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Creative Ways You Can Add Cannabis to Your Wedding

Though you might be through of spending money or choosing floral arrangements, give your special and unforgettable day an extra level of greenery by adding cannabis to your wedding.

Before you write it off as nothing more than a joke, herbal weddings are an ever-growing enterprise. This is among things that separate weed noobs from weed veterans. You'd be absolutely stunned by how many people have gone to great lengths in bringing their wedding to levels reminiscent of "cloud nine." It may not sound conventional, or even right, but cannabis weddings have only just begun to soar to new heights. Now, they're only growing the more in both popularity and practice. But while the weed wedding does sound like a fun and unforgettable experience, what's the best way do it? 

It's not like you can just leave a bong or two around for people to take hits from, since children will most likely be present. Nor is it truly promising to have rows and rows of blunts being sparked at the same time. Plus, who's to even say that your venue is accepting of marijuana practices? Before even diving into this concept, first look into the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana in your state, and you may want to find a wedding planner that knows these very things to ensure your weed-wedding is spot on. These are only but a few of the general notions you'll need to look into, but the overall point is: what's the best way to add cannabis to your wedding? 

Hemp Paper

You could always bring cannabis to your wedding simply by way of utilizing hemp paper or products through dinner menus, wedding programs, and even hemp invitations. This is probably the easiest route to successfully produce a marijuana-themed wedding, one that is organic and earthy in nature. 

This idea is more for the people who like weed but don't necessarily want to use it. Hemp paper can practically be incorporated in anything, so if you're a little too weary about using actual cannabis to make your wedding stand out, try this so it's not so much in your guests' faces. 

Wedding Favors

Simple, easy, and overall stress-free, wedding favors that have weed related gifts in them are a nifty way of giving your wedding that much needed greenish twist, without the necessity of actually twisting up a bunch of joints for the occasion. You wouldn't even have to do them yourself, as some companies out there are expanding the way gift boxes are treated in correlation to marijuana. 

One awesome new business, called Mary Jane Gift Boxes, is underway in developing some of the most thoughtful, interesting, and in-depth gift boxes that pertain to the appreciation of cannabis. Don't worry, they aren't stringent upon simply smoking, as there are many variations, like the spa, birthday, and "mile high" concepts. It just might be the most subtle, yet crafty way to add cannabis to your wedding. 


If you don't already know how to make pot brownies that are delicious, I suggest you start learning if you want to add cannabis to your wedding. Edibles not only give the special day something of an added kick, it also limits the overall knowledge of your wedding even bearing marijuana traits. 

No one other than the people you want eating the edibles would even know they're there, or what they are. Plus, if there aren't many children present and everyone knows what they're getting into, you could always just serve edibles as main entrees or snacks. I'll tell you one thing, it'll probably be the highest wedding they've ever been to. 

Weed Centerpieces

Much the same as choosing your floral pieces and different bouquets, marijuana itself can be utilized as a centerpiece for creating an ambient space and adding cannabis to your wedding. Incorporating marijuana into the centerpieces of a wedding can greatly improve the overall feel and ambiance of your special day. 

The brilliant mind of Ivy Gaitazis, CEO and founder of Voulez Events, says that the design of a weed centerpiece should be "big, billowing flowers with buds dripping—kind of like how grapes would hang from a vine." Big and dramatic centerpieces such as these will make a statement, as well as lend a new experience to your wedding. 

Adult Corner

Similar, in theory, to having a canna-bar or separate area for more adult activities, utilizing an adult corner in order to bring cannabis to your wedding can make all the difference in both keeping people safe and ensuring you aren't breaking any laws, or causing any problems with your guests who don't want to smoke to begin with. 

Gaitatzis says that the best way to ensure the "adult only space" is actually followed is by creating and posting signs about the space, in addition to finding the perfect location for it. Whether outside or in, the adult corner needs to be explicitly and thoroughly announced, so as to limit issues and to keep unwanted random stoners from moseying into the fun. 

Cannabis Bar

This is honestly my favorite because it's chic, simple, and really cool to overall visualize. You can even mix this one up by serving both marijuana smokes, edibles, and having alcohol and liquor present, drawing in both crowds to the party. Make sure that both guests and other patrons are aware of the concerns and stipulations behind marijuana consumption before proceeding. 

Unfortunately, not everyone's going to be as pot-loving as you and your newly-wed spouse might be. The canna-bar is a truly neat way to bring cannabis to your wedding, but it's not the best one, just the most aesthetic, in my opinion. You'll also have to hire a well-versed budtender in order to make it work, which could do well for the guests who aren't actually knowledgeable in the marijuana department. 

Wine and Cannabis

Pairing up weed with wine isn't the most go-to option, but it's definitely a special and creative concept to try, especially if you love them both. Bringing a mixture of wine and cannabis to your wedding is much like combining the experiences of wine and cheese, except there's a lot more science that goes into wine and weed pairs.

There's a variety of different ways you can do this expertly and without complaint. If you'd rather not deal with wedding planners, or don't want to do it yourself on your wedding day, follow what the Cannabis Wedding Expo does. They literally extract marijuana smoke, bringing it then to sub-zero temperatures for it to be dispensed into wine glasses. Gaitatzis explains:

"It enhances the pairing experience, since you have to use your nose and mouth at the same time."

Cannabis Meal Pairing

Instead of outright bringing cannabis edibles or having them made for your occasion, you could always go about it a little differently by adding weed to your wedding with cannabis paired meals. These specially prepared menus have a variety of different tastes and mixes that compliment the weed strains like never before.

Interestingly enough, Blackbelly Catering is one of the most interesting cannabis-related businesses that's changing the way catering is served. Instead of actually incorporating cannabis in any explicit way, they provide various dishes and other mixes with a mind for cannabis like none other. 


While it may be a little less conventional, even for those of you trying to incorporate cannabis to your wedding, but allowing for, or even designing a vape-friendly area for patrons and staff could be a fun way to bridge the wedding festivities with the marijuana ones. 

What makes vaping a great addition to the list is how it's highly unnoticeable and relatively ignored by most, now that the actual vaping phenomenon has blown up and somewhat dissipated in serval months. Even if vaping isn't made into a big part of your wedding, chances are someone will be vaping (and you won't even know it). 


You may want to learn ways to smoke weed without anyone noticing before you decide to pull this one off, but you could always go the easiest route by bringing cannabis to your wedding through ciphers and smoke sessions. While it may not be the best or most romantic of choices, a bride and groom can smoke their own personal joint as soon as the ceremonies are complete, just to top off the night or to call in the officiality of the occasion. 

Mary Lou Burton, from Bravo! Weddings & Events, agrees. She says:

"Set up a canna tent away from the main festivities for guests that would like to participate. A sign with a green cross can direct guests to the the area. A variety of strains with hand-blown pipes make a great presentation."
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Creative Ways You Can Add Cannabis to Your Wedding
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