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How to Become a Budtender

Becoming a budtender isn't as easy as rolling a joint, but it can be just as rewarding.

Photo by Get Budding

Never underestimate what it takes to become a budtender because it's not as easy as smoking a joint. When it comes to budtenders, cannabis isn't recreational, it's healing. After interpreting the following requirements, responsibilities, qualifications, and necessary demeanor, you can decide if you have what it takes to become a bud bartender.

Budtender’s Attitude

A man's best friend is his dog, and a cannabis connoisseurs’ best pal is the budtender at the neighborhood dispensary. As a beacon of hope to patients, they compliment the dispensary with their knowledge, extending from THC to CBD. Considering that a patient spends 90% of their time with their budtender, it would be accurate to say that a mutual passion is key. In themedicinal cannabis industry, budtenders are high in demand. Even so, the industry is inundated with competition. A sincere, compassionate and solid work ethic are necessary components you will need if you want to become budtender.

As a serious consumer of cannabis, a patient realizes that the budtender is as vital as a heartbeat. After all, they have the most important position. Passion is a trait one must possess as you will be expected to have knowledge about medicinal Cannabis and its many facets. Meaningful relationships among the patients promote an atmosphere of contentment and professionalism, as the budtender satiates the patient's thirst for THC derivatives in all forms.


It's imperative to know the products on the menu and to learn the #1 sellers. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains must be looked into thoroughly. Finding out the popular strains will benefit the dispensary and satisfy the patients. Distinguishing quality strains from inferior will transport you to the point of trust. A very important item on the list of how to become a budtender is knowing competitive prices for similar products in various dispensaries.

One of the most common questions that a budtender would be asked is "What are the genetics on this strain?” Stay on top of new trends via social media, blogs, and industry publications about the pros and cons of concentrates, extractions, and infused products. Be thoughtful about what strains are winning the major cannabis competitions such as: High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, Kush Expo Hempfest, National Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

Make it a Smokers Paradise

What was more mythical than Bigfoot and elusive as the wind? 33% THC tested cannabis! That percentage would suggest that the potency of that strain is the peak on the mountain and like the legendary City of Eldorado, where gold covers the ground. Recognizing the most common strains such as White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream and Skywalker OG would benefit you tremendously. Be prepared to appease their curiosity of other choices on the menu, such as Kief, hash, oils and shatter. When a patient visits a dispensary, they want the expertise and accuracy of the medicinal cannabis prescribed by their budtender.

To become a budtender, you need to know that consuming cannabis is healing and comforting as it is a pleasure. Sample the varieties of the strains that're available because helpful recommendations will ensure patient loyalty. Be a great storyteller, have charisma and smile; remember, a dispensary is a paradise not an oasis. It serves as a lighthouse as a symbol of hope, you are their hero... their first.

The Tidbits of Being the Best Budtender

The development of the industry has been nothing short of amazing. Weed has been relabeled as medicinal cannabis, the local dealer was replaced by consistently open dispensaries. The fragrance of the sweet-smelling bud is as intoxicating and normal as the smell of a grilled carne asada floating through the air from your favorite food truck.

Once again, be smart when dealing with first-time patients. Often the first impression is a lasting impression. A smile goes a long way, and you want to build a symbiotic relationship that will benefit the patient and the dispensary. Remember, there are patients with severe illnesses who depend on your expertise. Be empathetic and good natured as not all patients know what they want to purchase initially. Consideration in the shape of a gift bag for first-time patients, is welcomed. Don’t make them ask repeatedly, after that point, it's called begging. As a budtender, it is imperative that you know which strain you should prescribe for different ailments. To smoke or what to smoke, is not only the question, it's great customer service!

Improving your skill set is always a plus. Take the initiative and study the menu diligently. Treat the cannabis with finesse and learn how to roll a joint without a rolling machine. This sounds obvious, but familiarize yourself with the difference between Sativa, Hybrid and Indica Strains. Knowing the difference between a moon rock and a nugget of a hash would help. Understanding the OG strains would be of importance as each variety produces a different effect on the patient. Unfortunately, inexperienced budtenders recommend the wrong medicinal Cannabis. Consider the difference between THC and CBD. A patient doesn’t want to be referred Sativa, when they are attempting to get to sleep or relax.

Of course, if you can't deliver the goods, you should set your sights on the position of a cashier. There you will be capable to assemble all the right parts and pieces to lay the groundwork for a future career as a bartender. If you desire to take giant steps, enroll in bud tending school. Dispensary staffs are small, and it is a beneficiary to be self-sufficient and flexible. Without these factors, the dispensary is no longer a paradise. It becomes a bad regret for the patient and a monetary nightmare for the proprietor of the dispensary.

Legal Responsibilities

Budtenders need to familiarize yourself with the most recent information on the latest Cannabis laws and developments. Its wise to be aware of regulations and boundaries. Any slight infraction may jeopardize the nature of the dispensary. Never undervalue the significance of your job description of being a budtender. Exuded a standard built on quality.

When you go in for an interview, be organized, do your homework and don’t show up to the job interview stoned and confused. This isn’t a game, its a dispensary where people go to have their desires fulfilled and their feelings of wellness regenerated. Remember, you have plenty of competition in this industry, so to become a budtender, be the best.

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