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Death-Star by Buddha Cannabis

Rated 76 by The Cannafiles

The Death Star was a battle station the size of a small moon, hailing from the Star Wars franchise. Its official name was the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station and was destroyed by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance’s team of pilots known as Rogue One, but not before it was used to destroy a peaceful planet named Alderaan. Sometime later, the empire built another ultimate weapon, the DS-2 Orbital Battle Station. Death-Star is also an indica-leaning hybrid created through bringing together Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. There also happens to be an OG cut of this hybrid which brings together the aforementioned strains with OG Kush.

It sounds lovely.

But what we’re talking about today is Death-Star grown by Buddha Cannabis, sans the OG.

And nevermind those orbiting metal moons from an evil galactic empire.

Popping open the bag and I’m hit in the face with a very fragrant, sweet berry musk. There is a noticeable note of pine. Very sweet and skunky. Buds are all decent sized with darker, more robust greens for the color and not too many noticeable pistils, but what hairs I see are reddish-orange.

Sensi Star happens to be an indica of unknown genetics. It happens. Over the years, due to laws, society, culture, or just plain paranoia, genetics and lineages become lost or flat-out kept private. Like the plans to an orbiting space station with the power to destroy a planet, strains are precious things. Many, like Girl Scout Cookies, are kept so secret they become enshrouded in mystery and enigma. The breeders of these strains protect them because like the plans to the Death Star, the secret to their genetic make-up can lead to their destruction—the breeders', that is. The plans of the DS-1 contained information about the space station’s weaknesses and that helped Luke and his squadron. Well, if everybody knows what makes up Girl Scout Cookies, then you’re not the only Girl Scout on the block selling cookies.

And so it is with Sensi Star, an indica of unknown genetics but whose petals pack a powerful punch.

Trichomes on theses buds have shorter, thinner stalks with some heads missing or broken off. Lots of sessile trichomes, which is a pleasure to see under the scope. A very good portion of all these trichomes are milky-white. Buds feel dry on the surface but pull apart like they were well-hydrated. Grinds well and the aroma only gets stronger afterward. Packs into a bowl nicely; the bud is tacky but not sticky nor powdery. There is mostly a piney, musty, slightly bitter flavor. I taste berry but there’s an earthiness that coats and softens the flavor.

Sour Diesel, another one of those beautiful old-school strains that could bring a smile to any stoner's face. Sour D, as it is sometimes called, is a sativa leaning flower which often brings together some form of Northern Lights and Chemdawg in her genetics. This can be—and usually is—up for debate.

Like those plans for the Death Star, probably for good reason.

Hits fairly smooth. There are some warmth and pressure against the throat and the lungs feel as though they want to expand beyond the smoke. There’s a lovely lingering taste of pine and musk on the tongue and a touch of skunk in the air. Flavor holds together nicely through the bowl. Effects are slow to rise, but I feel her creep along my nape. Fuzzy, warm, tender. Burns pretty clean—ash is medium gray in color. Death-Star finishes a little rougher on the last few hits. Like a proton torpedo, she warms up nicely, though. There’s a wonderful head-fuzz coinciding with a nice body relaxation. Very chill and stoney.

The Cannafiles Cannabis Journal

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Death-Star by Buddha Cannabis
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