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How to Make Your Own CBD Oil Edibles

CBD Oil Edibles

CBD is a fantastic herbal extract with medicinal value, but not everybody is comfortable smoking or vaporizing it. This isn’t a problem because you can take CBD oil in many ways, including in food and drinks – and it gives you the same therapeutic effects. With CBD edibles, you’re basically introducing a food solvent such as coconut oil which speeds up absorption and delivers the effects fast.

There’s no limit to the different ways you can make CBD edibles, however, for more enhanced absorption, things like bioavailability should be considered because this will determine how quickly and effectively the compound is absorbed. So let’s get started:

Select starting material.

Before we continue, it takes some level of skill to extract cannabidiol from hemp, which is why most people just get the oil from established CBD brands and use it in their recipes. However, if you prefer to handle this part of the process, then you’ll need to extract the oil through a carrier such as olive oil. There are other methods of extracting the oil but they require special equipment and higher precision.

Tips for Extracting CBD Oil

  • Get a hemp strain with the highest concentration of cannabidiol (with only trace amounts of THC) and carrier oil.
  • Grind the hemp buds thoroughly and put them into a canning jar containing the carrier oil, and seal tightly with a lid.
  • Place the jar in a saucepan with hot water (just below boiling point) and leave it in this temperature for at least 3 hours.
  • Add more water to the pan if necessary and using long tongs, grab the jar, and give it a shake every hour or so.

Leave the jar to cool for three hours and then place it in hot water again. Do this every day for a few days to get quality oil. Once you’re finished, start straining the oil using a cheesecloth. Store the oil in a dark place.

What edibles can I make with CBD oil?

CBD oil can be used to make any kind of foods including salads, snacks, smoothies, brownies, chocolates, lozenges, etc. Once you get the oil ready, the next thing is to use it on a recipe—and there are literally hundreds of cool great recipes online. To give you some ideas, these are some of the ways you can use your CBD oil to make edibles. Keep in mind that CBD oil should not be heated above 180 degrees Celsius.

  • Use CBD oil when serving pasta—it goes really well with cream sauces.
  • Add to salads and oil sauces.
  • Top your potatoes or popcorn with CBD oil.
  • Use CBD-infused butter on toast.
  • Use to sauté vegetables and to make oven-baked chips.
  • Add to your smoothie in the morning to reduce anxiety.
  • Use in spicy food, Thai, or Indian.
  • Add to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Can be brewed into beer

With home-made edibles, you can choose how much of the compound to use, and this will allow you to control how the CBD affects you. It is a way to generate different effects and to target things like anxiety, pain, loss of focus, bad mood, brain freeze, etc. Whichever way you use it, CBD oil is perfectly safe and will add a ton of nutrients to your food and drinks, allowing you to enjoy your favorite snacks while still staying healthy. 

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How to Make Your Own CBD Oil Edibles
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