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How To Make a DIY Gravity Bong

If you really want to reach highs as close to the moon as possible, you'll want the best methods of how on make a DIY gravity bong.

A gravity bong, also known simply as "grav" bong, is exactly what it says: a bong-like apparatus that's typically for smoking marijuana, but utilizes gravity. The grav bong is something entirely different than any other glassware and even joints, in my opinion. Nine times out of ten, no matter if it's a veteran or newbie taking the hit, said recipient will be coughing into mania after inhaling that initial pull. Just don't expect to be doing much else other than couch sitting for a long while. 

The only real issue with the beloved gravity bong is the overall crafting of it. Most stoners, who are typically sloth-like to begin with, want to get high when they want to get high, not have to build something that may take longer than ten minutes or twenty minutes. In reality, I've made it simple for even the most clumsy among you, and it shouldn't take longer than 7 minutes; it's all about preparation. There are plenty of different methods to this madness, which I'll try to cover for you, but it's an easy enough DIY project that will end up saving you in both greens: pot and cash. 

Step One: Get a blade that's sharp enough to cut through plastic.

The boxcutter is one of the most important tools in learning how to make a DIY gravity bong. Not only do you have to cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, you'll have to attempt this with a tight precision. That means any old, roughed up, or dulled blade that may be laying around your home is probably no good.

Fancii's folding utility knife is lightweight and can cut though the thickest materials. Crafting your first gravity bong doesn't need to require the most sophisticated tools, since the boxcutter is essentially the only equipment necessary—just don't cut yourself on it. 

Step Two: Find a torso with the right air flow and sturdy foundations.

Most people go with 1 or 2 liters of soda (often even both). These bottles, however, are flimsy, don't catch enough air, and are generally difficult to hold. Add to that the unsuitability these bottles have when pressed down into the water, and it's simply better to get an unlikely stand in, like Tropicana. It doesn't matter if you pick a smaller or larger bottle, air flow and a sturdy base are the most important elements you must remember. 

When you're learning how to make a DIY gravity bong, you must ensure all pieces of the design are working in tandem and never falter. Whatever type of bottle you end up choosing, slice the bottom off and place it near the pot.

Step 3: Get a base that has a mix of mobility and is easy to clean.

No, not the green kind of pot, an actual cooking pot! The size is up to you and really depends on how big you want your gravity bong to be. Fill the pot with water, only a smidge over the halfway mark to ensure you don't make a mess. Next, press the bottomless plastic bottle into the base to gauge how much water is needed.

As I said before, there are plenty of different methods of learning how to make a DIY gravity bong, so you can do this with mason jars and bowls, it's really up to you. For me, using a pot is the safest and most stress free piece to worry about. My friend one time even used his medium-sized pool as the grav bong base... no, I suggest you don't try that. 

Step 4: Buy the best bowls online to simplify the process.

While you could make the bowls out of realistically anything, why bother when you can just buy several online? Maybe I'm the only one who runs into this issue, but DIY bowls break or tend to get lost, especially in the process of learning how to make a DIY gravity bong. 

If you'd rather not buy your bowl, you can always use the cap from your plastic bottle. Ordering them online may be the most convenient, but it's not the same as handcrafting it yourself...

Step 5: Or just make the bowls yourself.

Aluminum foil is a handy necessity in figuring out how to make a DIY gravity bong and is used in creation of the bowl piece. Best way to start: cut and burn a hole in the cap of your plastic bottle, then wrap that in foil.  

Next, use a toothpick or a smaller poker object to make gentle breathing holes in the surface of the piece. You'll also want to make a slight dip in the top of the piece for your weed. 

Step 6: Ensure there is a lighter in the vicinity at all times.

Any and all stoners (and smokers alike) know the importance of keeping lighter(s) handy. The trouble most tend to blame it on is that "lighters have legs." In reality, we're all just kleptomaniacs when a lighter enters our hand. To limit this from happening, and to make sure you're as prepared as ever, order a bunch online. 

They may not be directly helpful in how to make a DIY gravity bong, but they're most certainly needed for when the bong is complete. When it comes time to finally take that first hit and there's no lighter in sight, don't say I didn't warn you. 

Step 7: Watch how the magic happens so you don't get confused.

Once everything is in order, try sampling a few different videos that discuss how to make a DIY gravity bong. Visualizing the act is key to accurately rendering it, plus you'll be privy to variations of the same build.  

Perseverance is key when building your first gravity bong. If you want to be truly special, take down some notes and make it your own way. In my opinion, the best guide to follow is yourself; just have a bit of knowledge about the design you want to approach and how large you want your gravity bong to be. 

Step 8: Bringing it together to make the best gravity bong imaginable.

Now that you've amassed all possible tools and ingredients, the only thing left is assembly. The best route in how to make a DIY gravity bong is to first cut the bottom of your plastic bottle. Keep these incisions as straight as possible, so that the finished piece is able to stand in the center of the pot, or other base of your choosing. 

Next, with the pot already filled with water, test the water level by pulling the bottle upwards. If immense weight and air are filling inside, you're set to go—just add the bowl piece on top. 

Step 9: Take hits from the gravity bong the right way.

My favorite part about learning how to make a DIY gravity bong is that first inhale after completion. Adrenaline, excitement, pure awe are all dashing through your mind, until you realize one major problem issue: how the hell do I use this thing

There's a right way to hit the gravity bong and a wrong way. To light the weed properly, pull the plastic bottle towards the ceiling very slowly. This should fill the inside with a milky white texture, which should be inhaled by descending the plastic bottle. It's a rush to the face, let me tell you, and like I said earlier, don't expect to see very much productivity in the next few hours. 

Step 10: Clean it up and stow it away when you're finished.

Most people throw it away when finished with it, but why waste this sweet, self-made gravity bong? Keep the damn thing! I've made these steps in order for you to learn how to make a DIY gravity bong that can be used practically forever. All you have to do is figure out how often you should clean your bong with the best bong cleaning products.

The plastic bottle can obviously be tossed if it's too gross, but the bowl piece and pot can be stored together, preferably away from the kitchen. If you want to bring it to a friend's place, be sure to grab one of the best padded bong bags. It'll end up saving you money and weed, because with such an intense highs, you won't need any other smoking utensil. 

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