Legalize(d) Medical Marijuana

...Recreational Use?

Really though?

Is it really for medical use only?

Let's be honest, folks.

If we riled up all the people that were rooting for pro-pot legislations, I doubt half of them would even know exactly what those legislations they're supporting entail. I bet the vast majority of them just want to be able to get high without risking being named a criminal. You guys do claim that the legalization of marijuana lowers crime rates...but you majority folks that just want it—legal so not criminal—get into all these arguments on pro-medical pot shit, bringing the mentality of legalizing recreational use into the conversation, and... please, no. Stop. No. You aren't helping us, and you're digging deeper graves for yourselves.

True Medical Patients

As someone who has had to have medical marijuana in the picture of my life for a good five years now, I seriously want you all to stop ruining it for us. We truly, really need this plant regulated almost like pills are, because we're medically dependent on them. We've exhausted all other safe measures, and have landed on this as our last resort, and we finally were happy to find something that worked for us.

Legalize recreational use?

So you target us emotionally at that one weak point in which we were finally starting to find a somewhat compromised well-being in life with? You present all these new updates to the legislation that are supposed to hopefully help get the level of regulation on this medication slowly up-to-par with pharmaceuticals as a scare tactic, as if they're trying to take our meds away from us?

Fuck out of here with that shit.

If you really want recreational use of weed legalized, quit making a fool of us defending our medical marijuana rights.

As a true medical marijuana patient, I do want to see this plant and its derivatives researched as all heck (which I see happening right now), regulated as all heck (which I see happening slowly but surely right now), and legitimate as all heck (which I definitely see us getting there).


One day, I was going through my Facebook feed, and came across an article like this posted by a dispensary's page I follow.

Biased people always target people like us with that ONE paragraph that will get us going. In that article, it was the paragraph that read,
"Some of those caregivers banded together to set up dispensaries, some with the blessing of the communities where they were open for business. Others got busted, including many in Oakland County over the years, by police in towns that were more wary of the medical weed."

Emotional people like me have attentional biases. Medical marijuana legislation is a sort of big deal for us. If something's a big deal to us, we're going to find that one thing we can fight over to get our desired results. But this is really childish in hindsight, right guys?

Read the whole article with no biases (could mean reading it without that one paragraph cited above), and you see they're really just trying to regulate the heck out of it, and I for one appreciate the heck out of that. It's not like all the dispensaries around were shut down. There were shops open with emergency protocols for us. The government isn't out to kill us/steal money from us. They're trying to help us and keep us healthy. If people are operating illegally, what else could they be doing to our products behind closed doors and behind those poker faces on the job? Ever think of that?

Lazy. You didn't want to do what you're clearly stated you must do to keep your dispensary open. So you didn't, and this stuff backfired. Whose fault is that? Follow the law or get warned. Clean up your act after the warning, or just...suffer because you like the shortcut. Shortcuts...short success that's cut when you need it most.


I will say that I do worry that the more regulated this stuff gets, the more expensive our products might be, and we're left again to not being able to do much about our symptoms without breaking the bank to keep ourselves alive. People that truly need medical weed for excruciatingly chronic symptoms already spend a fortune on weed just to stay alive; as nothing else has worked out, tolerance builds up, and you literally need to "stay medicated." To take advantage of a population that is slightly less hopeless than they were without the medical weed, by overpricing, is a bit fucked. Like really fucked. Like—where'd you leave your morals at? Your mom's house? Come on. Fucked.

Is recreational use safe?

Just wanted to touch on this topic to humor you people that just want pot legal so you can get high without being a criminal.
I honestly do see a huge problem with the recreational use of marijuana becoming legalized. It has such a profound impact on your prefrontal cortex—not in a good way, in my opinion.

If we ever make recreational use of weed legal, I'm only cool with the age limit being 25+. I also want the legal drinking/others age to be upped to the same.

Until our brains are done growing and developing, we neurologically do not have the capacity to make the same judgments we would with a fully developed and matured adult brain. Fact (I mean this on an individual basis, and definitely not a between-groups basis. Don't get me twisted here).
For the longest time, I didn't understand why lawmakers decided to have the legal age for consuming chemicals only adults should (like nicotine, alcohol, etc.) be a number below 25, but now I'm thinking that those laws could've been made before research came out continuously confirming that our brains aren't done developing until ~25 years old. But then what's up with all these new legislations that allow certain cities to use weed recreationally if you're 21+? Those are fairly new...

These are just my current views, but I've still got a lot of learning to do, so I'm not sitting here tryna make new law reforms. Please do not take me out of context when I ask nicely.

Restriction and Defiance

I'm not too worried about the use in those under 25 increasing, and therefore criminal activity increasing, as long as we present the facts to those that are intelligent enough to keep asking, "why?"

I remember when I was little I sometimes got yelled at playfully by the people around me because I always asked, "why?" a bit too much. Everything was just so interesting with so much to learn about for me.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is ego. Curiosity is power. Curiosity keeps you humble and your mind open. And only with an open mind are we allowed to discover things that we had never thought of, (dis)confirmations to the hypotheses we ran in our heads, and further related queries.

If we give those who seek the truth (everyone that's prosocial) the facts (instead of some hypotheses pending indisputable confirmation) when they ask "why?" their curiosity will be quenched, and they won't feel the itch to act out on it, no?

That's just my take. I could be totally off.

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