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Karma Cup

Toronto 2018

In 2013 an outgoing cannabis advocate named Sarah Sunday decided that Toronto needed a dedicated cannabis event that was a positive space for growers, producers, business owners, industry experts, and their fans to come together and judge the best cannabis Canada has to offer.

Over the last five years the event has grown to become a staple part of the Ontario cannabis experience. Being held yearly in either September or October in the heart of Toronto with visitors attending from all over Canada and even the states.

The cup prides itself on gathering the best Canada has to offer and this year was no disappointment. With categories from sativa, indica, Hybrid flower to pens, distillates, high terpene shatters, rosins, solvent less, and solvent concentrates.

This year was lucky enough to split a sponsored judge’s pass for the cup I was in charge of the flowers and half the edibles and topicals while my partner held down the concentrates and the other half of the goodies.

There was thirty one flower entries at a gram each, three pens, three CBD samples, two pre roll, forty seven concentrates, twenty five edibles, and twenty three topical with only two weeks to judge.

This year’s event was held at two locations due to unforeseen issues on the first day.

The first location was 217 Adelaide Street in the heart of the entertainment district. The space was generous and you felt like you could get around and meet people easily. There were three rows of vendors all spaced out for proper set up of there booths

The second location was the same as last year’s which was 512 church street at a much smaller location which in turn made Karma cup a more intimate event compared to day one.

I must say with the hiccup from day one the Karma cup managed to pull through and have a very successful day two.

The live entertainment was interesting to say the least. I did enjoy the DJ sets and the speakers over the singers due to the fact that the music was just a little to harsh for me.

The amount of vendors that were present was unbelievable. I believe it was over fifty. You could get anything your cannabis heart desires. From flowers to concentrates, swag, new glass, edibles, and topical it was all there. I noticed one table brought their A game and had live clones for sale. There was also street art being made right in front of your eyes.

I was completely star struck on Saturday as so many of my Instagram favorites were in town for the event as guest judges, vendors, or speakers.

I felt the overall feel of the event was safe and a full community vibe filled the air for both days. As you walked around people just said hi like they knew you and the amount of blunts and joints that were being shared with new friends was astronomical.

The top winners were all announced Sunday at 3pm and the masses spoke all judging blindly.

This year for me it was a meeting experience of friends from around Canada. I was able to meet BC bud gal, tweedle doob, Remo, Mr. Nice guy, Rodger James, Sublimator warrior, leafy meds cb darling and so many more friends. It was a very exciting and energy filled weekend.

This year’s media team for local broadcasting was hosted by leafy meds a great pair of guys from Hamilton Ontario that have access to all the killer events across our province.

To view the winners go to @thekarmacupofficial.

Next event is Hemp Dear September 15 - 16 2108 

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