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Eye Candy Edible Co. Peach Rings Candy 200 MG Review

Take all edibles with precaution and take them in a safe environment.

I first heard about Eye Candy Co. when I took a trip down to Palm Springs, California. My friends and I stayed at an Airbnb and celebrated a friend of a friend’s birthday the whole weekend. One night, I decided to order from a local delivery service, which is how I came across the company THC Express, which supplied me with this edible. They came over to the address and the delivery was smooth and easy.

Their First Time Patient deal was spectacular! It was a bag filled with goodies! A free small glass pipe, a plastic grinder (that comes in almost all FTP deals), joint tips, a free gram, and peach ring edibles by Eye Candy Co.

I saved the peach ring edibles for a separate time, so I could properly review them for you guys. I wrote this review a while ago this past summer, when I was on a road trip to the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

If you are curious about trying out any edibles, it is always best to look for reviews of them before purchasing and to test out your THC level intake in a safe environment.

I hope you guys enjoy the review. 😊


There is absolutely no cannabis flavor (or even smell) to these edibles! It just tasted like an extra sugary peach ring candy.

Milligram Dosage:

200 MG of THC

Dosage I Took:

44.44 MG of THC (Equivalent to two pieces of candy. Usually edibles at this dosage get me really high.)

How Long It Took For The Effects To Hit:

I took one edible (which is 22.22 MG of THC) and after one hour, I did not feel the usual effects I get from taking edibles. I then took another edible after the first hour and still didn't feel any different.

How I Feel:

I feel like I haven't eaten any edibles. I probably could have just let my sister who doesn't like edibles, but LOVES candy, eat these.

Activities I Am Doing:

On a long road trip with to the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California. I slept halfway through the drive, but now I can't relax in this car. I was hoping that this edible would help me relax.

How Long The Effects Lasted For:

No effects...

Final Thoughts:

I wanted the edible to put me in a high euphoric mood and give me intense body relaxation for the rest of the car ride, but I barely felt anything from these edibles.

I've had a similar experience with another candy edible brand that I got from my local dispensary that boasted about their high dosage, great flavor, and low price. They also did not possess any cannabis flavor at all and I ate about 100 MG worth of THC and did not feel a thing.

I learned from my personal experiences that candy edibles that are just coated and not infused with THC are very inconsistent with customer reviews and effects. The candies that have a cannabis taste to them are the ones that are infused (most likely injected) and are strong in their potency and their effects.

Who knows, though, you might try this edible and it might work for you, but from what I've seen, they do have inconsistent reviews, where some people felt the effects and others did not.

*Remember* Everyone's body reacts differently to cannabis, so the effects I felt with this product may not be the same as your effects. Take all edibles with precaution and take them in a safe environment.

**I am a legal medical marijuana card holder in the legal recreational state of California.

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Eye Candy Edible Co. Peach Rings Candy 200 MG Review
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