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Highly Effective Habits of Stoners

Many use marijuana to enhance their daily lives through the highly effective habits of stoners.

Many things can said about Mary Jane (Marijuana) in the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly sort of way, but society only focuses on the bad and doesn't see the highly effective habits of stoners. Indeed, the stoner culture has bad stigma attached to it, and this has not done much to help our Mary Jane see her legalization anytime soon. All society sees in stoners are people with a substance abuse problem that is building up (thanks to the prevailing myth that it is gateway drug). But what of the other types of stoners that utilize this wonderful plant as tool to enhance their daily lives? As with everything, there are rules which serve not to bring you down, but to get you even higher while enjoying the experience. Below we will look at some of the highly effective habits of stoners.

Use Your High

Using your high, especially if it has given you a massive amount to energy and some creativity, is one of the highly effective habits of stoners that every stoner should adopt. Don't waste a good buzz just sitting around the house with your butt glued to the couch and absorbing whatever is on your TV. It might be time to go out and do some excursive, like jogging, lifting weights, or even skateboarding. Or perhaps unleash the artist in you and learn an instrument, like the guitar, piano, or flute. These things (exercising and learning an instrument) are things that should be fun and exciting for everyone and not just for health nuts, people with bad body images, or snobs. Lucky for you there is a girl that makes everything fun and exciting. You know her as Mary Jane.

Get High the Right Way

You have to do your weed some justice and this is a must. Smoke it more like a grown up for goodness sake and stop with all the dirty and disgusting bongs, with water that you hardly ever clean out. It is not just about getting high but also getting high the right way so that people notice the cleanliness and ritualism behind the art of blazing up, instead of just seeing a disgusting habit. Get the right tools to help light it up in a smart and clean way. Don't use a newspaper (or any paper you can get your hands on) to roll a fat blunt, but get some rizla and roll a nice small joint and save the rest for next time. And if you must use a bong like you are some teenager, at least clean the thing.

Choose Your Strain to Suit YOU

Weed can be something fun to experiment with, but you have to have an idea of what you are achieve to find the best strain for your sessions. Other strains make you hyperactive while other make you super chill and relaxed. You must take your time here because choosing the right kind of weed is like choosing your weapon of choice. Are you looking to battle some stress and want to unwind in order to tap into an altered state for some psychedelic thoughts? If so, then a strain from the indica family will help you calm the senses. Or are you looking to fuel your creativity and get a massive boost in energy? Then wielding something hot from the sativa strain ought to help you think outside the box and do something about it.

Schedule the Weed Times 

You can't be a stoner all the time; Most times you have to get on with your life and do other activities, such as go to school or work. There are just some places where showing up high is very inappropriate and can fuel the stigma surrounding weed and the stereotypical mentality that people hold about stoners. It is not a noble thing to be stoned as you drive or if you have to go to work and operate heavy machinery. One of the highly effective habits of stoners is to schedule a time during the day to relax and take a load off. You have to see weed as reward that is waiting for you for after being patient. You need to exhale and inhale in peace, knowing that there is a right time and place for everything, including weed. Noticing when to smoke or not to smoke will help curb the negative attitudes of people towards it, and it can show them that it can just be a harmless hobby that is easily controlled.

Meditate (Inhale and Exhale)

Meditation and weed have similar effects. They both involve the same deep breathing exercises, so it makes more sense to combine these two in order for one to help or enhance the other. Imagine a scenario where you need to relax and do some much needed deep meditation, but your mind won't shut up. This could have been caused by the influx of thoughts from the events of the day. How about smoking a little ganja from the indica family to take the edge off and calm the wave of thoughts so you can dive deeper into your mind. This is a great way to use weed as a psychedelic tool during your mediation.

Don't Let the Munchies Eat You, Too

Time to get a little serious and address a certain elephant in the room. Weed needs a certain level of discipline because it has a major side effect that novice users might have not gotten a handle on yet, though many veterans claim to have it under control. I am talking about the munchies. They are a result of your heightened sense of smell and taste, which make you want to devour anything in sight. But if all you have is unhealthy food, then that spells a recipe for disaster. So if you want to smoke and keep your health in good check, then it is time to dump those chips and ice cream for some healthier alternative just in case you don't have the will power to resist binging. One of the highly effective habits of stoners is to stock up on fruits and veggies to binge on something with less of a chance of enhancing your waist size. The good thing is that, with your heightened sense of taste, there is a high chance they will taste like heaven.

Hang With Friends Who Love Weed

Don't be the lonely stoner, be the social stoner. Smoking weed can be just as much a social engagement as anything else that can help you connect with a larger group of friends that share the same goals, interests, and recreational activities. Be sure to select a group of stoner buddies that lift your buzz instead of a being buzz kills. Luckily for you, stoners are a friendly crowd, and they love to share. It was Joss Stone who said "A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend with weed is better." But you should try to avoid the useless type of stoner buddies that want you to just smoke and sit around doing nothing productive with your new state of altered awareness.

Weed In Moderation

Too much of anything is too much. Although there has never been such a thing as weed a overdose, this not a license to get high all the time. As the wise saying goes, "Take everything in moderation." Enjoy the times you are high, but also be conscious of the times you are not high. You don't want being a stoner becoming something you do just because you can. You want it to be a spiritual experience. A ritual that opens your mind with each puff. Indeed, smoking weed can make the air fresher, the colors brighter, and seeming mundane events, like leaves shaking due to wind, impressive. But to appreciate these things more when you hit that joint again, you must allow yourself to miss them.

Don’t Float Away While Getting High

If you are suffering from serious mental problems, such as depression, then you need to go the doctor. Period. Weed is not an escape from reality, but something to heighten the senses to enjoy the experience and become more creative and productive. This isn't to say marijuana can't help with issues such as depression, but it should be medically prescribed. It is something to give you better control over the situation at hand and let you see it from different angles. Trying to self medicate can be tricky, as dosages and strains are extremely important. Trying to self medicate without the advice of an expert can lead to battle of emotional and psychological weed addiction, which would ruin any chance of other people seeing the light and embracing the highly effective habits of stoners.

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Highly Effective Habits of Stoners
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