Everything You Need to Know About Hotboxing

A time honored past time among tokers, this is everything you need to know about hotboxing.

Everything you need to know about hotboxing is right here. Hotboxing is a time-honored tradition among tokers, and it is an experience worth trying out at least once (as long as you are well-prepared). If you have the right spot, the right supplies, and the right people, hotboxing can be a great way to experiment with smoking and hanging out with your friends. There are some small risks that come along with a hotboxing session, but as long as you keep this information in mind, you’ll be sure to have a fun and successful first attempt. 

Getting Prepared

The key to a successful hotboxing session is planning. Typically, hotboxing is a more prolonged, and relaxed session, so it can be slightly more difficult to find a good spot to hotbox than it is to find a quick spot to smoke a joint. It is important that you scout out the perfect time, location, supplies, and group of people to be around ahead of time. Making sure you have these things covered makes it more likely that you and your friends can enjoy the experience without worrying about the smell, or being interrupted. 

Choosing a Location

You can technically hotbox any enclosed, air-tight space or room, but some locations are definitely better than others. People have used cars, bathrooms, small bedrooms, attics, tents, and even saunas (for monied smokers) to hotbox, and most of these remain fairly popular choices. Your location will depend on what you have access to, but keep an eye out for any location that will be private, comfortable, have seating for everyone involved, and preferably have a window for airing the space out afterwards. You want to be free to chat and enjoy without worrying too much about the noise or smell.

Cars are a hugely popular choice for hotboxing, but there are major drawbacks to doing it there. The smell tends to linger in the fabric, and the effects on the driver may leave them impaired. Imagine not airing out properly and being pulled over the next day.

So, what is the best spot to hotbox? There are two locations that stand out in experience, cleanup, and privacy. First, an upper-floor bathroom in a 420-friendly house can be the perfect place. If there is a window, this means the group can gather, and air out the room afterward. Visiting a 420-friendly cottage or cabin with a small room you can use is also great - and being in the great outdoors really ensures you’ll have privacy. Get creative and you’ll be surprised by how many quality spots you’re able to find to hotbox in. 

Gathering Your Supplies

While some people have tried hotboxing in hopes of making small amounts of green last longer, you actually need quite a bit to ensure the space is totally filled, and you’ll likely be disappointed with hotboxing if you don’t have enough. Joints and blunts are the best way to fill the room quickly with smoke, and you can have a few going around the group at the same time. You can enhance your hotboxing session by inviting friends to bring along a variety of different strains for the group to try, so you can discuss and compare while filling the room.

For the hotboxing to really be effective, you should make sure that the room is sealed, and that people are prepared to settle in for a while to let the smoke take effect. Making sure you are well supplied with water, snacks, extra pillows and sweaters, and anything else you might need will ensure you don’t lose smoke as friends enter and exit the room. The more comfortable and well-prepared the group, the longer you can settle in to let the effects take place. 

The Effects

Hotboxing is great for anyone who wants to try a more intense or prolonged high. Hotboxing works to increase the experience both from the potency of second-hand smoke, but also from a lack of oxygen in the room increasing CO2 levels in the blood.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins has shown that hotboxing really does work. Even if some people in a hotboxed room aren’t smoking firsthand, they can experience the effects of a high, and even fail a drug-test. In the past, this was not necessarily the case, but in recent years, the potency of marijuana has increased hugely. Anyone who is sitting in a hotboxed room will feel the effects of the smoke.

These effects are amplified by a lack of oxygen and increasing CO2 in the room. In some cases, this can lead to some dizziness, and overall increases the feelings that come along with a high. While this is fun, and the goal of many people who try hotboxing, it can be slightly dangerous. Be sure not to overfill a room with smoke in a confined space, and to ventilate or exit the room if someone is dizzy or needs a break.

Because hotboxing is a great group-smoking activity, it often leads to some of the best conversations you will have with your friends. Consider carefully who you’ll invite to make sure you have the best and most relaxed conversations.

Some Things to Remember

Hotboxing is a different and fun way to try smoking, and huge amounts of smokers partake all the time with no ill-effects. However, hot-boxing is one of the riskier ways to smoke with your friends, especially if you have concerns about getting caught.

Your location is key. Make sure you have a private spot, where smell and noise won’t become a problem. Be sure to avoid places where the risk of getting caught is too high, and also remember what you leave behind. Fabrics (including your clothing) will have a much stronger lingering smell after a hotbox session, and anyone you see immediately afterward is likely to know what you were up to. Cars have often been a popular choice for hotboxing sessions, but the risk of being caught or of your driver becoming intoxicated second-hand are high.

Be sure to not overdo it, check in with your friends, and make sure everyone is feeling well and happy at all points during the session. We don’t recommend that you try hotboxing the first time you smoke weed, or that you introduce any of your friends to smoking this way.

Remember that being comfortable, prepared, and having everything you need on hand makes it more likely that everyone participating with you will have a great experience (with no paranoia). 


Most tokers, at one point or another, will try hotboxing a space with their friends. It is definitely something worth trying out at least once, and can be a great way to experiment with your intake, or to try out some new strains with your friends. Just keep everything you need to know about hotboxing in mind to make sure it is the great experience you are hoping for. 

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