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LevoOil Infuser

For any fellow edible advocates or connoisseurs, I highly recommend the LevoOil Infuser.

For any fellow edible advocates or connoisseurs, I would highly recommend the LevoOil Infuser. This product was five years in the making and recently became available online at LevoOil.com.  If you are not familiar with infusion, it uses controlled heat to transfer color, flavor and even nutrients from botanical ingredients into the oil or butter of your choice. This is the most advanced technology in infusing oils or butter to date. Most people's minds go straight to marijuana, but the LevoOil Infuser can be used with any herb of your choice, making it an everyday necessity! 

The process of infusing oils or butter with the LevoOil Infuser is simple and genius! The top part of the appliance resembles a standard coffee pot. I open the lid of the appliance and detach a small pod inside. You fill the pod with the herb of your choice, then place it back in its nook until it clicks. You can then add coconut oil, olive oil, butter etc., to the bowl that can be removed from the LevoOil Infuser. You can add the oil-butter solid or melt it down to get a better idea of how much will be made. Close the lid and make sure it's locked, then proceed to set the time and temperature of your infusion. The appliance comes with a detailed instructional handbook that gives you suggested time and temperature for specific herbs. Different herbs along with your decision of oil or butter causes the time it needs to be infused to be longer or shorter, and the temperature to be higher or lower.  The temperature and time conversions can also be found online on their website.

Cost efficiency is a factor that everyone considers when making a purchase, and when it comes to the LevoOil Infuser, there's no pondering needed. At only $199 you can be infusing any herbs into any oil or butter in just hours! They offer multiple colors including black, charcoal, rose gold and avocado. In addition to the appliance itself, you can purchase a tCheck component that tests the potency of your infusion. The tCheck will run you about $60 extra if you buy it with the appliance but purchasing it separately is more. I personally left the tCheck component out of my order just because I don't necessarily need the potency information. However, if I were selling my creations, I would want to be able to provide that knowledge to my customers. To insure the best price for this product, I would definitely recommend buying the tCheck along with the infuser if you think you might use it. 

Once the oil was completed, the timer went off and I simply placed a Tupperware bowl under the nozzle and clicked the release button, and out it came just like a coffee machine! I used butter and marijuana to create my infusion and the consistency came out thin and easily mixable. I added an eighth of marijuana the first time i used the appliance because that's about all the pod holds, but I realized I  needed more. Instead of doing the whole process over gain I simply left the fresh oil in the infuser and removed the pod. I put another eighth (making it a quarter infused now) inside the pod and placed it back into the infuser and started it up again! Once the timer went off for the last time, I added the butter to some brownie mix and voila— edibles!

Overall, I am very impressed with the LevoOil Infuser, which is why I recommend it as often as I can. The precision, design, cost and efficiency of the appliance makes it irresistible for anyone who enjoys infusion! If there were any questions left unanswered you can visit their website at LevoOil.com.


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LevoOil Infuser
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