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Easiest Smoking Tricks to Try

The easiest smoking tricks simple but look crazy impressive - here's how to perform them.

 Design by Bella DiMarzio

If there's one thing that cannabis culture loves to do, it's enjoy the impressive feat of pulling off a cool smoking trick. Puffing in style is a cool party trick that grabs attention, and also just makes you seem a little bit more interesting than the next guy. 

Most people can't really do smoking tricks at all, so even mastering one can set you apart from the crowd in a good way. Here's how to do some of the easiest smoking tricks out there. 

The French Inhale

This smoke trick is pretty cool because it looks like you're inhaling smoke coming out of your nose through your mouth. In order to do this trick, you have to slowly exhale the smoke out of your mouth while inhaling through your nose. 

It's a slow trick, and it works because smoke is a little bit heavier than air. The key to this trick is to let the smoke sit inside your mouth when you do . it. 

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings start by pooling the smoke in your mouth and making an "O" shape with your lips. Then, using the tip of your tongue and small, light exhales, push out the smoke. 

This is actually one of the tougher of the easiest smoking tricks to try, so don't be surprised if it takes you a couple of tries to get it down pat. 

The Ghost Inhale

This is a smoke trick you may have seen in a rap video or two, and it's actually really easy to do. All you have to do in this one is to exhale a small puff of smoke, then rapidly inhale it again. Bada bing, bada boom. 

It's worth pointing out that this can be a bit hard with harsh weed, since it can make you prone to coughing. As with most other smoke tricks, practice makes perfect. 

The Smoke Tornado

This trick can be done with a tube of cardboard. Slowly blow your smoke into the tube, and let it collect there. Place the cardboard tube over a table, but don't block the end of the tube completely. Let the smoke flow on the table. 

Then, make your hand into a knife shape, and "slice" the smoke, rapidly lifting upwards. This will cause the smoke to look like a tornado. 

Smoke Hearts

If you've managed to master the smoke ring trick, why not alter one of the easiest smoking tricks and blow a smoke heart to your date? There are several ways to make smoke hearts happen. With two of the most common methods, you will start off by blowing a regular smoke ring. These methods are called the snap methods and the double ring methods. 

Then, if you're using the snap method, use your hand to snap close to the smoke ring. The shockwave of the snap will make the ring bend into a heart. 

If you're using the double ring, you'll need to blow a second smoke ring near the top of your first ring. With luck, this will make the ring bend into a heart shape. 

If you want a smoke heart right out of your mouth, push your index finger against your bottom lip, propping it up a little bit. That bend usually will make a heart shape appear. 

The Dragon

This trick will make you look like you're blowing smoke out of every hole of your face - and then some. In order to do this, you will need to take a very long drag of a cannabis vape. 

Then when your mouth is totally filled with vapor, forcefully exhale out of your nose and mouth while only keeping the corners of your mouth open. If you have to, bite the top and bottom of your lips together to keep the middles section of your mouth closed. 

The Waterfall

Ever wished you could pour out a genie in a bottle? Well, you can't - but this trick definitely looks like you're doing that. To do this, you'll need a bottle that has a little bit of ice at the bottom of it. 

Inhale your cannabis, and then exhale the smoke into the bottle.  Then, tip the bottle over and "pour" out the smoke. Ta da! Genie!

Wondering about the science behind it? The bottle's ice cools the smoke and makes it sink to the bottom. Hot air rises, cold air sinks. You're cooling the smoke, so it sinks. 

Smoke Bubbles

Okay, this one is just plain awesome for a number of reasons. It looks trippy, and it involves real bubbles. As you can guess, you will need bubble solution for this trick to happen. (Yes, like the bubble solution used by kids to blow bubbles.) 

With this, inhale a hit from your joint/bong/vape/whatever. Then, slowly dip your bubble wand into the solution, and blow bubbles using the smoke you're going to exhale. 

BONUS: If you use flavored bubble solution, you might be able to pass a hit from one friend to another. It's hard, but it can be done if you practice. 

Vape Bull Rings

Want a fake nosering, but don't have the cash to get one? Make one out of smoke! 

To do this, you'll need to master another one of the easiest smoking tricks to try. First, blow a smoke ring, and then (very slowly) inhale so that the top of your ring goes up your nose - just like a bull ring. This intermediate trick will require some practice to master, and ideally, you'll practice infront of a mirror to make sure that it works well. 

Rings Within Rings

This easy-ish trick looks even more impressive than a typical smoke ring. Do do this you have to inhale a large amount of smoke, then push out one over large smoke ring. Pause for a second, and then tighten your lips and push out another smoke ring - ideally, a little more forcefully than the first. 

The second ring will literally go through the first one, and then expand after leaving it if you do it right. If you do try this trick, make sure that you keep your head very still. It helps!

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Easiest Smoking Tricks to Try
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