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Keep Your House From Smelling Dank

Fresh and Clean

Hey stoners, need to smoke discreetly? Do you have a guest coming over? Or just don’t want a dank house? Well here are our six tips and tricks to keep your house smelling nice and fresh!

Tip #1: Keep your windows open!

During your sesh, a great way to keep your house from smelling dank would be to open your windows. Especially if you live in a smaller area, such as an apartment. With tighter spaces it’s harder for the air to circulate, meaning it will be harder for the smoke and the odour to circulate itself out. Keeping your windows open will help speed up the process for your space to air out.

Tip #2: Fans!

Fans kind of tie into Tip #1. Having fans on with your windows open during and after your sesh will help the smoke be blown directly out the window. This is the best for students in dorms who have roommates who may not smoke or a no smoking policy. 

Either way, no matter what your situation this is a great way to air out your house whether you smoke or not because a fresh house is a nice smelling house.

Tip #3: An Air Filter!

No, I’m not talking about those $100 air filters you put around your house. I’m talking about a Smokebuddy or a Sploofy. These are small hand held air filters that you blow the smoke into leaving no smoke and no dank smell! 

If you want you can just use this and skip the other steps, but sometimes you don’t have the money for a new one, or you just can’t be bothered to buy one because you don’t need to hide the smell all the time. 

Tip #4: Incense!

Or candles or wax melts, or Febreze. Just something that is either constantly going or you can spray around your house to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Obviously, it can take time for the smell to spread around your space and cover the smell of weed during your sesh, so be sure to light your candle, or turn on your wax melter a couple minutes to an hour before your sesh and keep them going throughout the day. 

Tip #5: Put your weed away!

Regardless if you worry about the smell or not, your weed needs to be put away and stored properly. Keeping your weed in an airtight jar in a dark space, will not only help keep the dank smell of the weed from stinking up your house but, it will also keep your weed nice and fresh! You can use a mason jar, 420 Science jars, Spencer's stash jars, or even pasta sauce jar. Same goes for your weed accessories and supplies. Keep your pipes, lighters, dab tools, bowls, etc. tucked away in a drawer or a bag. If you have children, Stashlogix bags are perfect for you because not only do they lock in odour but they also lock so your little ones can't get into your stash.

Tip #6: Clean your pieces!

If you are like me and you put your bongs, and pipes on your closet shelf so they don’t break then well keeping them clean are a must. If you leave, gross and dirty pieces laying around then eventually the smell will start to spread throughout your living space. This doesn’t mean you have to clean your bong or pipe every single day but it does mean you should clean them at least once every two weeks, depending on how often you smoke from them. Although, be sure to change your bong water daily to prevent some dank water stinking up your house. This applies to all your pieces, whether they are glass, silicone, metal, acrylic, etc.

I hope you enjoyed your read and please be sure to follow @thehypepipe on Instagram and Twitter for some amazing Cannabis posts! And follow @thehypepipe on Soundcloud to listen to our Podcasts! Stay Stoned my friends! 

Tip #1: No joints/Blunts in the house!

Obviously, smoking a joint means there will be constant smoke during your sesh so this means there will be a strong odour throughout your house until you either air it out. So, your best bet is to stick to your glass pieces or if these are your preferred way to smoke, your best bet then would be to smoke outside or in your garage.

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Keep Your House From Smelling Dank
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