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Illicitly Advantageous: 8 Benefits Pets Can Get From Cannabis

The Medical Benefits of Cannabis for Pets

Image: Pixabay

If your pet is sick, or suffering from any illness, you are probably looking for many ways that could help your pet out. If you’ve heard about CBD products as an effective and holistic solution to help your pet for a few problems, then read on. We’ll let you know how beneficial Cannabis is to your pets.

The use of CBD for medicinal purposes is becoming more popular after its legalization in 33 states as of 2018. When it comes to recreational use, it’s only legal in 10 states. This may already sound great since more than 50 percent of the states are already prohibiting the availability of CBD products for medical purposes. However, the use of medical marijuana on pets is not really anywhere in the laws in any state.

The federal law still sees marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, and even in states where it is already legalized, the law doesn’t really include anything about how it’s allowed for veterinarians to prescribe CBD products to their patients. So, marijuana is still a known toxic plant to pets.

That said, not all vets would recommend using CBD products for our ailing pets. It would be common for them to say that not enough studies are made when it comes to how safe it is for our pets, but there are actual studies, and pet owners, that could attest to CBD’s effectiveness.

Here we list eight benefits that pets can get from CBD products:

1. CBD can help lessen and delay tumor growth.

Studies show that CBD use can prevent growth and spread of malignant tumors or cancer. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, this is one of the things that could also help them cope with the effects of chemo.

Do note that chemo for pets is not as invasive as the treatments made on humans, but chemo itself will still have a significant effect on the overall mood and being of your pet. A pet owner shared that when his pet was diagnosed with cancer, he chose to include CBD products in the treatment, and it made it seem like his pet wasn’t suffering from anything.

2. It can help reduce pain.

CBD has anti-inflammatory components that could help ease the pain that pets are suffering from. You can get CBD oils or tinctures to use on them orally or apply on the spot where they are experiencing pain.

You can put CBD products on your pet who has arthritis, broken bones, or abdominal pain to improve its condition. This is a good and natural approach to help ease its pain.

3. CBD can be used to treat seizures.

Our pets are also susceptible to seizures, especially if they are diagnosed as epileptic. If you see your pet violently shaking, because of a seizure, this could help reduce its intensity.

Frequent usage could also help lessen the chances of your pets from encountering a seizure. What’s good about using CBD to treat them for epilepsy or frequent seizures is that it has little to no side effects.

4. CBD can treat pets with diabetes.

Unfortunately, even pets are susceptible to this widely-spread disease. Diabetes is more common on older pets, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be helped. CBD’s anti-inflammatory components could help pets with pain. This, in the first place, could be one of the reasons why pets have insulin resistance.

In clinical trials done at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, it was found that CBD could improve metabolism, which could help pets absorb sugar better.

5. CBD could help pets who are suffering from dizziness and nausea.

Nausea and/or dizziness that your pet is experiencing could be caused by a few things like pregnancy, gastroenteritis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. You could easily spot these symptoms if your dogs are dry heaving, constantly chewing, and lethargic.

CBD is considered antiemetic that could help control a pet’s nausea. When used on a pet suffering from nausea and/or dizziness, it could immediately improve the pet’s mood, and help it avoid vomiting and feeling lethargic.

6. It could help improve your pets’ appetite.

If your pet hasn’t been eating, and just seems to lose its appetite, there could be a few reasons why it’s the case. It could be because of nausea, picky eating, or a more serious disease so it’s best to take your pet to a vet.

CBD can help increase your pet’s appetite, and can have a direct effect on your pet’s digestive problems if there’s any. It also influences your pet’s appetite receptors that could make your pet feel hungry.

7. CBD can be used as a supplement for your pets.

CBD is a natural supplement that you can administer on your pets. A lot of studies already found its nutritional benefits. It could also improve your pet’s immunity to avoid any diseases and sickness.

Just be sure to know the appropriate dosage, and that there may be little to no instant effects just yet. You can use oil, capsules, treats or tinctures for this.

8. It could help with allergies.

If you see your dog constantly scratching, then it’s possible that it is having an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction isn’t just about pets eating something to trigger it. Pets could also be allergic to pollen, dust, and insects, just like humans.

CBD can be used to help them ease the itchiness they are feeling. Either CBD oil or tincture can be used on your pets. It could act as an antihistamine product that is natural, and has no side effects.

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Illicitly Advantageous: 8 Benefits Pets Can Get From Cannabis
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