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Carlos Fox2 days ago
Can CBD Ease Chronic Back Pain?
Nearly 80 percent of Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. For some, this means localized lower back pain, but for others it’s an overall debilitating pain from neck to waist. While ...
Kathy T. Cooley3 days ago
CBD Hemp Oil in the Treatment of Animal Disease
CBD hemp oil has become exceedingly popular over the past few years. The Internet is abuzz with talk about its health benefits, and Internet users keep sharing their stories. It turns out that even an...
Terry 4 days ago
CBD and Hemp Oil - The 'Entourage Effect'
Hemp oil can be defined as the full-spectrum of oil extracted from Cannabis Sativa, or from hemp seeds that are produced by the hemp plant. Hemp oil has few risks of intoxication, as most of the hemp ...
Kathy T. Cooley6 days ago
Why Do You Get Red Eyes After Smoking Weed?
One of the clearest signs that you have smoked cannabis sativa is red eyes. That’s especially for new users and others who are prone to bloodshot eyes. Not to say that there is anything wrong with hav...
Lindsay W7 days ago
My Experience with Cannabis
Society has this very negative association with cannabis, and its time that it's addressed because its quite childish really, but we are so misinformed its not even funny and the things in life that a...
Kathy T. Cooley9 days ago
7 Medicinal & Therapeutic Uses of CBD Oil
To start with a basic understanding, CBD oil is a component to be found in Industrial Hemp, which is one of the varieties of cannabis sativa plant. Now, both CBD and marijuana are derived from the sam...
Jus L'amore11 days ago
The 12 Most Famous Stoners of All Time
When people hear the word pothead, they often think of characteristics such as sleepy, lazy, and unmotivated. However, this collection of people couldn't be more opposite. These are some of the most f...
Jennifer Kurtz17 days ago
Benefits of CBD Softgel for Your Skin
Over the many years, cannabis has gained the notoriety of being a wonder plant, containing more than 100 different natural compounds, a considerable amount of which contain significant therapeutic pro...
Chronique Living22 days ago
Introducing: Chronique Living™
A project designed around achieving optimum wellness through science, spirituality, and cannabis.