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How to Protest Drug Tests

Want to make your voice heard without being declared a terrorist or unemployable? Here's how to protest drug tests without looking like an idiot.

Drug tests are really sticky situations, and not just because of the possibility of dried urine on the outside of the cup. Many highly capable people who worked hard at their jobs were let go once they failed a drug test. 

Drug tests are clearly wrong, and a massive invasion of privacy. They deserve to be protested, but protesting them can make it hard to keep a job. Actively protesting drug tests seems to be a good way to appear guilty, and to a point, can alienate you from would-be employers. 

If you want to protest drug testing, then you should definitely learn how to protest drug tests the safe way. 

The best way to protest drug tests is to attend pro-cannabis protests.

Drug testing is a hugely hot button issue at cannabis protests, so if you want the quickest way to learn how to protest drug tests on a national level, just attend a pro-cannabis rally. 

More often than not, your attendance will send a message to lawmakers without causing a potential stir with employers. Pro-cannabis protests also tend to have petitions and video crews that are specifically there to spread the message that drug testing isn't okay. 

That being said, pro-cannabis protests can be dangerous if you don't know how to stay safe at a protest. Read up on it so that you maximize your chances at getting through without issue.

Write your lawmaker an educated letter with reasons as to why drug testing should be illegal.

The easiest and wisest way to make a protest heard is to talk to your politician. Calling them up or writing them is the best way to do this, and will help influence their platforms by election season. 

Better still, it's highly unlikely that employers will find out that you wrote your representative over the issue — making it an anonymous way to protest for people who work in high-profile jobs. 

There are many political reasons why a politician should be in favor of banning drug testing on a statewide level. Drug testing is unethical and is an invasion of privacy. It also discriminates against medical marijuana users and causes economic harm on a large scale. 

While you're talking to them about banning drug testing, you might also want to explain to your representative why legalizing marijuana is a good idea. (Hey, it won't hurt.) 

Call regularly, and they'll have to listen. 

If you really want to protest drug testing in a powerful way, don't work at companies that require drug testing.

Believe it or not, finding good workers is incredibly hard for most companies. It can take months, or even years, for certain positions to be filled. Most companies implement drug testing needlessly, and HR reps know that there are ways to sideskirt drug tests. 

However, the economy is currently in a workers' market in many fields. This means that workers are much more likely to be able to demand certain rights from a boss than they were years ago. 

You can learn how to protest drug tests via job application and labor force pretty quickly in this kind of economy.

You will make a much larger impact on employment policies if you make it clear that you are a capable, hardworking individual who will not be bullied into a urine sample for a job. Simply put, ask them if they drug test. If they do, tell them, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe in the ethics of drug testing and view it as an invasion of privacy. Best of luck."

Obviously, this is not doable for everyone. But, if you can do it, by all means, do. 

Use common sense.

Part of knowing how to protest drug tests is realizing that acting like a lunatic will not do any good. Threatening people, using profanity, or just sounding like a stereotypical "stupid stoner" will not do you any good. In fact, it may end up getting you arrested or banned from your place of employment. 

Keep calm, keep dignified, and mellow out. A well-spoken, well-dressed activist will do a lot more good than a strung out mess of a person shouting about weed. 

Sign petitions and donate to groups that support drug testing bans.

Here's the crux of learning how to protest drug testing: it's all about doing little things that eventually turn into a movement alongside others. Everything counts in large amounts. 

So every time an activist refuses a job due to morality in favor of a job that doesn't drug test, that makes a statement. Every signature on a petition makes a statement. Every dollar sent to the ACLU or NORML will make an impact. Don't stop, and always support the cause. 

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