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I'm Growing Weed in a Cardboard 'Dollar Store' Grow Box

My Attempt At Home-Growing Marijuana On a 'Bud'get

From a Seed Purchased at the Nova Cannabis in Spruce Grove, AB to a Thriving 'Hindu Kush' Affectionately Referred to as 'Shanti.'

While growing cannabis is an art and I am not a true master of the soil, my goal is not to grow "the best" cannabis plant. My goal is grow a consumable cannabis plant for the least amount of money possible. 

It's no secret that I am a user of medical cannabis. I have found so many benefits from using this plant. I am also known for being thrifty. After some discussion with my wife, I figured I would invest some money in a grow box.

I logged on my Amazon account and did some online window shopping. "They want how much for a tent?" I was interested in buying a full kit, but as a person who does not believe in credit cards; I just could not stomach seeing that money fly out of my account for a tent, a fan, and some lights.

I found some online videos and other references of how to create a cardboard home grow box. I'm not going to lie, a lot of these looked more like a kindergarten class assembled it. 

Shanti's (Tweed's Hindu Kush) Home

This whole setup is a work in progress. When I first germinated the seed, the grow box only consisted of seed, a Starbucks cup with dirt, table lamp with a grow bulb, aluminum foil, and two poster boards from the dollar store.

As it is today this (still evolving) setup now includes:
  • Two Lamps From Value Village
  • One Plug Timer, Also From Value Village
  • Two Bulb Splitters
  • One Full Spectrum Grow Bulb
  • Two 4700k CFL Bulbs (Already Owned)
  • One 2700k LED Light (Already Owned)
  • Two Rolls of Dollar Store Aluminum Foil
  • One Salvaged Thermometer with Decorative Bird (Already Owned)
  • One Humidity Meter From the Hardware Store
  • One Small Table (To Be Removed Once Plant is Taller)
  • One Fan I Found Behind a Dumpster That Was Totally Like Brand-New
  • Extension Cords Were Already Pre-Owned. 

And of course, bits of recycled cardboard were used. It is not pictured, but I created my own scent filter using recycled parts. I didn't want to post it because one, it looks super ugly (but it works), and two, I didn't feel like typing out how I made it. But looking back at the time I wasted on building that filter, my recommendation is to purchase a cheap cabin-air filter for a vehicle.

Speaking of Filters...

If you are a more seasoned grower or have researched growing cannabis indoors you may critique the fact that I don't have an air filter system. I do have some ventilation in the box. I cut up an old black T-shirt and glued some of the fabric into frames which were then installed onto the box. 

I am currently working on a solar-powered fan which will sit inside the box circulating air, and advancing my little filter system. As I do more research I am making changes. I am following some online e-books I found for free to guide me on the specifics of this kind of gardening. 

Overall, this setup has cost me less than $50 to put together. And that's Canadian dollars! I wish I had a nice jar of Hindu Kush to show off right now, but Miss Shanti is not expected to be fully flowered until mid to late June. 

If you are interested in Shanti's journey and the evolution of her dollar-store-value-village-up-cycle-castle check out my other articles, and I'll keep you posted.

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I'm Growing Weed in a Cardboard 'Dollar Store' Grow Box
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