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Great Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash

Slow your roll, put down the blunt and start thinking about the hefty amounts of Mary Jane you burn to conserve your weed stash.

The trouble with Mary Jane is she's so damn expensive! There are plentiful ways you can conserve your weed stash, from cutting down on smoking in general to switching up how you smoke. It’s as simple as knowing how much you want to conserve and how willing you are to save your marijuana. Dankruptcy is a real concept and an important thing to avoid when you're just beginning to enter into the cannabis industry, or even if you're a long time subscriber. 

That's not the only issue with constant smoking, there's also health issues you could contract, in addition to pesky friends who love to smoke your beloved grass. Avoid these issues at all costs by simply conserving weed and being smarter about your habits. Whether it be for financial reasons (weed isn’t cheap, after all) or maybe it’s personal, either way saving up on your stash in order to smoke more on average is so much easier than it sounds. Plus, there are quite a few different methods of doing it. Let’s leap right into those...


Besides the obvious and immediate quitting of your habits, you could take up baking instead. Becoming a chef never looked so green, and that's a double entendre. It takes a little over ten steps to make certain edibles, but the easiest is learning how to make pot brownies that are delicious.

You don't have to be a world-class chef, or even a creative to become a good edible cook. All you need is the right mentality, and soon you'll be higher than a palm tree while also being able to conserve your weed stash. Conservation never was so tasteful before. 

Smoke & Sell

While many of us may find selling marijuana as a form of conservation a little risky, it's probably your best and most avid option when attempting to conserve your weed stash. Save money and marijuana as simply as bypassing the middleman, plus you'll easily stave off pesky and grubby friends who love to freeload off your Jane. 

It doesn't have to be crazy, you won't be buying pounds or anything, just get something like a half ounce or full ounce, plus a scale and a little over five to six people (mostly friends, if you have many who smoke). You would essentially be smoking for free, not making any real money, but who knows. Maybe you've got better stuff than me? 

Glass Water Perc by Puff Labs

I know, I know—trust me, I'm the last person to say this, but joints and blunts just aren't the way to save money or conserve your weed stash. A better solution? Glass.

Bongs, bubblers, even pipes are better than rolling a joint or blunt. Trust me, your throat will feel ten times better afterward, too. Like Puff Labs, Grav Labs, and Illadelph, these places are your best bet in servicing your weed conservation in the long run. You'll be consuming far less marijuana and it makes sharing weed a far less hassle with smaller bong rips, which brings me to my next point...

Sharing Weed

I'm not trying to say that sharing weed is bad, not in the least bit, but what I am telling you is that consistently sharing weed with grubby-fingered friends, who don't know when to stop (or, don't know when to buy their own freaking pot!) makes trying to conserve your weed stash that much more difficult, if not impossible. 

But, what can you do if your friend just happens to walk in as your rolling up or smoking? Telling them "no" might be a start, but also explaining to them your need to limit weed use and consumption would be ideal. It doesn't have to be a lecture or anything, just explain to them you're getting high, it's your weed, and maybe if said friend began buying his/her own damn pot you'd rethink it all (but, you won't, because your friend's never buying their own pot). 

Hide Weed

I'm not even joking, trust me and hear me out when I tell you this: hiding your weed in random places will ensure you not only conserve your weed stash, but begin to diminish your overall smoking, in general. 

Well, maybe you don't want to stop smoking, but the only way you'll begin to conserve is if you slow down in the first place. And, you know, telling a bunch of potheads to hide their precious stash may sound like a recipe for disaster (we tend to forget A LOT), but if you're smart enough to make the hiding spot important to you, you'll never forget where Mary's out hiding. 

Save Roaches

No, not the insects, I'm talking about blunts and joints after they've been smoked. Sounds gross, but hey, you're the one who wants to conserve your weed stash, and I'm just here to tell you what works. 

After you purchase that dank bong, you can toss in your roaches or just use a one hitter to finish the clips—it's among the most detestable ways to smoke weed, but hey at least you're getting high. On top of getting high, you're also conserving your weed! That's killing two birds with one blunt (literally). 

One Hitter & Dugout

A dugout is a type of marijuana smoking device that helps you use far less than your normal amount, while still receiving a consistent high. A one hitter should be obvious, as it's a tool that allows you to smoke weed without having to roll a joint or pack a bong. It's by far the easiest and most hassle free method of conserving your weed stash and smoking, in general.

Dugouts, plus even one hitters themselves, are relatively inexpensive. If you want a quality dugout that's got all the bells and whistles on it, you could be looking at somewhere upwards of $50, but if you're on a budget, my advice would be to peruse the best one hitters on the market before making a final decision. 


Using your valued keif stash not only gets your enormously high and sends you into a dreamy world of unimaginable feels, it's also perfect for conserving your marijuana. That is correct, utilizing keif can help in your  marijuana consumption by greatly diminishing your overall need to smoke, because it's that potent.

How the hell does keif do that? Well, because there's a higher potency and a far stronger aftereffect in keif than there is in marijuana. Conserve your stash the fun way by utilizing more keif, and the best way to do that is to buy yourself a three-tier grinder, which are available in practically any smoke shop.  

Skip the Wake & Bake

C'mon dude, did you really expect to conserve your weed stash by smoking every freaking morning? Of course not, you weren't thinking, just trying to get high like everybody else. So, now you've got an option: either quit the wake and bake, or don't conserve your weed. 

I may sound like an overbearing parent right now, but man some potheads can just be oblivious to the obvious. If you're also keen on sharing weed every morning, don't. It saves you time, money and weed (three of the most important things in life), so drop the 9 AM smoke sessions and start your day off right, like everyone else, with some coffee—not a blunt. 

Vape Pens

It turned into a huge fad not too long ago, but vapes will be a continuous product that ensures a quality high while at the same time can conserve your weed stash. Find the best vape pens and smoking pipes of 2018 before deciding what to buy, since every brand is different.

I know vape pens may seem like the easy way out, and are often expensive when adding in the cost of consistent cartridge refills, but again it's all about how far you're willing to go in conserving marijuana. Don't smoke so much means don't hit the pen as often. It's that simple. 


You're mother may or may not have been like mine and told you never to quit at anything in life, but hey you know what? If weed's beginning to look too expensive, or maybe you're just not getting the right results, I've got the literal best solution: quit. 

Now, I don't mean forever. You can take a small tea break for a little bit, to ensure you get a far better high later on, once you've returned to weed smoking, but right now it's better to conserve your weed stash if you're not even smoking at all. Maybe take weekends off, or the weekdays? You can play around with how you do it, but overall taking a break (in any situation) may be your best option. 

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Great Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash
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