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Get High with Crystal Stone Pipes

These cannabis accessories give a new meaning to crystal healing.

Crystals transcend all ages. They are loved by curious children and treasured by career-driven adults. Now cannabis connoisseurs can get their crystal healing on while getting high thanks to crystal stone pipes.

These handcrafted crystal stone pipes will turn heads when your cannabis crew walks into your home. These beauties might even raise your luck, keep those negative vibes away, and help you get reacquainted with your third eye. Besides, we could all use some help with our intuition in this age of fake news and Trump tweets.

Aeon Cannabis Crystal Stone Pipes

Price: $39.78 USD

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $150

What: Aeon Cannabis’ gorgeous flagship Labradorite, Obsidian, and Snow Quartz semi-precious stone pipes. Each pipe comes with two metal screens. Aeon Cannabis’ crystal stone pipes are 4 inches long.

Why: Handmade in Asia by a family-owned small business. Each crystal stone pipes holds a special healing energy. Curated in Canada, Aeon only handpicks high quality products they personally use.

Aeon Cannabis’ goal is to bring cannabis culture to an aeon of freedom. They aim to create an open and proud cannabis industry. The War on Drugs created an era of judgement and shame upon cannabis-consumers. But, as Aeon Cannabis says, “tomorrow is a new Aeon.”

Lifted Karma Project

Price: $42.50 - $45.50 USD

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50

What: Lifted Karma Project’s crystal stone pipes come in Genuine Labradorite, Genuine Jade, Natural Amethyst Ombre Pattern, Fossilized Bamboo, Tigers Eye, Amazonite, and Genuine Amethyst Geode. These pipes come without a logo. Perfect for those looking for a more clean and minimal look. Lifted Karma Project’s crystal stone pipes are 2.5 inches - 6 inches long.

Why: The Genuine Amethyst Geode is super unique and unlike any of the stone pipes featured in Aeon Cannabis or Dank Gals. Lifted Karma Project aims to breakdown stereotypes of cannabis-consumers and represent them in an elevated light. A portion of each purchase is donated to World Vision and ASPCA. Support a woman-founded small business in Seattle, Washington.

Dank Gals Crystal Stone Pipes

Price: $65 USD, on sale.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50

What: Dank Gals’ Crystal Collection curates cool, breezy, dreamy, and floral colors for their crystal stone pipes. Their flagship crystal pipes come in Green Flourite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Aventurine, White Howlite, Green Aventurine, Opal, Peach Aventurine, and Labradorite. Dank Gal’s crystal stone pipes are 4 inches long.

Why: Supporting Dank Gals’ means supporting a woman-owned-and-operated cannabis business. Dank Gals promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health and responsible cannabis use. The company represents hard-working and successful women who enjoy cannabis. They sponsor cannabis-enhanced yoga workshops throughout Los Angeles, California.

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Get High with Crystal Stone Pipes
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