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How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer

Investing in stocks is a lucrative and crime-free way to cash in on the green rush.

An Ill-Advised Way to Cash in on Cannabis

Lo and behold, there is a way to stack that cash money without packing bud into dime bags and hoping that person requesting flower on the other end of the line isn't the law enforcement pretending to need weed. One bad move and that parking lot exchange could turn into the pigs cuffing your hands and throwing you in the back of their car. Or, arguably worse, spending thousands of dollars to open up a dispensary storefront for your new business only for you to get raided by the cops a couple of months later.

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

A Better Way to Bank on the Green Rush

For those of you in states where cannabis is still illegal, you're in luck. Jeff Siegel wrote the beginner's bible to legal cannabis investment. His book, How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market, lit a fire under my butt to jump into the cannabis industry as a blogger and start researching on how to invest in stocks. How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer is a quick and necessary read for those serious about investing in the cannabis market.

I trust Jeff because he founded Green Chip Stocks over two decades ago. His company's motto is to "do well by doing good," focusing only on investments that are socially responsible. Green Chip Stocks works exclusively with companies focused on legal cannabis, organic agriculture, and renewable energy.

Before Jeff gives you a list of 46 legal cannabis companies you can invest in right now, Jeff delivers a short history of North American cannabis. He writes about the inherent racism of the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis and transitions into the exciting future of legalization and decriminalization. By providing me with all the information on the latest trending cannabis technologies, I had solid evidence that points to the exponential growth of cannabis in the near future and why I should invest.

The rise of organic cannabis, cannabis lab testing, and precisely-dosed edibles are three signs of a maturing industry. So long are the days of mystery-dose edibles and not knowing the cannabinoid content of your flower. Also a thing of the past: hand-packaging vaporizer cartridges and hand-packing ground-up flower into pre-roll cones. Engineers are creating machines that can package and test cannabis products faster than ever before. In my former role as a cannabis wellness advisor, I had the opportunity to handle a machine that packaged 100 cone joints under one minute.

The cannabis industry is becoming a legitimate industry...

Organic cannabis and edibles are on the rise as cannabis users become more conscious of the cannabis they consume. As the selections in dispensaries diversify, choosing cannabis becomes more about business branding and the consumer's emotional attachment to the cannabis companies' values. The cannabis industry is becoming a legitimate industry, and soon we'll have the "Coca-Cola" and "Johnson & Johnson" of joints and edibles.

All these canna tech innovations are good signs that the cannabis industry is a great market to invest your hard earned dollars in. While How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer doesn't cover how to buy stocks, it does give you insider information on why you should be excited about the future of cannabis legalization and the positive impact it will have on the economy. And, if you're a legal drug dealer, on your wallet.

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