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Guide to Marijuana Legalization in California

Looking to smoke it up in Hollywood Hills? This guide to marijuana legalization in California will come in handy.

Smoking marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical purposes in California, and that's been the case for a while. Though it is a legal marijuana state, it's important to realize that there are still a bunch of laws that govern marijuana use in California. 

It is possible to get arrested for reckless marijuana use in this state, and it's happened to many people out there. Before you go into the Golden State thinking that it's a cannabis free-for-all, you better read this handy guide to marijuana legalization in California. 

First off, there's a maximum amount of marijuana you can grow or own in the state.

High potency strains aren't an issue in Cali, but the number of plants you have can be.

One of the easiest ways to get arrested for marijuana possession in California is to possess more than an ounce, or grow more than 12 plants in your home. The only exception is a medical marijuana dispensary — and police can be told to raid those per federal law if the DEA so chooses. 

You also have to be careful of where you bring your cannabis, too. Bringing marijuana into a jail or on jail property is considered a felony crime by Proposition 64. 

Buying and selling marijuana in California can have a lot of red tape going on. Finding a dispensary can be hard, if not impossible, in many cities. However, the right sites will allow you to find ways to get medical marijuana and other goodies in a pinch. 

As someone writing a guide to marijuana legalization in California, I do feel the need to point out that DEA and police agents can technically arrest growers and sellers right now if they choose to exploit federal loopholes.It happens in every legal state.  

Every guide to marijuana legalization in California will also give you a heads up about where it's legal to consume, and how.

Marijuana legalization doesn't mean that everyone can smoke it, or that you can smoke it anywhere. State laws in California forbid anyone under the age of 21 from possessing or consuming marijuana. Selling some to underage kids can get you arrested. 

Additionally, you also can't smoke it in public areas. Marijuana is only legal to consume in private areas, primarily out of concern for kids who may be inhaling secondhand smoke. So, if you smoke, make a point to smoke indoors — or in establishments that are made for marijuana consumption. 

Lastly, California is a state where you can get arrested or otherwise penalized for driving while high. Smoke after you get home — or to the hotel, in the event of green tourism. 

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Guide to Marijuana Legalization in California
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