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How I Lost 20 lbs with Cannabis

Lose weight with Cannabis

About four years ago, I was having a hard time trying to lose weight. The funny part of this story was the fact that I use to be a fitness coach for two years but due to stress from that workplace, I managed to gain 20 pounds. It is true that stress can either help you lose weight or gain it and with my luck, I gained. The stress came from my boss. She wasn’t a nice person and would make fun of our clients that were trying to lose weight. I took it upon myself to make our clients feel like they belong but I had to leave because that place was making my life harder and I didn’t want to continue to gain weight.

For two years straight I would work out three to five times a week and I even changed my eating habits but still I was having a hard time losing weight. I hit a plateau at 145 lbs. My weight would not go down. I tried many different types of workouts but nothing would change my weight. I knew I had to do something because my weight was starting to get to me. I wasn't happy with myself and I knew if I didn't change my ways I would go back to depression.

One night I remember I was on Facebook about two years ago and I found an article about how cannabis can help you lose weight. At first, I thought it was a joke because cannabis is supposed to make you lazy but I did some research for myself and found out that it can help you lose weight. So, I thought why not give it a try?

I'm glad I did. I would eat an edible that was Sativa based or smoke a bowl which must be a Sativa strain before my workout and I noticed a change right away. Sativa strains are the type of strains that give you energy instead of making you feel tired or sleepy. I was more relaxed and was able to work out a little harder than before. The weight started to come off. I then asked my boyfriend if we could start going on hikes. Each time we'd go I would eat an edible that was only 25 mg and it just made my hikes that much better. I used to get tired from hiking for just an hour and now it takes about three to four hours before I even feel tired at all.

I went from 149 lbs back down to 124 lbs within a year. Mind you I'm only 5'4. I haven't been this weight since my high school years which was about ten years ago. I have more energy now and no longer feel like I'm depressed. I can tell you for a fact that cannabis helped me lose 20 lbs and it has helped me keep it off. I eat more now than before and I work out better due to cannabis. If I didn't have cannabis in my life I believe I would have gone down a dark path again. That path was depression and I’m so grateful to find a way to lose weight and keep it off.

So if anyone is having a difficult time losing weight and feels like giving up, don't give up. I highly recommend trying an edible that has Sativa strain or smoking a bowl, joint or blunt before and after your workout. If it can help me lose weight and keep that weight off I believe it can help others as well. I hope my story shows you that cannabis can do much more for our bodies and it can change lives because it changed mine. 

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How I Lost 20 lbs with Cannabis
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