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Head in the Clouds

Cloudfest: The Ultimate Stoner's Party


With cannabis being a huge part of my life, it should come as no surprise that April 20th is always celebrated in the @Ak_Word household. The hardest part of the day is finding something to do, everyone has some kind of party, but how can you tell what’s worth it? The only way to know for sure is word of mouth from a reliable source.

Social media is how I find most things to do. That’s where I came across Lyric. She was captivating from the first photo I saw of her. Not because she was a nudist, I know plenty of nudists, but she gives off an energy that I rarely see in people. She’s smart, creative, and very personable. I followed her, not knowing she had an annual 4/20 party. When she made a post on Instagram about it I knew it was going to be spectacular.

One of my favorite places to hang out while I’m in Atlanta is the set of CashColorCannabis. Mehka is an amazing host and wise beyond his years. When I brought up Cloudfest, saying I was considering going, he got a look in his eye and told me I HAD to go. He went the previous year and told me it was not something I want to miss. That was all I needed to make up my mind.

"The Goods House, who makes some of the best edible foods I’ve had..."

@TheGoodsHouse_ on Instagram

After the announcement of the event, I started seeing familiar faces posting about it as well. The Goods House, who makes some of the best edible foods I’ve had, was slated to be in attendance. I posted the event on my page letting people know where to find me, not thinking anyone would pay attention, later I found out how wrong I was.

This April was crazy for me. My family and I moved to Illinois. Finally in a state with medical marijuana, but moving between states is very taxing. I slowed down making my daily rant videos, it was the least I could do to ensure the move went as smooth as possible. The only thing I knew for certain was that April 20th I would be in Atlanta for Cloudfest.

As the day started, I kicked off the best way I knew how, rolling up a nice joint full of Superglue. As I smoked, I mapped out the day in my head and got to work. I invited my brother, because he’s a photographer, to come along as well. Then the worst thing happened… I caught a flat tire. I was not going to let that ruin my day though. I was in Atlanta, on my favorite holiday, heading to an event that had so much promise. I scrambled and called on my longtime friend, Jordan, or as I call her, J millionaire. She was up for it. She always has my back! My excitement returned and off we went!

Walking into the venue was an experience in itself! Music playing, smoke in the air, vendors left and right, and our beautiful host, Lyric, playing on three screens. I knew this was going to be my slice of heaven on earth. I walked around a bit, taking in the amazing party that was a dream come true. There were huge dominos, a giant game of Connect 4, and even a PlayStation hooked up with a group of people huddled around playing.

Inside Shots

As the festivities started the Cloudfest seemed to come alive, there were hostesses handing out samples, artists performing, and vendors with everything from edibles to all the smoking essentials. This being a networking event as well it was nice to see some of the people I’ve followed for quite some time in person. People like The Happy Camper, who came thru with his own custom supplies that I’m still using today, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with him in the future.

The biggest shock of the night, outside of my flat tire, was a friend from middle school walking around Cloudfest. If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Virginia. This guy traveled from VA to the great city of Atlanta, all because I made some posts about the event on my Instagram. If you think I already had a big head, well damn.

Rain - @TheGoodsHouse_ and @PrettyStonersClub_

My group and I had a blast, but there was still a matter of me getting my tire changed. To me, changing a tire is like cutting grass. I’ve never done it. Crazy right? I’ve just never had to, and I’ll be damned if I volunteer. I know I could get the job done but I’ve never done it. Thankfully, we live in 2018 and Google was right there to help me out. And Jordan made great company, even though the light kept turning off on me. After some time the spare was on and I was finally ready to wind down for the night. 

The whole day was a trip and a half, and luckily I know some amazing people who just made my day better and better. I thank Lyric for making my 4/20 the best I’ve ever had. I also Thank Jordan for being there when I needed her. Lonnie came through with the photos and we got to see how he networks. Shout out to The Happy Campers for coming through with the papers right on time! Shout out to Alfred for coming all the way from Virginia to party with me, like that was the biggest ego boost I have ever had in my life, I can’t thank you enough. Rain and The Goods House always keep me sane when I’m in Atlanta with the best-infused foods I’ve had. Shout-out to the whole Pretty $toners Club on that note! And finally, thank you to Manny of Recreational420 and Mehka of CashColorCannabis, honestly, my journey wouldn’t have started without these two. They may not know but I owe them a great deal for getting me off my ass and into a whole world of things that interest me and keep me motivated. Thank you both. Thank you to all parties involved and can’t wait until we cross paths again.

Rob Holloway


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