24 Karat gold foil that are meant for you to use as rolling papers. They are consumable, won't harm the flavor of your toke, and also look totally blinged out. 

Surprisingly, reviews say that they're really easy to roll, too. 

The Frost Pipe

This is a pipe that is made of ice - and you're the one who makes it. This freezer-ready pipe comes with a drip tray and instructions. The cold temperatures help deliver a cleaner, unique smoking experience that is downright addictive on a hot summer day. 

The Wood Dugout One Hitter

Fans of baseball will love the subtle nod to the game in the design of this luxury wooden one hitter's carrying case. The pipe itself is easy enough to use and comfortable to hold. The case comes in a variety of wood finishes, and also has a very convenient "tobacco storage" area. Stylish, simple and sweet. 

The Ferro Porcelain Bong

This might be one of the most gorgeous porcelain bongs we've seen in a hot minute, and its spiky-organic look makes it seem like it would be totally at home at a modern art showcase. Despite its statuelike look, this porcelain bong isn't just art - it's a smoking tool. 

Expect to get wasted and look great doing it if you get this bong. 

The Golden Bell Spice Grinder

This beautifully sleek and simple herb grinder is just as much a fashion statement as it is a perfect place to grind and store your favorite herbal blends. This awesomely cute grinder also has another added perk - a lifetime durability warranty. 

Yes, it's perfect for that stoner klutz you know. 

6 Strain Cannador

Best Weed Containers | Marijuana Storage by Cannador®
Cannador® is a uniquely designed humidification box that is designed for the short or long-term Marijuana storage. We carry the best weed containers!

If you're a fan of cigars, then you know that a humidor is a storage device that helps keep tobacco at peak flavor and moisturization. Cannadors are basically the humidors of cannabis - and if you care about your herb storage quality, you'll invest in a good one. 

This compact yet sophisticated cannador has room for six different strains, and also comes in a nice variety of finishes. Smoking pot can look seriously elegant with this accessory, don't you think?

The Ombre Pipe

Ombre was (and still is) really popular as a color theme. This pipe brings that 80s-ish vibe to life with a beautifully simple-yet-breathtaking design. Easy to use and even easier to admire, this pipe will have people complimenting you on your excellent taste in no time. 

The Queue Stick Lighter

At first, it's kind of hard to tell what this is, but fret not. It's just a very beautiful, artistic lighter that makes lighting up look more like a fashion statement than something you just have to do in order to smoke up.

Somehow, we're willing to bet that this is vaporwave-approved. 

The Voltaire Pipe

Tetra does it again with an ultra-discreet pipe that is both beautiful and powerful at the same time. The Voltaire Pipe is as small as a cigarette and comes with an elegant mouthpiece that can be coated with 22 Karat gold - if you're willing to shell out the money for it. 

The Latitude Lighter

Much like the Queue Stick Lighter from the same company, the Latitude Lighter is one of those accessories that's designed to catch eyes and get compliments from fellow fashion-savvy smokers. Between its rose gold interior and its unique ribbed polycarbonate shell, it's safe to say we're in love with this chic design. 

The Au Box Subscription

AuBox — A Luxury Cannabis Subscription | Medical Marijuana | San Francisco | California | Weed | Edibles | Drinks | Vaporizers
A discrete yet luxury cannabis (medical marijuana) subscription service from San Francisco, CA offering edibles, flowers (weed), cosmetics.

Au Box is all about bringing luxury smoking goods to those who enjoy the finer things in life - on a regular basis! This super decadent box lets you wake and bake in style with pre-rolls, vaporizers, coffee, and chocolates...as well as a bunch of other experience-improving products you'll want to receive again and again. 

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Luxury Cannabis Accessories For the High-End Cannaseur
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