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How to Prepare Kava Kava

Follow the simple Island instructions for how to prepare Kava Kava.

Found on South Pacific islands, Kava has acted as a sedative for islanders. Used in religious ceremonies and for medical treatment, Kava has a similar impact on brain waves the way certain medicinal sedatives like valium. It produces a calm feeling but decreases in potency over repeated use.

Kava - The Ancient Spiritual Drink

Kava is a drink said to bring you closer to your god. It has been enjoyed by the locals for centuries.

Kava for Social Meetings

In the South Pacific, places like Tahiti, Hawaii, Tonga and Fiji inspire thoughts of adventure and tranquility. Along with endless beaches, luscious fresh fruits and friendly natives, some of these islands offer herbs not found anywhere else in this world. Particularly in Fiji, where traditional customs are still practiced, the plant Kava-Kava (Piper Methysticum) is very much a part of the heritage. For a thousand years, the roots of Kava-Kava (Waka) have been prepared with coconut milk and and water to drink at social meetings, not unlike enjoying a latte at a local caffe.

Kava Kava from Samsara

The Kava root is dried and sold as is or made into a fine powder as from Samsara. Islanders would take an ounce of powder with ten ounces of water, two tablespoons of coconut or olive oil, and one tablespoon of lecithin granules, whipped it up, and serve two to four people. 

Kava Premium Waka from Lami

This drink is then consumed while holding your nose. After overcoming the God-awful taste, you wait for the fun to begin. Within the hour, numbness and a light tingling sensation are felt in the body. A general feeling of relaxation and a light Psilocybin feeling begin to take effect. Lami Kava depresses spinal activity, rather than affecting your mental functions. The relaxed, euphoric feeling, is due to six alpha pyrones, called Kawain, dihydrokawain, methysticin, dihydromethysticin, yangonin and Dihydroyangonin.

Kava Fijian Lawena from Wakacon

By making an oil from the roots or powder, you can eliminate the horrid taste. A double boiler or Isomerizer can be used, breaking the drug in an alcohol base. All vegetable matter is cooked out of the plant, until all we have left is a dark oil.

Tongan Kava Root from Pouni Ono

Best results are obtained by oral stimulation with Kava as an agent that creates tingling and numbing sensations. Sexual pleasure is greatly enhanced for both partners. With Kava-Kava eros is released and you and your partner are one, together. Nicknames like Legal Lude, Yaba-Yaba and Fiji Fun can only begin to suggest the power of this South Sea herbal experience. 

Best of all is the fact that Tongan Kava Root from Pouni Ono is legally available in the United States. It is sold in health food and herby supply stores. Only the powder is available, unless you decide to travel out to Fiji. If so, the market in Suava is your best bet. When you ask for Kava-Kava, everyone cracks a smile, and you will too, after you use it.

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How to Prepare Kava Kava
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