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Do You Have a Weed Addiction?

Learn the Signs

Have anyone ever heard of having an addiction to weed? Well there is such a thing. That means that their body depends on the drug and that they have no control over how their body reacts when sober. This sometimes comes with smoking too much over a long period of time. There are several factors that are affected when someone has an addiction to weed, whether it's their mood, sleeping habits, appetite. Weed affectx all these aspects of life. Understand this though, of all the drugs out there, this one is the least harmful. It does affect your drive for things, but that's another story. In this article I will be writing about some symptoms that could lead back to an addiction to all of our favorites, marijuana. 


When a person smokes weed for a long period of time, their body automatically get used to going to sleep with weed. Waking up with weed, and everything else. When a person just stops smoking, their body doesn't quite know how to take that information in because it's already dependent on it. A symptom of an addiction to weed is sleep difficulties. This is something that people barely talk about. It's good to know the signs when your body speaks, because too much can be harmful. Having a hard time going to sleep may be the first thing you notice when you're trying to quit smoking. Your body will get used to it after a couple of weeks. 

Decreased/No Appetite

Decreased appetite is another symptom of a weed addiction. You may not experience this exact thing. There may be no taste for anything. You may even have to force yourself to eat. This happens because when you smoke you get the munchies. (Who doesn't get the munchies?) Weed stimulates something in your brain and body to make you feel more hungry than what you really are. So while this is happening all the time, it becomes a normal thing and like I said in the beginning, your body becomes dependent on this drug to eat. 

Mood Swings

Doesn't weed make you feel good, almost like you can do anything? Once you quit, you might experience some moodiness or anger depending on who you're around or what you're around. This would be another symptom of an addiction to weed. You may feel as though you want to knock somebody out. To be on the safe side, you should just stay to yourself for a while. All of these things will be affected because you are depending on a drug to change these things.


Pain in different parts of your body is another form of weed addiction. This can be headaches, stomach pain, body aches. If it get too painful it's best to see a doctor. You may even feel very nauseous because your body is craving for more weed. The best thing to do in these types of situations is exercise or take a walk. The faster you can get your mind off weed the better. 


With all this being said, marijuana kind of screws up your life if you let it. Anyone who's going to sit around and smoke Mary Jay all day shouldn't smoke period. Some things just aren't worth it. Yes it may take a month to get your life back on track but who has time to get all that time back. Weed makes you upset, depressed, you lose your appetite, and it causes pain and insomnia. What more do you need to convince you that too much can be harmful. It almost makes sense because if you don't eat or sleep it's going to make you feel irritated. But these are the consequences when you have no life.  

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Do You Have a Weed Addiction?
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