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Guide to Cannabis-Infused Meditation

Meditation is what you need if you’re struggling to let go of negative thoughts, calm the mind, and connect your body, mind, and soul. But if you want to get the most out of your meditative session, you might want to consider lighting up cannabis first because it has a knack of focusing the mind, allowing you to experience the total benefits of meditation.

After all, the two have walked hand-in-hand since the nth of time when it comes to providing humans with health benefits.

Now, if you’re looking to go from a total newbie to a full-blown meditation expert, you might want to try cannabis-infused meditation. Learn more about it in the following.

Relax the body. Relax the mind.

Meditation training infused with cannabis will offer you plenty of benefits. Combining the two, you can engage both your mind and body, giving way for total relaxation.

And as meditation will give you focus, you can keep your mind centered when it’s combined with cannabis use. Plus with concentration, you’re able to stay rooted in the present moment—in the now.

And when that happens, you can calm both your emotions and mind. So at the end of the session, you’ll notice how your body and mind are totally relaxed and refreshed—free of negativity and stress.

Choose special strains for relaxation.

But then, take note that choosing special strains is essential if you want to achieve 100 percent relaxation from your meditative session. In the following, check out some strain suggestions suitable for the activity.

The Jamaican sativa strain is one of the top choices among meditation practitioners and students because it can bring out positive vibes while filling the air with a woody and earthy aroma that lets them connect with the world around them.

It also offers a mind-calming effect, allowing you to focus in the moment. Some users even revealed how colors appeared to be more vibrant and how their senses heightened. And when combined with meditative music listening, expect the sound to become better as well.

Another good strain is an indica strain that can provide you with soothing effects. With it, you can experience how your body will fall into a deep serenity with your mind that is melting with euphoria. An example is the Granddaddy Purple, which is ideal for both active and inactive meditation, as well as yoga forms. It can help you let go of tension and negative energy while your mind and mood are uplifted.

Laughing Buddha, another Sativa strain, can help for deep introspection and lightheartedness if you’d use it to facilitate in your session. This strain is also ideal if you’re looking to focus in the moment and let go of your day’s stress. Try it if you’d like serenity, and develop faith on yourself and in the universe.

Breathing Exercises Before Meditation

Before meditating, you might want to prepare with some breathing exercises that can help calm your mind and prevent it from wandering away while meditating.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This breathing exercise is inspired by pranayama, a yogic discipline. All you have to do is to raise a hand in front of your face with the other resting on your knee. Then, start placing your thumb against your nose’s side in order to block airflow on that side. Next, start breathing through your open nostril.

After, remove your thumb before closing off the opposite side of your nose using your forefinger. Exhale before breathing again. Remove your finger before blocking your thumb side again prior to exhaling. Take note that your breathing must not be forced, but natural and easy.


This is a known breathing practice also called the three-part breath. The technique aids in alleviating restriction sensations in both the torso and chest. It includes deep and paused inhalation over short time periods to encourage your ribcage and chest to expand better during the session.

All you have to do is to recline on your back or sit upright, and then take deep and steady breaths.

Then, you can slowly inhale in the count of 1-2-3. Once done, you can pause or hold a breath for two counts. Now, you can start inhaling into your lungs and chest for the next three counts to let the ribcage expand outward.

For another two counts, hold your breath before inhaling for another three counts. And then, start holding your breath for five counts before slowly releasing your breath through the nose after a 10-count inhalation. You can start over again, but at a pace with which you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Both overthinking and negative thinking are bad habits that kill happiness. You can do away with both through regular cannabis-infused meditation. It can help in relaxing the body and mind, preventing depression and lessening stress levels. For the best results, choose special cannabis strains that work suitably for focusing your mind at the moment and shutting off negative thoughts while meditating for health.

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Guide to Cannabis-Infused Meditation
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