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How To Roll A Blunt

Once you learn how to roll a blunt, you can officially call yourself a stoner.

One of the most embarrassing moments of my stoner career was when people found out that I did not know how to roll a blunt. What made this worse is that I had been smoking pot for the past five years, and often joked about people who "didn't know what they're doing."

When my friends found out, I quickly became one of the biggest jokes of my friends. So, I spent time learning how to roll a blunt — and quickly found that I had made the entire ordeal way more ridiculous than I should have. 

Everyone and their mom can roll a blunt. You can avoid the embarrassment I suffered by using this guide on how to roll a blunt below. 

First, get your supplies ready.

Before I teach you how to roll a blunt, you'll need to have your blunt making supplies ready. 

You will need two supplies in order to roll a proper blunt, three if you want to have a smoother smoke. You will need to have the cannabis strain of your choice and a rolling paper at the bare minimum. You also might want to grab a grinder in order to grind up the weed into smaller parts, but this isn't necessary. 

Rolling papers can come in a variety of different forms, including cigarillo papers, cigarette rolling papers, and literally cigar wraps that were used to create those cheap flavored cigars you get at gas stations. 

If you are getting a cigar wrap for your first blunt, you will need to use a blade to open the cigar and shake out all the tobacco from it. Then, you will need to flatten it a bit so that it becomes just a bit easier to work with. 

To begin rolling a blunt, you will need to wet the wrap.

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone knows how to roll a blunt well is to see how they wet the wrapper. If they are literally slobbering all over the wrapper, chances are that they aren't really going to make a good joint. If they don't lick the wrapper, then it's also a sign they're clueless. 

Wetting the wrap should be done with a couple of simple-yet-moist licks. This will help make the joint wrapper more malleable, and also can help "heal up" any cracks that it may have. 

Once you wet the blunt wrapper, put some weed into the center of the blunt and roll the blunt.

This is an obvious step, right? Just fill up the blunt, and start rocking it back and forth. Then, tuck the blunt wrapper under itself and tighten it a bit. Wet the exposed edges from end to end to make it sticky. This is often the hardest part of learning how to roll a blunt, but trust me, practice makes perfect. 

Then, run a lighter under the entirety of the blunt to "bake" it.

A quick run with a lighter makes the spit evaporate and solidifies the blunt into a nice, tidy, smokeable joint. That's how to roll a blunt the right way. 

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How To Roll A Blunt
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