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Growing Your Own Cannabis—It Won't Make Money, but It Will Make Sense

Cannabis is My Lifestyle: Memoirs of a Marijuana Mistress-Chapter 2

Night Night, Ladies

Hope everyone is feeling high and hopeful out there in Cannatopia, because I know I am.
I know in my last entry I basically gave you a breakdown of how long cannabis has been in my life and briefly touched on how I came to be a grower’s wife… weed widow… I prefer marijuana mistress… I don’t mind sharing my husband with those lovely ladies, but don’t start tripping. I won’t share him with anyone else, hahaha, he is all mine. Speaking of my honey, FYI, he just came in from the garden and he smells so good. He smells of a nice mix of fruity piney dank funk. It is a smell that only a cannabis lover could appreciate. One of the perks of being a marijuana mistress is that you do not mind her perfume when he comes home smelling like the other ladies. It is the only time I will smell anybody’s fingers. Yes, I went there and I know some of you laughed and have done it to someone else right after you have gotten terps on your fingers from fondling a big beautiful nug. 

Anyways, let me get back on track… I write these on a whim and let whatever goes through my head at the time hit paper and sometimes edit it out, but for the most part, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Lovin' Life & Gettin' Minds' Right

My Love, My Life, My Soul

We basically started to grow for ourselves and our family to help save everyone some money, time, headaches, to help take care of one another and make sure that each of us was getting good, clean, quality, effective medicine. It did save us some money but the money it saved, it took quickly just to make sure we could keep the next garden growing. People think that pot farmers are rich. I hate to break it to ya, but for most of us, the struggle is real. We have yet to make it rich monetarily. As a matter of fact we are barely making it at all but what we have earned in personal riches can never be taken away or lost. I am in better shape because of my husband growing. My lifelong friend is off prescription drugs and has her life back due to this plant and many others have been able to rely on him and his lovely ladies for proper pain relief and have no worries about what they are ingesting and can enjoy the benefits as much as they like or need, with the peace of mind that it is an all natural way to heal and relax.

Purple is my favorite color.

Obama Kush- he should be very pleased with this one.

Now I have mentioned how we were trying to save money, maybe make a little… Well let me tell you something about how this can get broken down into an empty wallet with nothing to show, especially for an indoor grow. We only do indoor grows right now, but dream to expand into outdoor/greenhouse grows in the near future. Plus remember we are only two people only doing what our limit is, in our state. I am not into stupid shit and getting into trouble. That is not what I am about at all and within time you will learn how I am because I will let you know. Of course, the rent is a given because we would have to pay that even without growing so that doesn’t really count, but you do need to have a place that is big enough to grow at and a place you are allowed to grow in, which can get spendy. The increase in utilities and water can give you a bill that you want to scream and shred and close all the curtains and pretend you are not home and they won’t leave it in the box or maybe they will give you a break because they pity you, hahahahahahaha. Nope, that bill sucks. There are ways to help decrease and help, but no matter what, that bill will go up once you think of growing indoors. Then you have all your plant foods, supplements’, and other nutrients and such that help the ladies grow to be strong, healthy, beautiful, and, of course, effective. Also, if you want quality ingredients, which you should, that will cost you a pretty penny or three. Oh wait, did I mention that you have to get foods and stuff for both the vegging phase and the flowering stage. Oh, yeah and let’s not forget the rooting agents and cloning tools for making babies for the next round. You see this growing thing isn’t a real money saver now, is it?

Now that we have made it through the rough guesstimate of the growing costs, let’s get to the processing, curing, and storage part of the game. You need to have space set up to hang plants and temperatures set just right and no rushing. Patience is very important to create quality cannabis from farm to bowl. After the slow roll on the drying time, we have the trimming party or not. This is where I come in. I am a mean green trimming machine and enjoy the shit out of seeing the beautiful sugar coated gooeyness that he grows. It is such a pretty flower and each strain is so different. The trim room has provided therapy to me and others; it is definitely a place where you get lost in tiny tricomes and no matter what, your mood will be up. This whole part can take weeks to complete and then to top it off, we get it all sealed up in glass mason jars and hide them away for a rainy day, sunny day, whatever day, any day, and burp them to continue the cure process.

Trimmed to Perfection

Just Another Day at the Office

Something that hasn’t been factored in yet is time. Time is worth everything to each of us. Isn’t your time precious, so wouldn’t you consider anyone else’s time priceless… especially if another is doing all the work and all you had to do was smoke the end result? The time involved is what had made me the Mistress to my honey’s ladies. He spends hours every day making sure that their needs are met and yes he does do the very same thing for me too, but it takes a lot of time for him to grow the quality of medicine for us that he does. Every day he gets up to the ladies and tucks them in at night and spends time all day popping in and out to make sure all is going good. I told you it was our life. He spends hours plucking leaves, feeding, watering, examining and whatever else the venture entails for that moment. With all the time that is factored in, it is almost impossible to price the time, but we all know that time is worth some money and so is quality, effectiveness and of course being personable and open about how we grow carries an assurance that is worth a million.

Now that I have scared you away from wanting to grow your own, this was mainly to let you know that you will not get rich doing this unless you are already monetarily rich to begin with. For regular people like you and me, it is pretty damn expensive to grow your own and usually the offer of donation is to be laughed at after all your hard work. So the next time you try to talk down your friend who is a grower because you think it may be too expensive for you, think about some of the things I have and understand that the flower just doesn’t jump into a sack or jar all done up all pretty and shit all by itself. I haven’t even touched base on the other forms of processing that we do also. Those recipes will be at a later date, I promise.

Despite the expense and what seems like bad stuff, I wouldn’t change what we do for the world and I will never tell my husband to stop and only encourage the gods that be to allow us to expand to grow more and help others in need and teach more about this plant. So like I said, it isn’t money rich we got; it is knowledge/experience enriched. The main reason for growing our own and for you to consider the same would be to know what you are putting in your body. Using cannabis and other natural remedies are great, but you need to make sure that you are using chemical free, organic components to grow because you and I know that you shouldn’t be stacking chemicals inside your body if you are trying to heal, it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? So the number one reason for growing your own is to know what is in your medicine… You are in charge … You know what you are smoking and ingesting if you choose to do edibles. Please only grow where you won’t get into any trouble because you know how the Feds see this plant still. Number two would be why the heck not?… It is a beautiful plant to watch grow, especially indoors because it happens overnight, I swear. If you require a lot of cannabis and also ingest for healing, than you have reason three because you get sugar trim and all the other bits of the plant that can be used so you end up with more useable product then just going to the recreational store and getting that light sack of dried up crap, sprayed with god only knows what. Oh, wait they tell you that they can use poison… oops… off track… That is a different story another day, but like I said number one reason is so you know what you are smoking.

Ready to Roll


So in a nutshell if you think you are going to start growing weed and sling it out to the masses and you are going to get rich, good luck with that. I will take my riches in small doses and hope that it spreads and if I hit some kind of jack pot, fuckin’ bonus! Until then I will continue to use cannabis as my medicine and share my stories. I use cannabis as my medicine and I believe garbage in… garbage out… That is why growing our own doesn’t make money, but it sure makes sense.

Love, Light & Getting’ Minds’ Right!!!

SinSeriously Yours,


Back to the Grind

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Growing Your Own Cannabis—It Won't Make Money, but It Will Make Sense
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