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How To Get Not Too Stoned

There's those who get fried on chronic like thermodynamic systems in a state of entropy; and yet there's smokers who like being not too stoned, as well—whatever that means.

While I may never understand the theory behind it, there are quite a lot of smokers around the world who don't necessarily like smoking to the degree that they're listless and lost in space. That all-too familiar weed smoking aftereffect of becoming glued to the couch all day is particularly not ideal to most as it is to others, despite the fact that a vast majority of the cannabis culture seemingly loves to do nothing but lounge around and play video games. Of course, what with a range of various responsibilities and real life scenarios we all must attend to on a day to day basis, it can get rather tricky not only maintaining a perfect and consistent high, but also performing all these mundane daily duties when ripped out of earth's orbit. 

So, for those of you still trying to get litty, but don't want to be frozen in an endless time lapse of mind numbing dimensions, I present to you the ways in which you can smoke while still being not too stoned. It's honestly not as tricky as it may seem, whether you want to learn how to smoke weed at work, or devise a way to hide your high, it's important to understand a couple of concepts that go into the average smoke sesh: 

  1. Weed types, and 
  2. Preparation

In other words, if you're planning on being a tad bit high but also want to remain healthily level headed, smoking a massive blunt won't do you any good. Plus, the more potent the strain of marijuana in your possession, the more likely you will be much higher than normal and for much longer than on average smoking occurrences. Or, here's the most probable of all options in my opinion: just don't smoke!

Bowl, Bongs, Bubblers

Besides not altogether quitting, attempting to get high in light of still being relatively not too stoned can be practiced through a consistency in glass products. Bowls tend to give off a much less potent marijuana high, depending upon design and quality, but bongs and bubblers range in a myriad of capacities. If you're going with glass, stick with smaller contraptions, like GRAV Labs, which has many awesome products that allow for clean hits without administering an extreme cannabis high.

Glass can also limit the harmful amounts of tobacco and other chemical products within both blunts and joints. There's a host of eco-friendly and hemp crafted papers out there, but nothing in the world of smoking is more healthy and beneficial to you in the long run than glass apparatuses. My immediate go-to in situations where I want to alleviate too strong of a high would most probably be the bubblers. It's like a cross between a bong and a bowl, allowing for smooth hits without the gush of cannabis mind numbing aftereffects most prominent from using bongs. 


First and foremost, if you want to learn how to get not too stoned you'll have to understand your own cannabis limitations, plus be able to reach those on a know-how basis. For instance, ripping dabs and eating edibles are relatively simple tasks as opposed to actually smoking cannabis, but they all will effectively send you on a time traveling expedition to Saturn, whereas you'd much rather remain here on good ole Earth. 

Knowing your limits isn't just figuring out how much or how little you can smoke, it's also decidedly choosing when to stop, whether it be during the day or in general. A blunt in the morning as a wake and bake just isn't going to do you right, nor even a joint in my opinion, but we'll get to that shortly. For now, take into account how much and how often you smoke, then try to cut down so you'll be more high on less of your greens. 

High CBD Approach

There are loads upon loads, literally truck-fulls of available CBD extracts, solvents, and other purifiers that can be used to better stimulate the psychoactive effects of weed, while still keeping you not too stoned. Cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients in marijuana, right up there next to TCH, and tends to be more of a positive stimulant rather than carry more of the negative traits inherent in the latter. 

CBD edibles, like ones the experts over at CBD Living make, are great stand-ins for the more potent stuff and won't, by any means, get you ripped off your ass like normal THC edibles. Other extracts are condensed and made with CBD, such as the mango flavored Cannabis Quencher, engineered by VCC Brands, can get you lifted while leveling out the effects you'd normally experience in other THC infused products. It's truly a blessing. CBD is not only more of a healthy alternative, it's ten times more beneficial for you in the long run than typical THC methods. 

Take Your Time

It's literally as simple as seeing it as a self-reward—at least, this is how I try to view my smoking habits. I tend to consider smoking much like a child does with playing video games; it's a treat, in and of itself. Make the act of smoking weed (and that's essentially all you should be doing when attempting to remain not too stoned) an act that is either communal or self-gifting. After I work for a good seven hours, or so, that's about ripe time to begin my smoking, and I still don't go balls to the walls with it, either.

There's a time and place for everything, so facilitate this concept into your daily smoking habits. You neither want to look consistently stoned, nor smell like it either. When you begin to take your time when consuming cannabis, you start to see it as an uncommon entity that should be administered much like a chocolate sundae: only on Sundays after Church. Obviously I'm not telling you take up a religion, the point is that you should work on other forms of self-conscious benefactors and replace them with your regular smoking habits, or make smoking a reward for continuous hard work on benefiting yourself, whether physically or mentally. 

Eliminate Smoking Entirely

There are more healthy routes for getting high that can actually benefit you in the long run, or simply allow for you to get high while maintaining that not too stoned mentality. While edibles can alleviate the negative health concerns in smoking, they often lead to more potent highs and can be an easy way to fall asleep, rather than remain not too stoned. Just research a little of the experiences provided by Maureen Dowd.

Despite that, there are some trustworthy brands that market their edible products on a low-potency basis, like these tasty 2.5 milligram-THC micro-dose mints by Kiva Confections. Just be careful when turning to edibles, because while they may be considered low-potency, that doesn't always mean you're experiencing the desirous not too stoned feeling. Depending on your route of cannabis consumption, highs can vary dramatically, as I've already pointed out, in the forms of vaporizers, wax pens, dabbing, and blunts—all of which guarantee some variation of those relaxed, munchie-craving psychoactive effects, but not always on a similar potency level. 

Vapor Alternatives

Like the aforementioned CBD consumables, there's also vaporizers and lesser forms of wax pens (which are mixed in with tobacco flavor vapor) that can keep you at a reasonable high, yet still feeling all the more cheeky. Some more modern products have even conceptualized dosing controls, like the really inventive though practically impossible to pronounce Hmbldt dope pens (now called dosist), or even the more illustrious PAX vaporizers

Despite these claims, I've often found them a bit more "cloudy-head-inducing," which I would blame on the tobacco and other chemicals associated with vaporizer pens. It always comes down to how you feel on the particular substance or product, so if you're just not feeling that desirous not too stoned sensation, I'd revert back to an original and more viable solution...

Ignore Social Cues

Listen, I have been in practically every situation where so-called "friends" have handed me things while droning on and on about how I just have to hit this new weed, but no! Knowing your limits can also be ascribed as being able to stand up to your friends, or at least those who believe they're your friends. If you're going to smoke with a friend, make sure they too know your own limitations and that you're not constrained by their experience, or worse, pressured into smoking more than you actually want. 

Secondly, when you'd rather have a high that's not too stoned, don't just randomly accept handouts or dim wittingly tag along with your pals when they ask you to join their cypher. It's important to keep safe from smoking laced, or potentially dangerous friendly gifts. No matter if it's your best friend from seventh grade or a random stranger in your Economics class, accepting that blunt or joint could cost you dearly when attempting to keep a level head in a rather foggy atmosphere. 


If you don't know how to roll a joint like a boss, it's not as hard as you think and takes literally ten minutes to learn. I've personally found that smoking joints is by far the most simple, cost-effective and plausible route to take when attempting to get high, yet remain not too stoned. Though, and I continue to stress the importance of this because everyone is different, not all smokers react the same to the various smoking apparatuses around. You might react much different, depending on how much you smoke, how often, and what type of buds you've been consuming.

Use the first two concepts of limitations and taking your time. Don't pack too much into the papers, and if you're feeling quite level mid-smoke, just put the damn thing out. You don't have to finish the whole joint in one sitting. Remember, being able to accept your limit is literally the golden key in how to get not too stoned, so once you've reached you preferred peak, just stop. 

Grow Your Own

Yup, it's that simple... or is it? In the modern world, with the technology and culture behind the marijuana enterprise growing closer each and every day, more advanced forms in self-growing techniques, from lighting to seeds, have evolved exponentially in recent years. And may I present to you, LEAF: The Automatic Home Grow System for Medical Plants. Sounds like a mouth full, but the guys over at LEAF are changing the way medical marijuana plants are grown, i.e. through the use of a smartphone application. What a world we live in, am I right?

While the system itself may cost you pretty penny ($3,000 to be exact), for what it's worth, I'd say it's a steal. Of course, there's more conventional growing methods, like Nova Decarboxylator, which automatically preps your marijuana for you, or you can even buy a home potency tester, much like tCheck. Growing isn't for everyone, though, so be ready for a grueling time spent watching your favorite buds grow, but luckily at the potency levels of your choosing. 


Besides that little known alcohol-weed infusion known as Green Dragon, some tinctures do benefit highs in such a way that counterbalance your mind to provide an equal level of energy and relaxation. One such product, called quite plainly Ratio Tinctures, offer a variety of tincture formulas that are intended to give you various levels of highs when consumed. There's Restore, Balance and Elevate, all of which have their own unique formula of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to ensure you aren't just high, but not too stoned, as well. 

There's also the neat new formula considered "the world's first cannabis antidote," called CannaRelief and made by CannaSafety. This small potion of natural hemp oil is intended to alleviate the more negative effects of THC, specifically anxiety and overuse. CannaRelief wants to be a different kind of tincture, or more or less a "formula" for controlling your high. If tinctures don't really sound your way, there's always...

A Tea Break

Like our British neighbors and their love for luncheon tea breaks, weed smokers should adopt a similar mindset when parading around the idea of being high and not too stoned. Sounds astronomical, I know, but if you actually took some time off from smoking and really stayed away from it for, I don't know, two to three months, you'll not only feel a lot better, you'll be able to get much higher on smaller doses when returning to your habits. 

I've taken my fair share of tea breaks over the years, oftentimes not of my own doing, but when I return to my beloved cannabis smoking, I don't have the same tolerance, nor do I often share the same devotion to smoking that I once had before quitting. Interesting concept, isn't it? Maybe you should try it, and while you're at it, why not pour yourself a glass of tea, just for the shits and gigs. 

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