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Easy to Use Rolling Papers

Rolling your herbs isn’t always the easiest, especially with sub par papers. Fortunately, there are some universal attributes shared by all easy to use rolling papers.

Like most things, not all rolling papers are created equal. There are a number of things to take into consideration. Flavor, chemicals, weight, manageability, all of these go into making a quality paper. 

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid papers that are heavier or thicker, and papers that use bleach, as these aspects will affect the flavor and the burn quality. But, there's more to good rolling papers than just thickness. If you need some suggestions for easy to use rolling papers, we’ve got your covered.

Shine 24K Gold

Sometimes it’s nice to let the world know you’ve got style, and weed. Why not do just that by blinding everyone in a two hundred foot radius with the reflection off your joint? Shine papers are made with edible gold leaf, and in spite of the ridiculous nature of the flashy papers they actually roll up really well. The flavor is smooth and delicate, and they’re easy to work with. Now if you could just justify that $10 per sheet…


Hempire papers are made from 100% hemp, hence the name. As expected, this pairs nicely with the flavor of your preferred herb, and there are no chemicals to mess with the burn or flavor. It doesn’t fall apart halfway through, and burns evenly. Overall, they’re really easy to use rolling papers that make for a nice smoke. Highly recommended. 

Bambu Pure Hemp

For those that like a little history with their smoke, there are Bambu rolling papers. The company is actually one of the oldest in the world, they’ve been around since the 1700s.

On top of that, just in case you like a little irony, they started out producing paper for Bibles before the increasing popularity of tobacco in Europe in the 1800s led them to shift their focus. Now they’re making hemp based, chemical free rolling papers that burn nicely and taste great. 

Cheech and Chong Unbleached Papers

Credibility goes a long way, especially when it comes to weed. You know you can trust the iconic duo Cheech and Chong, since they’ve been in the game since, well, before the game even existed. Their rolling papers are held to high standards, made from hemp they burn clean and roll easy, just like their namesakes. 

Unbleached OCB Slim

OCB has taken chemical free to a whole new level with their Unbleached OCB Slims. Not only is the paper itself unbleached and chemical free, but the gum is based on natural acacia gum. They’re thin and light as well, ensuring the flavor of your joint will come through and not the paper. That thinness also makes them mostly transparent, so your weed will look good while it’s doing its thing. 

Bob Marley

Another icon on your weed papers, you’d hope you could trust something touting the reggae revolutionary to be quality. Fortunately for the legend, Bob Marley papers are as smooth as Bob Marley songs.

100% hemp papers make for a smooth burn, and each package features images and quotes from the music legend. Complete the Rasta atmosphere by wrapping your bud in some Marley.

Randy's Hemp

From a traditionalist to a true innovator. Randy’s Hemp papers come with a wire embedded in the paper. This offers a couple of benefits; first, the wire serves as a stabilizer when you’re rolling, making it easier to get the perfect joint. Once you’re smoking, the wire works as a handle and a built-in clip, to get all you can out of your herbs.

Randy’s has been around since 1975, so they know a thing or two about the needs of smokers. The wire even stays cool to the touch throughout the smoke, so you won’t burn your fingers when you get to the roach. 


DLX has made their own innovations in the rolling paper market. Their cross woven paper ensures an even burn for the length of your joint, and it’s watermarked as well, adding extra insurance to each joint. They’ve based their design on the increased quality in product, to elevate the quality of paper. It also slows down the burn to make sure you can take your time and savor every last puff. 


The aptly named Elements is all about the basics. They use a rice paper and a sugar gum, to burn cleanly, with little ash, and to focus the flavors on what’s inside. They’re also watermarked to make sure everything is even as you puff away.

For those concerned about being green (and let’s face it, that’s a pretty huge portion of their demographic) they’re manufactured in wind-powered plants to ensure a small carbon footprint. Combine all of this, and you have one of the finest rolling papers on the market. 


You can tell that this is one of the best rolling papers on the planet just by looking at it. Hell, the name says it all. Nothing fancy, nothing extra, just quality, easy to use rolling papers. They’re vegan and incredibly thin, making them nearly transparent. In spite of their weight, they burn slowly so that you can focus on the taste. They’re pretty much the unanimous choice for premier paper, so if you’re looking for easy to use rolling papers, look no further. 

Blue Rizla

There are a couple of rolling papers that are practically ubiquitous; Zig-Zags and Rizlas. Between the two, Rizla offers the better joint. They’re thin, easy to work with, and burn relatively slowly.

Zig-Zag holds on due to its legacy, but for the money, in a pinch, go with Blue Rizla. They might not be the best rolling papers, but they’re easy to find and easy to work with, and that counts for a lot. 

Black Death

Maybe I’m just being nostalgic here, or maybe it’s the happy skeleton on the packaging, but Black Death hold a special place for me. They aren’t as environmentally friendly as Element or Raw, and they don’t have the same cred as Cheech and Chong or Bob Marley, but Black Death makes fine, easy to use rolling papers. They’re thin, relatively slow burning, and easy to work with. Their slogan, “I like ‘em, and I’m going to smoke ‘em” says it all. 

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