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Forbidden Farms - A Willie's Reserve Farmer

Balduff brothers Garrett and Taylor are premium cannabis producers who supply their products to Willie's Reserve. Learn more about them in this exclusive WR interview.

Forbidden Farms was established and built by brothers, working together to achieve the new American dream, and making people happy along the way. Greenhouse production methods, combined with smart applications of new technology have resulted in a net carbon neutral footprint. 

Willie's Reserve: What drew you in to the cannabis industry?

Balduff Brothers: Loves farming and seeing things go from start to finish.

How long have you been involved?

18+ years

What are you passionate about?

Working together and having a successful business and passionate about the product. Doing business in a new industry. Also is interested in the science behind it.

Carbon Neutral (10W) footprint. Minimum input with maximum output.

Why Your Cannabis?

When it comes to your business/method/results, what brings you the most pride?

Working together/being brothers/building the American dream.

In your experience, what is the most important factor for producing high quality cannabis?

Starting with lots of love, controlling environment and working with the environment. Harmonious with nature. Working the balance between science and nature. Growing top notch product with a sun light.

What has been your hardest won victory?

Excited to be building relationships like the one he has with us. Also excited to be working with us and working with Willie Nelson.

Making people happy which is his life mission.

Desired Future for Cannabis

If you could give the world one piece of advice when it comes to cannabis, what would it be?

Don’t do it unless you want to work hard and you enjoy it.

What must the industry and community preserve?

Preserve heritage strains and flavors. Terpene focused.

For you and your business, what’s most compelling about growing cannabis for Willie’s Reserve?

Being a part of Willie and his bad boy rebel image. Being a continuation of Willie’s weed.

Favorite Willie Nelson song, or “Willie Story”?

Tribute to Willie and making smiles.

View Forbidden Farms Products and more at https://williesreserve.com/

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Forbidden Farms - A Willie's Reserve Farmer
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